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How To Collaborate With Brands And Bloggers

How To Collaborate With Brands And Bloggers

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone I’m Nina Zadeh and I’m director of Partnerships
at and today I wanna talk to you guys about the term collaborating. You hear it everywhere, especially amongst travel
bloggers on Instagram, I wanted to tell you guys, just ’cause it’s one of my big pet peeves in being in this space
is when people come to us and want to collaborate
and just leave it there. There’s no follow-through on
what they’re looking to do. So one of the biggest
things I can tell you is because I work on the brand side and I work with influencers all the time on different marketing opportunities, I often think to myself, okay if you’re an influencer
and you’re coming to a brand and you’re asking to collaborate, it drives people like me crazy to not get the entire scope
of what you’re looking to do. So whether you’re looking
to collaborate with brands or with other travel bloggers
I’m gonna give you some tips. So if you’re a travel
blogger that’s looking to collaborate with brands, one of the ideas that
you can go to them with is ask them if they’d be
interested in doing a takeover. Now if you’re traveling and
you already have set plans, you’re gonna be in India, and you’re gonna be covering, you know, all these great different sights, and you’re going to this
brand that is interested in working with travel bloggers and you’ve seen that
they’ve done it before, if you go to them like, I am going to India on these dates, this is what I’m gonna be shooting, I’d love to do a takeover, I will send you the
copies, here is an example of a past takeover that I’ve done, you can see all my highlights. Like make it super easy
for them to understand the collaboration, you’ll
have way more success. And here’s the thing, people on the brand side, like you’ll get lucky and
of course there’s creatives, but a lot of times it’s
hard to like visualize. You guys are the creatives, you guys are the ones like seeing these awesome collaborations but maybe for us, on, you know, it’s like, wait, what? Wait, say that again,
what do you wanna do? You really need to find
a way to tell the story of what it is you’re trying to do and how you can be useful, how can you add value. And something like a takeover, if you really show them an example of a takeover that you’ve done, I think it would be a great
way for them to visualize this. If you’re a travel blogger looking to collaborate with other travel bloggers I would definitely recommend
things such as like a guest post, that’s an awesome way. You know some people may be looking or accepting guest posts, and it’s a great, ICO trick as well ’cause you’re including
your link on their site but you should reverse it. I think collaborating as a guest post could definitely be a
way to get you writing, get you moving, and getting
you that relationship because at the end of the
day you’re providing value, you’re going to another travel
blogger and you’re like, here I’m gonna take the
workload off your shoulders and I’m gonna provide,
you know, be useful. And at the end of the day it’s always about being valuable, right? Another great way you can collaborate with other travel bloggers is by getting together and shooting content. So if you were to come
to us at Sidewalker Daily and be like, we’re gonna be, you know, in Miami, that’s where I’m based, we’d love to meet up, shoot some content, you can use it on your stories, on your, you know, platforms,
on your blog, we’ll use it. Shooting content together
is an amazing way ’cause it’s a win-win, right? So both parties feel like they’re getting something out of it. And either, you know,
you guys could take it a step further if, you know, we’re not travel bloggers, we have a travel-influencer community but if you’re working with someone a little bit more similar to yourself, you guys could like, I don’t know, pitch a campaign, create a lookbook, go buy things from your favorite brand and shoot it all across the city together and then send it to that brand together. Now it’s like you are doing
these one-off collaborations but they’re a little bit more strategic. And you’re also combining
both your numbers, which brands are gonna be stoked about. Another idea of a way
that you could collaborate with a travel blogger is
posting in-person meet ups. So if you go to another
blogger in your home town and you’re like, hey, like, I noticed that you are in this same space, I’m here too, I was thinking, why don’t we get together at XYZ cafe Mondays at 7 p.m. and get
people to come and, you know, chat with us, meet in-person,
have a few drinks, or, did I just say coffee and drinks? Whatever, you get the point. Whether it’s a bar or coffee shop, the idea is for you to be
like this leader in your space and getting someone that
you wanna collaborate with to co-join you, it’s an amazing way because now this person’s like, oh, I wanna do that too, but you’re really doing
like the work behind it and by there you’re opening
