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How to Close a Watch Back Mulitple Types

How to Close a Watch Back Mulitple Types

Just as there are many ways to open a watch
back, there are more ways to close it again. Use this guides from to determine
what kind of what back you have and how to close it. The first type is the snap off watch case
back. There are two ways to tell if your watch case is a snap off back. If back is smooth
without other screws or notches, it is most likely a snap off back. The case back will also have a little lip,
or sometimes an indentation, that is designed to help you pry the back off. They look like
this, but you may need an eye loupe to find the tab. There are two different ways to close a snap
off case back, one with just your hands and another with the help of a watch case press.
Check out these links to learn more. The second type is the screw off watch case
back. A screw off watch case back can usually be identified by the regularly placed notches
in the back, like these. There are several different ways to close
a screw off watch case back, you can use a jaxa wrench, a regular watch case wrench,
or a case opener ball. Follow the links here to learn how to close a screw off type watch
back. The third type is the watch case back that
is held in place with screws. If you watch case back is of this style, you will be able
to see little screws holding the watch case back to the watch case, like these. Use this video to learn how to close a watch
case back with screws. To learn how to do other kinds of simple watch
repair, visit’s learning center today.

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