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How to Build a Large Photo Wall Clock – Build Your Own Clock

How to Build a Large Photo Wall Clock – Build Your Own Clock

Let’s discuss building your Photo Frame
Clock Kit. It’s a popular way to show off Family Photos, or any Standard 4 x 6 inch
pictures of your favorite subject, like pets or a favorite hobby. Its always good to mark the positions of the number or Photo Frames Its always good to mark the positions of the number or Photo Frames you are going to use on the wall before you
start installing the mounting kit. An 11” by 17 inch paper template is included
to assist you. Just tape it to the wall where you want the Clock Movement installed. by pressing a nail through the center of the template. I use a pencil then to
mark the actual “number” or “indicator positions” on the wall. I use a nail with
a string attached to mark parts of a “circle” in pencil. It’s usually easy to
erase later. Mark your number positions before continuing. Be sure to mark a cross hair line at the center line at each hour indicator. This Photo Frame Clock Kit comes with a 14”
pair of black hour and minute hands. The inside edge of the pictures should
be a minimum of 14 inches from the center, where the High Torque Quartz Clock Movement
is to be installed. This means your Photo Frame Clock Kit will be 3 feet in diameter,
or larger If you like. Use white glue or contact cement to glue your
4 by 6 inch photos to the hardboard frames and let dry. Remove the backing of the double
sided tape. Carefully position as desired, and press firmly against the wall. Be patient,
this is the slowest part of the process. The Wall Mounting Bracket is attached directly
to your wall using the larger coarse screws through the 2 oblong screws slots. Drywall
anchors are included for modern drywall or Sheet Rock walls. Just align properly and
pre-drill a slightly smaller hole in the drywall. Then gently tap the plastic anchor into your
wall. If you are mounting to a plaster wall, then
predrill a small hole into the plaster. Be sure to hit the wood lathe in the plaster
for a good secure fit. The back of the Wall Mounting Bracket is flat,
so you could also use a good double faced tape to mount the bracket to your wall without
screws. Adhesives are another possibility. Once the wall Mounting Bracket is installed,
it’s time to install your Clock Movement into the Movement Holder. Place the rubber
washer over the hand shaft and insert through the hole in the center of the movement holder. Slide the brass washer over the hand shaft
and thread on the brass hex nut. Do not over tighten. Hand tight plus a ¼ of a turn works
very well. That’s it for the clock movement. Now install the clock hands as indicated with
your movement choice. Install a fresh alkaline battery. Time to install the Movement Holder to the
Wall Mounting Bracket. Align the two small round holes in the Wall Mounting Bracket with
those on the Movement Holder. Press together and install the small screws through the side
mounting holes in the Movement Holder and Wall Mounting Bracket. You’re almost done. Let’s get the hands
properly set. Move both the minute and hour hands to the 12:00 position. It’s OK to
“pinch” them together so that they are properly aligned at 12:00. Touching just the
tip of the minute hand, turn to the present time. Now you’re done. Questions? Need help? I am Mike Brosman.

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  1. can i still make a large clock with the help of a clock movement of a smaller clock?
    if yes, then what should i do for the clock needles, because needles of small clock movement are also small?

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