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How to Be a Latin Lover Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Salma Hayek Movie

How to Be a Latin Lover Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Salma Hayek Movie

Nice blazer, Uncle Maximo. Sometimes you do get what you wish for. Are you kidding? I am on these horse testosterone pills. They make me a little bit agitated. I will shoot you! You’re not shooting anybody. I will shoot you in the lorax! That’s not a thing, officer. Children’s book. Don’t make me use this. I won’t. Eye contact, eye contact. What are you doing? Oh, God! You’re not attracted to me? Whoa! Stop! No. I’m attracted to like really good-looking guys. Guys with like, great faces and great bodies who are muscular and handsome and younger, much younger than you. And tall. A lot taller. I can teach you how to use your skills of seduction to get what you want. Feel your sexiness because you know what all the ladies are thinking. What are the ladies thinking? He must be great in bed. I’m great in bed. What? I don’t pee or anything any more.

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  1. solo ire por la cheketeta salmita Eugenio la neta no tiene nada innovador una tonta pelicula disque comedia basura para usa por un comediante mexicano careciente de talento para llegar hacer un gran actor ehh dicho al que no le guste …lla save?

  2. I'm Mexican, and I will NOT see the movie.

    Just because Eugenio is Mexican, does not mean I have to pretend he's funny.

    Eugenio Derbez is like a Mexican Adam Sandler, nothing but toiler humor and vulgarity.

  3. I don't understand why people is so butthurt about this movie. I mean, Eugenio Derbez had always been like that, he is used to make parodies about mexican stereotypes. This movie is full of stereotypes and that's why there is an ironic meaning for the title of the movie. "How to be a Latin Lover" at least for me is just to laugh a little bit about those stereotypes. Believe me, Eugenio wouldn't laugh at Mexico.

  4. it's a very stupid movie ever done. eugenio derbez shouldn't be in usa filming this kind of movie (shit) it's not funny at all!.

  5. Cool to see Eugenio Derbez branching out to Hollywood but this movie looks painfully unfunny and cliché :c

  6. no entiendo como el peor actor de mexico trascendio internacionalmente… igual solo hace peliculas de mierda, pero aun asi me sorprende

  7. please somebody the song in the 0.38 0.39 0.40 seconds i think is pitbull necesitas but isn t please if somebody find write reply

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  9. In 2017 it's really hard to find a movie that actually makes ME laugh & let me tell you this surpassed my expectations! I LOVED IT. I literally LMAO! Nah fr I sit on my back now..?

  10. It's the guy from Instructions not Included. Based on the trailer, this doesn't seem to be a good follow up to that masterpiece of a movie.

  11. Hilarious movie. The only part that i hated about the movie was the whispering kids. Drove me bananas! So damn annoying i wanted to smack them both.

  12. I just finish watching the movie I thought it was okay the site that I watched it on didn't have English subtitles so I didn't understand about 25% of the movie The Rest was in English I laughed a few times probably would have laughed more if they had subtitles. I will give it a B- minus it still passes the grade I would not pay for it at the movies though I'll wait till it come on Netflix but I watched it on Showbox free movies free people free on the app for phones only and it's called Showbox.

  13. If you like Dumb and Dumber and Norbit, you will love this movie. I did. Everyone's sense of humor is different. I laughed hard about 12 times which is very good for a comedy for me.

  14. Oh Hollywoid, they just had to throw something perverted in by a little boy. Wonder why sales are going dooooooooown. lol

  15. Funny thing is. He had a watch probably worth more than fifty thousand dollars in his possession da whole movie. He could of pawn it ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  16. FUNNY MOVIE ! Just saw on Netflix, wasn't expecting much. Lots of female "star power" supporting the lead man. Reminds me of all the GIGOLOS chasing old dowagers with big $$$ here in Florida !

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