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How to Find Your Brand – Clothing Brands For Men – How To Choose Which Clothes Brand To Wear

How to Find Your Brand – Clothing Brands for
Men – How To Choose Which Clothes Brand To Wear Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today I’m going to be answering the question, “How do I know what designer
clothing is right for me?” The question came in to my inbox and I’m going
to do my best to answer today. But before I jump into that, I want to let you know about
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hi to Adam for me, Blue Claw Co. Okay. Let’s go ahead and get in this. This
is the question that came to me. “Antonio, the most confusing thing about men’s or women’s
or any style for that matter is oversaturation. There are many different brands, styles, fashions,
designers, et cetera. How do I know, Antonio, what designer or brand is the best as far
as apparel is concerned? I want consistency and longevity.” Okay, he wants it to last
a long time. He lives in Fort Worth and he equates it to going to a gas station. If he
goes to a quick trip, he goes to a racetrack, 7/11, Valero. He doesn’t like to bounce around.
He wants a go-to clothing company. Who are you going to choose? I mean, you’ve
got Ralph Lauren, you’ve got Xegna, you’ve got — a little bit far — a little bit lower
you’ve got different brands. But how do you choose? What’s in a name? Why should you go
for it? 1. Brands Change Sizing I understand his problem. There are three
big problems with the brands. The number one is they change their sizing. From year to
year, if you go buy something that was made by Ralph Lauren in 1998 and then you go to
2003, you’re in a vintage thrift store and you’re looking at different pieces, you’re
going to find the fit is very different. They seem to be speeding that up. They’re not sticking
with the same mouse. So unfortunately, fit does change every couple of years, it seems
like. 2. Styles are Changing Number two is the styles are changing. I don’t
know if you guys have seen what’s going on at Brooks Brothers. I’m not really happy.
It seems like they are — I don’t know. They’re going with like a really trendy look and it’s
to me it’s like losing the brand. Now they were bought out a few years ago and I understand
they’re trying to increase sales and that’s what drives a lot of these. So realize, many
of these companies, unfortunately, they’re not looking out for you. They’re looking out,
well, it’s probably a good thing; they’re looking out for themselves. But I think in
doing so, they’re damaging their relationship with the customer. So that’s number two. They’re
changing up the styles on you. 3. Companies Cut Back on the Quality Number three is the quality is changing. What
do I mean by that? I mean the quality of the fabric, the stitching, everything that goes
inside the clothing. A lot of times, when a company looks to save money or to make more
money, they cut back on the quality. Knowing this, what can you do? I’m going to
give you three tips, three things that you can start to do today if you’re out there
looking for the right brand. 1. Educate Yourself Number one, can you guess? Educate yourself.
Okay, guys, I’ve put out tons of information. Go check out my article over the Art of Manliness,
the style pyramid. One of my bests, it really focuses on the foundations of style that is
fit, fabric and style. Let me get into this a little bit more. So fit, if it doesn’t fit
you, don’t wear it. Fabric, what I mean is the quality of the built. So learn — the
best advice I can give you is go into a higher end menswear store. Try on a $1,500 to $2,000
suit. Then, whenever you go see — you’ll be able to — once you’ve tried that on, once
you looked at it, once you touched it, you’re going to be able to see the difference. You’re
going to understand the quality of the fabric, the quality built. That stuff is — you’re
going to be able to take that going forward so that whenever you see that $2,000 suit
on sale for $700, you’re going to understand, that’s a great deal. So we talked about fit, fabric and style.
What do I mean by style? I mean going with the style that suits you. So you want the
brand not that is looked at as a top brand in your society or in your area. You want
what suits your body type, what proportions work for you. I mean, so if there’s a company
out there and there’s quite a few, let’s say J. Crew, that has a lot of thin lapels, it’s
really made for a thinner, more urban gentleman, and if that’s the look you want, that’s the
brand you want to go to. Go to their flagship store. Go in there and walk around but make
sure that that style suits you. Okay. So that’s the number one thing, educate
yourself. Understand the style pyramid. 2. Visit Menswear Stores with Measurements Number two is to go and to batch going in
the stores. You want to spend an entire day going to Nordstrom’s, Barneys, Macy’s, Neiman
Marcus and finer menswear stores. But before you go, know your measurements. You can go
to my company at Tailored Suit, grab our measurement guide, measure yourself. Take my guide in
there. I don’t care. Print it off, whatever. It’s something that you want to know all of
your measurements. So when you look at that clothing, you can actually measure with a
tape measure and you can see how much room you’re going to have there in the chest. In fact, I recommend, this is something I
have the guys in my style system do, I have them measure their best fitting clothing so
that when they see clothing out there, they have a good idea of what the measurement should
be. So they don’t have to try it on. They already know what their shirt’s shoulder measurements,
their shirt’s sleeve measurements are. They’ve got it written down. Do the preparation. Go
out there and go from store to store. Do it in batches and try the clothing on. Take notes.
Find some brands that suit you. 3. Work with Amazing Companies Online A lot of you guys may be saying, “Okay, Antonio,
I don’t have access to good stores in my area.” Well, lucky for you, the internet — and this
is number three — is making this easy. Identify companies with amazing return policies, great
customer service and work with them to get the clothing you need. A lot of smaller retailers,
they actually have great customer service because they have to in order to compete.
Other companies like Amazon, even Zappos is now getting into the clothing game, they have
amazing return policies. I just ordered some shoes from Zappos. I’m leaving in two days
on a trip. You know what, I’m not worried because Zappos is going to get me those shoes
to me overnight and I can just drop them off as we’re leaving, and I can send them back
to anywhere and it doesn’t cost me to send that clothing back. So make sure to try it on. Yes, you are going
to have to do a little bit of work but find the brand that suits you by going out there.
I talked about educating yourself, knowing your measurements, going out there and trying
it on in local stores, then going online. Bonus: Find Your Style Community The last thing I would say — it’s kind of
an extra bonus here — is find where people like you are hanging out, who have your body
shape, who have your needs. If you go to Styleforum, there’s a whole forum that’s for denim heads.
Now, if you’re into denim, that’s the perfect forum for you. You should be in there. If
you are a large man and you are into denim, I think they’ve got a subsection for that.
Reddit also has some great information. Reddit is pretty awesome. Ask Andy, a great forum.
Find one that suits your personality and also suits your built. Okay, guys. If you like this video, you know
I appreciate it if you click on the like button. If you have something to add, I would love
to see it in the comments. And I ask that you to subscribe to my channel, that way these
videos come right to you. All right, take care. I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

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