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How to Care for a Pocket Watch

How to Care for a Pocket Watch

How to Care for a Pocket Watch. Pocket watches should be cared for in the
same way that you care for fine jewelry. Here are some tips to keep in mind. You will need Pocket watch Owner’s manual
Water- and humidity-free environment Suitable pocket Dry cloth Watchmaker or manufacturer
Battery and jeweler’s cloth (optional). Step 1. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual
for proper care and maintenance of your watch. Step 2. Do not submerge the watch in water. Protect it from high humidity. Step 3. Wind a mechanical watch daily at a fixed time,
taking care not to over-wind it. Pull on the knobs carefully when winding it. Step 4. Carry an open-face watch in your pocket with
the dial facing your body. Do not carry it with objects like keys that
can cause scratches on the case or crystal. Step 5. Wipe a watch with a clean dry soft cloth before
storing if it has a solid brass or stainless steel case. Wipe cases made of precious metals with a
jeweler’s cloth. Step 6. Have mechanical watches cleaned and oiled
every three to five years by a qualified watchmaker or by the watch’s manufacturer. Step 7. Change the battery in quartz pocket watches
every one to two years to keep your watch working like new. Did you know The first watch was invented
in Nuremberg, Germany in 1509 by Peter Henlein.

Reader Comments

  1. @xoalexisox98 me too.

    and hey, some people could just hold it in their hand, or string the chain through a loop in their clothing and keep it there

  2. @xoalexisox98 i have a pocket watch, last longer then most battery operated watches especially when they are taken care of.

  3. @ALAPINO Well since Porshces are shitty cars for metro sexual men and douchebags then I guess that makes no sense.

  4. Porsche make a "PDK system" Transmission in their cars, it's semi-automatic paddle shift set-up. It's considered by the automotive community (including myself) as one of the fastest and best transmission systems in the world.

    It seems a Porsche driver would by a quartz pocket watch too!

  5. What the fuck!

    How are Porsche shitty cars?

    They are the most successful racing team on the planet, they have won well over 26,000 races and have a racing pedigree especially with Le Mans prototype and GT-class racing that has brought the whole world of automotive technology into new-ages and Ferrari have been doing the same with Formula side of the story.

    I'm an automotive enthusiast and it pains my heart to hear people speaking so foully about such an brilliant company that Porsche is.

  6. How bad ass are they in the mud? .. Didn't think so.

    People that drive sports cars are like house pets, they look good but can't hack it in the real world.

  7. Porsche are good cars in the mud! People have converted Porsche into full blown rally cars and Porsche did compete in professional rally!

    I'm an automotive enthusiast, i know what i'm talking about and i know when people like you don't have a clue about cars. People that drive Sportscars are just like any other person, except they are bit more successful and probably know the real world better than people like you. I myself have spent hours with the worlds most desired cars, they are beautiful.

  8. So they convert Porsche's into real cars… making them no longer shitty porches.

    Furthermore since I don't agree with you I know less about the real world… got it.

    If I was rich I wouldn't buy a single one of those piece of crap, they cost alot- they cost twice as much to repair and keep in condition and they are only good for roads.

    I'm sure they're 'good' cars, a broken watch is 'good' twice a day.

  9. P.S

    Ignorance is bliss. You're calling Porsche a shit company because you likely know nothing about them. I suggest you watch a few hundred hours of videos on Youtube and them come back to me when your a converted Porsche fan!

  10. You speak in haste, too often more than not.

    You know nothing about cars! Toyota Prius is another fantastic car, it's one of the most successfully sold eco cars in America! I believe that Toyota will be the answer to the current crisis with the atmosphere! Which means Supercars can afford to be more thirsty!

    I think you should just give Porsche a chance to charm you, i'm a Ferrari fan and i hated the soulless Porsche BUT now i rank them among my favorite cars!

    Why do you hate them?

  11. Wow… you think Prius' are fantastic cars… and the answer to what… the fact that there's at least a hundred or so years of oil in the ground? Oil we refuse to drill for then complain there's no oil…

    The atmosphere has been fine for millions of trillions of billions of years, through volcanoes and hurricanes and floods. It can handle a hundred or so years of cars.

    Prius, and Porsche are gay. I'll never like them, piss off Sir.

  12. You tired to be smart about cars, making a remark on a subject you have very little if not NO knowledge what so ever about. Porsche are an amazing company, they have proven that by winning over 26 thousand races. The Toyota Prius is another car on the other end of the spectrum that shows it's true colours when it's at its best, a damn good economic car that has proven itself on the market in the US.

    You're here about pocket watches, you should stick with that subject and spare your humiliation.

  13. Pulling the nob ???????????
    Just turn the crown and wind it as it was desinged for

    (I don't believe in quartz pocketwatches)

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