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How to dress confidently: A confidence lookbook ft. Baby-G

How to dress confidently: A confidence lookbook ft. Baby-G

Confidence. It wasn’t something I was born with. I mean, how do you feel confident
in whatever you wear? Well, join me on my journey. Theme 1: Comfort. It always comes first. The first thing I learnt is that, if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, you won’t feel confident. So wear something that flatters your figure and
makes you feel comfortable and your own skin. I used to get caught up in the size tag
but it really doesn’t matter. Focus on the fit. Add some accessories
to give your outfit a personal touch. Trust me. Your favourite earrings or ring
could be a great conversation opener. Theme 2: Candour. Stay true to yourself. Confession: I DID NOT know this word.
(When you try to be poetic 😂) I had to Google to find another word that
starts with C to complete my alliteration! You can’t be confident if you’re
trying to be someone else. So stay true to your style. If you don’t know what it is, start brainstorming an outfit by thinking what kind of person you are. I’m a little mixed bag of wanting to be comfortable, wanting to feel edgy and different, but also wanting to look cute and hot at the same time! Too many wants? Well, as long as it reflects who you are, you’re the
only person you need to answer to. Theme 3: Courage. Be proud of being loud. Growing up in New Zealand, our laid-back culture
doesn’t really encourage us to stand out. I’d say don’t be afraid to push the boundaries
and wear something loud. If you’re not comfortable with going all out, start small. Perhaps try a pair of shiny boots. Or, something velvety. Or, a blingy watch. Styling is kind of like a mad scientist’s experiment. You need to try different combinations before
knowing what works for you. Don’t let haters put you off trying something different. Theme 4: Creativity. Rules are made to be broken. People say, “Oh you can’t wear gold and silver
in the same outfit!” “Pink and red don’t go together!” Or, “Socks and sandals are just gross!” Don’t always stick to the rule book. Sometimes the coolest outfits on the runway are put together by people ignoring the so-called ‘fashion 101’. So, do you. Get a little silly. If you combine comfort, candour, courage, creativity… Then confidence will be yours! So, which confidence outfit was your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe (please)! x Peace out! ✌️

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