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How to Build a Beautiful Clock with our Bezel Crystal Dials

How to Build a Beautiful Clock with our Bezel Crystal Dials

I’d like to take a moment and talk about
our line of Clock Bezel Crystals. Also called Bezel Crystal Dials. They feature
all metal and glass construction. First-rate quality! They have a mineral
glass lens. The bezel is solid brass, the clock dials are aluminum and the back plate
is a heavy gauge durable steel. All top quality and design for many years of use.
These bezel crystal dials are made for use only with battery or electric
movements or motors. There are no pre-cut winding holes for mechanical
movements. Four sizes with both Roman and Arabic dials are available ranging from
4 inches to nearly eight inches. The hex nut and washer that normally hold the clock movement
in place will also hold the center of the metal clock face in place. This is
usually enough of all these smaller models but a large models you might want
to consider something like a small amount of thin double faced tape as well.
The best method to mount the back plate to your clock is with small brads also called
escutcheon pins. Holes for the brads are already drilled into the steel plate.
Use a pencil to mark the locations and you can drill just deep enough so
excessive hammering is not necessary. You can also use a drill to enlarge the
mounting all slightly so that small screws could be used. Adhesives are
another option. Always consider the material the clock face and the material
is being glued to. Often a few quarter sized daps of any two part epoxy works
well also. When assembling the clock movement of your choice and the other
components check to see if the hand shaft is going to hit the glass lens.
If it is then remove the motor and put a washer or two over the shaft and reinstall.
This will effectively shim the movement or motor backwards in the clock case.
If just the clock hands are hitting the glass lens you can gently bend downward
very close to the mounting hub. You can also trimmed slightly to a shorter length. This
is Mike Brosman for
With four sizes between four inches and eight inches to choose from we are proud
of our selection and quality. You can go to the “Contact Us” Section of our website
and send us an email.

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