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HIDDEN HYBRID SETS? – Queenlight Pocket Legends

HIDDEN HYBRID SETS? – Queenlight Pocket Legends

Hey its queenlight here and today i will be showing you some of the hidden hybrid sets that you may or may not know in Pocket Legends in this video i’ll be covering the prestigidator set, merry maker set and the speed set so lets start off with the prestigidator set in this video im wearing nuris prestigidator int set and this consists of 4 pieces, the hat, the wand, the armour and the shield which is a rabbit when you wear all the pieces you get the blue sparkles now i’m going to show you when you can swap a piece for a different piece so here ive swapped the wand for a strength saw and ive still got the blue sparkles you can also mix the 56 set with the 60 set to give you the blue sparkles so here ive swapped the hat for a 56 one and that still gives me the set bonus now what makes the prestigidator set even more interesting is that you can take off a piece and replace it with anything else so in fact you can actually get the blue sparkles with only 3 pieces so here ive swapped the wand for a toyman wand and by doing this you can make some interesting outfit combos and stand out from the crowd however it is important to note that it does not work with only 2 pieces of the prestigidator set so if you do wear a 2 handed weapon, it will not give you the blue sparkles so you may be wondering, how do you get the prestigidator set and the merry maker set? well you can actually farm this at Nuri’s Hallows and enter the Nuri’s Hallows Mini-Dungeon which costs 3 platinum and lasts until you defeat the final boss or until 4 hours now farming here can actually be really profitable because each piece can be worth between 300k to 1.5m so if you are a low level, this is a good place to start off farming like the prestigidator set, you can also mix and match your merry maker set so ive mixed my 56 mallet with the 60 int set moving on now we can see that you can actually mix the speed sets so the X2K.16 which is the holiday speed set and ive got the strength set here, and im going to just test it out first so you can see here that my strength set does give me my speed bonus and you can see that from the yellow snowflakes that come out so now im going to change my set and swap the sword for an int wand and again you can change any other part, so ive swapped the shield for an ornament and ive got the strength sword and you can see ive still got the yellow snowflakes which will give me the set bonus so thats it for today guys i hope this video has been really interesting like, share and subscribe and i’ll see you guys soon!

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