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How to Determine the Correct Clock Motor Shaft

How to Determine the Correct Clock Motor Shaft

On a quartz movement there are three
section of the hand shaft. The first and lowest is the threaded
section. That’s where an hex nut goes on to hold the movement in place. The next
section is going to be the hour hand shaft and that’s where the hour hand
presses on and the next is the minute hand shaft. If you look real closely you’ll see
that the minute hand shaft actually has two little flat sides on it. And that’s
so you can align the hand properly and then one of these little nuts goes on
the top to hold it in place. The second hand shaft you have to look very very closely. It’s right
inside the minute hand shaft. So we really have four concentric shafts here. The
threaded shaft, the hour hand shaft, minute hand shaft and the second hand shaft. Actually there’s only two measurements that are important. The threaded shaft length is very
important because that’s what defines how thick of material you can go through
and that’s why we have six different shaft lengths. Each one about it an 1/8 of an inch larger than the other. So that regardless of what material you’re going
through its gonna be a shaft available for it and the other important measure
is the entire length of the shaft called the overall length where you measure
from the top of the shaft all the way to the bottom of the threading. The overall
shaft length is important because if you have any type of glass lens cover lens
on your clock you want to make sure that you’re not putting a shaft in that’s so
long that it’s going to actually hit the top of the lens in some way or have a
minute or second hand hit and rub. When you’re ready to choose a shaft length for
your movement if there’s any confusion at all just give us a call.

Reader Comments

  1. Hello. I’m hoping replace the clock mechanism to a real nice wall clock I’ve had since 2003. I can’t find a new one to replace it with, so I’m hoping to fix the clock I already have. I purchased a clock mechanism but I can’t seem to be able to remove the existing one. I removed the hands but I can’t remove the part the holds the arms. Everything is smooth and can’t get a grip on it with small needle nose pliers. I will provide some photos to see if I can get some help. Thank you in advance.

  2. I just bought 4 replacement movements but they are all too long and the second hand touches the glass, moving the whole unit back didn't work because then the movement stuck too far out the back so I just cut all the shafts down and filed a step for the hands to go over and all is well.

  3. why does no one ever say what the drill hole size should be since not everyone is replacing a clock mechanism but building.

  4. The information is wrong! There are different shaft diameter measurements where the hands fit. On mine the original hands were too big in the bore to fit the hour, minute and second hands. This is waffle about shaft lengths and probably the only one they sell with no worthwhile information other than that. Check the diameter where the hands fit as well as the shaft length.

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