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How to Buy an AP and Not Screw Up – Audemars Piguet Watches

How to Buy an AP and Not Screw Up – Audemars Piguet Watches

On this video, we’re gonna be going over how
to buy an AP and not screw up. Our sponsor for this video is Horus watch
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and use the discount code CRM and save 20% on your next purchase. [opening music] Alright, so clearly you’re interested in buying
an Audemars Piguet, so there’s certain thing that you might wanna follow to avoid some
of the problems. Now, here are five simple things in my opinion
you should look for when making a decision on your next AP purchase. First thing is the model. You see, the model
is very important because Audemars has several different lines within their brand, for example,
the Jules Audemars line. Not really a fan of. In reality, the model that mostly is the most
successful for them is the Royal Oak. Anything within the Royal Oak family is probably
gonna be a better, safer choice because it has a better, secure resale, and just overall
look. You know the Jules Audemars are not bad looking,
but they’re not necessarily the best ones within the lineup. So first things first is the model. Make sure you’re choosing what you like. Make
sure you choose the right size. Some people don’t want the big 44 millimeter
Offshore, so maybe perhaps you’ll want to go with the 42. So the model is the number one step out of
everything in this decision. So now we got that out of the way. Yes, there
is the new Code 11.59 model. Those are cool too. They’re still evolving. They just came
out. We’re gonna have to see what happens, but sticking to the Royal Oaks, I would stick
to the traditional ones, the Offshores, the Dual Times, those things like that you won’t
have any problems. If you wanna get into the Concept, a whole’nother ball game, but those
will work as well. So number two is gonna be the condition. With
the Royal Oaks, the condition is very important because it’s gotta a lot of sharp edges and
once it’s been polished incorrectly or perhaps it has a hard hit right on the corner, it’s
kind of hard to bounce back from that, so you wanna look at the condition. For me, the
condition is one of the most important things. I’ll pay a little bit extra for one that’s
extra sharp, extra crispy, so you wanna look really good at the condition because AP is
gonna be one of the hardest watches to polish. Now, it can be done. It does not have to be
polished only at the factory. There’s plenty of good talented watchmakers out there that
can polish an AP and leave it crispy and sharp like day one. The third thing we wanna look at is the age
of the watch. So Audemars is not like Rolex for example that has a letter or very specific
serial number that would decode the age of the watch. It doesn’t work like that. With Audemars, the letter that’s in front
of the serial would kind of tell you a range of production numbers, so each letter can
really be from anywhere from one year to four years. So one thing you wanna look at is the age.
I would not go too old on an Audemars because they’re very finicky, so the older the watch,
it could have a problem. I would say you don’t wanna go older than
an F serial. A D could be done, but an F serial is probably the oldest that I would wanna
go anyways because then older than that the watches for me are not really that attractive
anyways. So ideally, I would like to be from G and
H and up. F is fine like I said, but keep that in mind, the age is important and obviously
if you’re looking for a vintage Audemars, the age doesn’t apply. That should be without
saying. So a number four is the box and papers and
I don’t understand why everybody makes such a big deal about the box and papers. I can’t tell you the amount of DMs, WhatsApps,
text messages, emails, phone calls…it’s like, “Does it have box and papers?” I
mean look, I get it. We all want everything to be perfect and have box and papers, but
I said it over and over. Let’s break it down… And AP or Audemars Piguet box, modern, would
cost about five hundred bucks. Ebay, you could buy it used, whatever. The papers can be obtained by going to the
AD, take it straight to AP, they register you’re watch. You pay for the archive papers.
It’ll cost you anywhere from $150 to $300, so we’re looking at a total of about $800
for the box and papers. So really, don’t let anybody beat you up on
your current watch or overcharge you for a watch not having the box and papers, because
really it’s not a big deal. So that’s one important thing to look at.
If it doesn’t have the box and papers, fine. Maybe it doesn’t have warranty anymore, but
a lot of the sellers would provide you one-year warranty on the mechanism. Every watch that
I sell has one-year warranty on the mechanism. So now for the final and fifth thing to look
at is the price and for me, price and condition go hand in hand. So make sure the watch is crispy and if it’s
at the right price, who cares if it doesn’t have box and papers? For example, a carbon AP, they usually will
go for around $25,500 complete, so if it doesn’t have box and papers and the watch is crispy,
a thousand dollars less. It’s not the end of the world. Somewhere around that range, some watches
are a lot harder to find, some APs are collectors items and of course, that would affect it
more, but overall, price and condition is the most important things. So make sure you obtain the right price. Now this is a little bit tricky when you’re
talking about a 15400 stainless steel Royal Oak, because those are over retail right now,
so the price is a little bit tricky on those cuz they’re not easy to get and right now
they’re strong in the market. So factor all those things that I just told
you, whether it’s the price, the condition, the box and papers, the year, and see what
you wanna do, but overall, make sure, to me the most important thing is model, condition,
and price. Feel free to comment below on how you feel
about buying an AP and don’t forget to hit the notifications bell till it looks like
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  2. Bought my partially Iced out AP ROO and can't be happier with it.
    Only thing that bothers me is the depriation curve. What do you think Eric, will my AP ROO "Navy" white dial start climbing? White faced watched usually tend to …like my RLX Explorer II.

  3. AP should change name to Royal oak the only model people know. AP would be nothing without Royal Oak. A hype that will die in near future. a big clumsy watch. And 11.59 look like a cheap Micheal Kors watch

  4. He’s got a good point regarding the obsession for box and papers. However- when a watch DOESN’T have them (industry term- naked) it’s difficult to verify authenticity or whether the watch has been stolen. If you are buying from a reputable dealer that you trust has already authenticated the watch and confirmed it isn’t stolen – then box and papers are no big deal. If you are buying a watch from someone you don’t know (forums, street, shady dealer) then box and papers are a must in my opinion. It’s all relative depending on the seller. I would buy a watch with no box and papers from some people and certainly not from others. Be careful…

  5. Good advice. Price and condition indeed. Too many used watches today are overpriced and over polished. Thanks as always Eric.

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  7. Great video brother. AP Royal Oak is my grail watch, don’t care the year, material, complications…I just want one! Keep it up guys!

  8. Interesting to hear that you can get replacement papers. I don't know if any other makers do that. It would seem to make it too easy for sellers of fakes to get them.

  9. After 1 year and half of wait I received my 15202st at the official AP boutique.
    L séries…those latest dials are just awesomely,too bad I can’t post some pics or vids here!

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  18. Sorry Eric I don’t agree about the box and papers. Without B&P how can a buyer be sure that the watch isn’t stolen. Who loses the box and paperwork on a 20k+ watch? It’s nuts. Also what’s with the “crispy” lingo?

  19. Hi Eric
    Your video content are very informative. Keep up the great work. I am in the market for a Rolex Platinum Daytona, and trying to decide between the regular Platinum Daytona and the one with the baguette diamond dial. My AD willing to give me 20% off msrp. Can you please give me advices on the discount amount and which one is more collectable.

    Thanks Eric.

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    Also is their an issue with the reliability of these watches if you are advising to stay away from an older watch? Never heard you having these concerns with an older Rolex.

  21. Ummm if box & papers affects the price about $800 plus a trip to the AD & waiting for the archive … then why not put in your ads whether or not it has box & papers. Then you wouldn’t be getting “dmed all the time” with people asking ..

  22. If does not have papers,then how you will justify that the watch and the machinery inside is all real and belong to the same model and not a counterfeit watch????

    Plz don’t say come see my showroom bla bla bla.give a valid reason brother

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