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How does it feel to own the Tudor Black Bay GMT?

How does it feel to own the Tudor Black Bay GMT?

(upbeat music) – I was grinning as soon
as I put the order in, or as soon as I knew that
you’d be having it in. Then to have a call
three months before that, saying, “Actually, we’ve got it in now.” I was thinking, it doesn’t really get much
better than this, does it. (upbeat music) It’s the GMT. I’ve had it coming up on a
couple months now, probably. My love of watches, and this is probably like a lot of people, actually probably started with James Bond, when I was a lot younger. It was the first time I was introduced to a watch being almost
like a status symbol. My dad had a Gucci watch
that he bought in the 80’s. Again, it was that sort of status symbol, really, really nice watch. First watch I got was
a Hamilton Jazzmaster. Really nice movement on
it, and really good price for a Swiss watch as well. And then I thought,
well it’s probably time to up the game a little bit, isn’t it. It would’ve been on the
updates from Baselworld. Then realized, sort of, how
to look at expected prices, stuff like that. I thought why wouldn’t I get it, more than I need to get this. It was a case of I didn’t
really have a choice at that stage. I then went into a shop
in Southampton as well, annoyingly, they were really unhelpful. No ideas on expected prices, expected dates when it could be in. I think it was one of the
guys I was working with at the time said, “Oh, there’s
a jewellers down the road. Why don’t you pop in and
see if they’ve got it.” I thought I would not. I saw there was a Tudor
stand in the window, I thought I’ll go in and chance it. Met Helen, who was very
enthusiastic about it, and made me even more so
enthusiastic about it. I’d gone to the event and Helen said that there would be watches at the event. I thought, well okay, I’d go there, I’d put it on, and if I get that feeling that I don’t want to take it off, then I’ll have it there and then. Well, obviously, it happened. (upbeat music) For people that know
watches, it’s been great. I had a client in the other day who’s other half, she said,
“Is that the new Tudor?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “Oh, I better not tell him. He’ll be very jealous.” That was a … It was a nice little moment. I’ve got a lot of friends
who sort of appreciate watches and that sort of things as well, and they’ve all … When I’ve seen them, I don’t
see them that frequently, but when I see them, the
first question they ask is, “Have you got it on? Is it with you? Can I have a look at it?” It usually gets a pretty good reception. If we look at how many are
available, or not available, at the moment, and how much the value has gone up straight away,
I’m feeling quite confident. I’m feeling in a good place about it. Next, I’m toying with
the idea of a Bremont. I really like the construction on those and the subtleties they’ve got. And on the flip side of that,
I’m tempted by a Hulk as well, because who doesn’t want one. The Baselworld releases from Tudor were all really attractive. But, the GMT, just had to take it. 58, I like the colouring on it. It’s a very sleek watch, but
it was just too small for me. And then, this was released as I said, and I just thought, well,
I’ve got to jump on that. As I said, I’m not local,
but would I have any qualms with coming across here
for a specific piece? Absolutely not. The service from Helen and Tash, and the guys upstairs have been great. Really good contact from them
as well, just regular updates, but been a really, really good experience. Brilliant shop. So, yeah, definitely down the line, we’ll see what we can get up to. (upbeat music)

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  1. Finally, you can hear what a real person thinks of their Tudor Black Bay GMT! Are you on the waiting list too? Tell us below!

  2. If Tudor would just build one off the 58 case, I would buy one immediately. The thick case is a huge turn off for me and apparently many others.

  3. Got mine this week. Like your customer, found a small independent AD who got me one within 2 days. A large chain which we shall call 'Goldsmiths'… Have an 18month waiting list and wouldn't even put me on it.

    What a stunning watch. My first GMT and I love the size. If you think it's too big, hit the gym ?

  4. Ignore any online negativity on Tudor and their watch case dimensions. They wear beautifully on their excellent bracelet. Check them out in the flesh. The value for money is incredible.

  5. If they were slimmed down a bit in depth I would certainly go for the GMT and even better if they made a Root Beer version. But then of course, they would be too similar to the Rolex version…

  6. Not sure whether or not to get the oris diver 65 now or save for another two months and get this gmt, they're both perfect

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