up a door of communication. So for example, for Sidewalker, if someone came to me, I am like so busy, I have literally no time on my hands, but I always wanna do new things. If someone came to me, was like, we wanna host a meet-up once a month at this hotel, I have the contacts, I’ll pitch it for us,
would you be interested? I’d most likely, depending
on obviously who it is, I’d be like, uh yeah, because
you’re gonna be the one pitching to the hotels,
doing the back-work, and I don’t have to manage you. And if it’s something that is a win-win because I get to cohost
something in person, chances are people like me are
gonna be excited about that. If you’re a travel blogger also, you know, I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram
a lot of story shoutouts, that’s another way that
you can collaborate, but it’s very specific. So you’re saying, hi, person, I want to do this, I want to
do story shoutouts with you, and in return I will post them on my page. It’s not hiding behind,
I want to collaborate, you’re not hiding behind
that term anymore, you’re being very direct and you’re collaborating with intent. So story shoutouts are very common, people are open to doing
them, and it’s a win-win. Lastly, if you’re a travel blogger looking to collaborate
with other travel bloggers, how about this, how about
pitching a trip together? So for lots of press trips this is like, one of my favorite hidden little tricks because I’m on the brand side, I host press trips, I book press trips, and when an influencer comes to me and is like, can I have a plus one? I’m always like (groan), it’s like, extra money I have to spend for your like, boyfriend, cousin, sister. But if you come to me and you’re like, my plus one is also another influencer, I’m like, ding ding ding! This is someone who I wanna work with ’cause it’s now, the plus one, is also an influencer
and maybe that influencer that’s your plus one
is more, I don’t know, has a better candidate profile than you and it’s probably a really smart way to get you in the door because now you’re bringing in someone else. So how do you do this? You should probably
reach out to that person that you’re looking to travel with, now don’t be a creepy Instagrammer that’s like never talk to
a human in their lives, and then be like, hey
wanna travel with me? ‘Cause that’s probably not
gonna go so well for you but if it’s someone that
you think, longterm, you’re engaging with them, you guys are commenting
on each other’s photos, you’re doing story shoutouts, you’re like, you know, in and out, and it’s almost like you
feel like you know them, then you can go to that
person and be like, hey I wanna pitch to
so-and-so tourism board, I’ve seen that they’re doing press trips, would you wanna go
together and I will pitch on behalf of both of us? That is probably a better way to, again, get through the door on those press trips that you may wanna go on, or those sort of like, I don’t know, travel opportunities
because now your plus one may even be a bit more, what’s the word, like, I don’t know, not successful, but they may be the ones that get you in. Or vice versa, even if you guys are just kind of like on the same part, again, you’re combining your
influence and brands love that. So just to wrap up here,
collaborate with intent. Make sure that if you’re going to someone and you have something to
say don’t just end it with, I’d love to collaborate, of course, if you just wanna grab
a coffee with someone and vibe with them and feel them out, I would support that fully, and I always say that there’s really like two approaches, there’s
more longterm dating, where you’re like doing what I just said, commenting, engaging,
spending like a longer time trying to build up that relationship, but if you’re just like,
hey I wanna collaborate, then let that person know what
your collaboration idea is, come right, come correct, and I think you’re gonna
have way more success in getting that collaboration. And honestly, at the end
of the day if you are trying to be a travel influencer, this world is tough, it is
not for the thin-skinned and you need to collaborate, you need to put yourself out there, you need to be sending those messages. Don’t feel awkward, because
at the end of the day the worst thing you’re gonna hear is no, and who cares, like, at the end of the day if this is what you wanna do and this is your dream
you’re gonna have to get used to hearing that big ugly word no, because it is everywhere. So collaborate with intent,
put yourself out there, and do what you gotta do to
make your dream a reality. If you like this video and
you found our tips useful for ways and ideas to collaborate, make sure you like,
comment, and subscribe, so I know that I can do
more videos like this to give you guys ideas (upbeat music)
and the tools you need to be a successful travel influencer. Until next time.

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  1. Story shout outs dont seem to do as much as an actual post just sayin what I've noticed. Thank for the info I'm finding it valuable.

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