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How Brands Should Participate In Social And Political Issues

How Brands Should Participate In Social And Political Issues

♪ We are the movement ♪ (gentle music) ♪ Boys will be boys ♪ ♪ Will be boys will be boys ♪ (slow emotional music) Consumers in the younger generation expect brands to get in an have a say and have a point of view. Nine out of ten people actually say that they feel better
about a brand when it takes a social or environmental stance. More than half of people
are making choices on brands based on shared values, and more than half of people from Gen Z all the way to Boomers,
really expect brands to take a stand on societal issues. (uplifting music) Why can’t run like a girl
also mean win the race? The brands that I
personally admire the most are brands that have a point of view. A point of view on like,
what’s happening out there, especially if you can
link that point of view to the positioning of the brand. (soulful upbeat music) ♪ All I ask is that you
let me feel my way ♪ I think they’ve got to do it in a way that is authentic to who they
are and where they want to be, not something that’s just topical and they feel like is just
gonna tick some boxes for now. [Narrator] Why try to blend in? (upbeat music) When you can choose how to stand out. Sometimes a brand’s
gonna make the mistake of trying to take a stance
on a bunch of different things that, you now, at some point, you’re like, well do I really
care what a toilet paper brand thinks about, you know, this specific issue? But I think there are certain things that brands have to
fundamentally believe in, and they have to take a stand
on if it’s important for them. We have so many problems in the world that governments are not
gonna be able to solve by themselves so I think
brands and companies, they have a role to play. But I think the most important
thing is that the core business of whatever industry
you are in or whatever company you are in, is actually positive for people and for society
as a whole, you know. So your business needs to have meaning and needs to impact
people in a positive way, because at the end, you know, you spend, if you have like social
causes and you have activism, whatever, this is like 5%,
10% of what the brand does. But I think consumers are
really asking the question what is the other 90%? You know, your core business,
where you really spend the money and you spend the time. Is that good or bad for,
you know, for society? Millennials and Gen Z, they care a lot about what companies and
what the people who work for those companies care about, right? That’s important to them and authenticity is important to them. And I feel like, you know, companies today and particularly the NFL, we have such a big part in people’s lives and we do have such scale
that I feel like it’s not only an opportunity, but you know, it’s really a responsibility
to do things good in the world. [Player] No time to waste. Let’s work. [Narrator] Inside these lines. We may have our differences but recognize there’s more that unites us. Inside, these lines. Business has become,
again, in a connected world, incredibly powerful. Some of these large companies are, they’re like many nation
states under themselves. And they can influence more
and drive more behavior. It is more about how do brands really innovate around the
change that people want to see? I don’t think it’s really
about picking a side, if it’s political, but it’s more, removing that from the equation
and truly understanding the issue, because chances are,
the issues are aligned around changes in the environment, things we need to do
differently to better shape our economies, or to
bring real societal change around the world in
which we can all thrive. Everyone wants to save the world and I get it, and sometimes it works really well. I think that Kaepernick is amazing because it was like a
perfect storm of an athlete who had a point of view,
took a knee for the country, President didn’t like it, Nike athletes, perfect. But not very many people get a chance at that kind of perfect storm. But for us, we believe
brands should have a sense of humor, they should
have a conscience, yes, but also, humor allows people in. Is there a way to use
humor as a part of social and political conversations
or is that way too scary because it could go so wrong? Oh, it’s used all the
time as part of social and political conversations. People get their news, not from, not from straight
news people anymore but from people that make fun of the news. So if you do it right, if you’re adding value
to the conversation, if you’re like, putting
yourself on the right side of history, if you can tie it back to the position of the brand, I think chances are that
you are going to increase brand love and over time
that will probably translate into better business for your brand.

Reader Comments

  1. The scary man who is torturing me in his dungeon is real scary but one time I gave him a pepsi and now he's Mr Rogers

  2. When brands are giving money to certain cause then I wanna know where my money going if you don’t give money to anyone then I won’t care

  3. Social yes but political? I dont think so. It will be even more chaotic, its imposible to stay in between in political issues because there is only 2 sides. But they should be socially concious, not to provoke chaos.


  5. Wow. How interesting to hear. I am actually writing an academic paper on WOKE strategies and this video is very similar to my topic. Thank you Business Insider for an informative and eye-opening video!

  6. It doesn’t always have to be through a commercial
    I’d like it if my favourite companies donated to organisations, hired more diverse staff and listened to their customers more often (like makeup for dark skin)

  7. Don’t blame me if I chose Coca-Cola above Pepsi because the taste off Coca-Cola is just better and idc what they do for the world or community

  8. They pander to people who think that they care about them. This whole video is basically them saying that exact thing. The title should be “how brands trick people into thinking they care about your cause”

  9. Cry baby kids shouldn't be influencing brands. If brands are dumb enough to listen, they deserve to go broke.

  10. Seems a bit disingenuous to me to showcase these millionaire types (most of them hiding behind sunglasses) trying to philosophize about corporate responsibility to appeal to millennials when it’s evident in their appearance alone that they care more about profit and image than they do about the environment or social issues.

  11. Isin't making more issues enough for them?.. like your health after eating fast food, all these insecure kids wearing makup to hide, or confused because they hear them say they're giving back to their costumers while taking every last penny

  12. Brands need to stay out of politics. That's not their job, they're there to sell their product, not their ideology. It's propaganda.

  13. So dumb😞😞😞🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. Companies having a "social stance" is simply marketing… Marketing the brand (not a specific product) to consumers and more importantly to potential shareholders.

  15. Brands should not take a stand. I don't buy your product because I care about what you think, I buy because of price, features, or other services related. If it is a razor I buy because its function, when Gilittes pulled its stunt I switched because it was easy. If it was another product then it could be harder and that single ad isn't going to make me buy more product.

  16. hey look, i'm virtue signaling. BUY MY SHIT!!! or else you're racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, islamaphobic etc.

  17. Absolutely not. I have a habit of boycotting brands that are trying to force me into stuff, even if i agreed on the message.

  18. This is so stupid. Yes, maybe 90% or whatever of people want brands to engage socially and politically, but you'll only ever please 50%. People don't know what they want, it's classic. This is stupid.

  19. 9 out of 10 statistics must be made up because that is BS! No one wants a brand to lecture to them, these people are drunk on their own coolaid. get woke, go broke.

  20. Dear Busines Insider – Social Media Team, I appreciate the question and all of the people's POVs, but it would be insightful to insist on racial diversity in videos about the current social/political space in advertising. Please.

  21. I think we can see the mentality behind SJW ads. These "company people" are ditached from their customers, it's almost unbelievable

  22. Shorter version: I’m poor, corporations ain’t. I don’t want to be told about issues that are non existent to their own world.

  23. Brands need to Attend political issues, they have opinions, ect. No. They shouldn't, we dont want them to, and they want only more profit. Their ads about any social issue are made for profit

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