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Has the Rolex Daytona Been Left Behind? | Watchfinder & Co.

Has the Rolex Daytona Been Left Behind? | Watchfinder & Co.

[Music] it’s a fast-moving world child pop star Justin Bieber is now in his mid-20s the iPhone is over a decade old and Barack Obama has been out of office for over a year for luxury brands it’s becoming more important than ever to stay relevant and fresh so as Rolex a watchmaker that sees evolution and revolution as synonymous takes its time to give the public what it wants there’s an opportunity presented for other brands to catch up but has that already happened following the introduction of the ceramic bezel on Rolex is 2005 GMT master to two years before the launch of the inaugural iPhone it took over a decade for that material tech to make it to the brand’s flagship chronograph offering that’s slow going even by Rolexes standards especially considering that ceramics have been used in watchmaking since the 60s here’s what you need to understand though in 2005 the Rolex Daytona was the hottest watch on the market more so than Patek Phillipe snorter US and way more so than the new ceramic GMT master – the 1 1 6 5 2 0 had waiting lists that spanned months even years with secondary prices skyrocketing with demand the one 165 to 0 Daytona launched in 2000 with the price of around 5,000 pounds and by the time it was discontinued it was changing hands for two to three times that it’s an apple cart anybody would be wary of upsetting but while the accountants at rolex were counting their lucky stars finally seeing a return on a model that’s had for the first time in a half century finally managed to make them some money there was a rumbling in the distance you see once quartz hit in the 1970s knocking mechanical watchmaking from its top spot the whole industry needed a rethink Oh damar PK had the solution if mechanical watches were no longer needed than they had to be desired this is something Rolex understood very quickly where other watchmakers tried persistently to revolutionize stay relevant Rolex embraced something that these days has become the beat that luxury watchmakers March to Heritage it’s funny because companies like Omega and Breitling patently have on paper far greater histories than Rolex but in the sweeping decimation of the quartz crisis these brands sacrificed looking backwards to try and focus 20/20 on looking forwards at the time there was no saying what was right and what was wrong hindsight is a wonderful thing but lessons have been learned and there’s been time to regroup it’s a different time mechanical watches have been established as a desirable luxury item for long enough that heritage just doesn’t cut it on its own anymore that’s why while Rolex announced it would be changing the Daytona’s bezel from steel to ceramic Omega took it to a whole other level this is the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon the rumbling in the distance quick catch-up what is ceramic quite simply it’s an inorganic nonmetallic solid created with heat the Greeks called it Kerameikos from their own word kurama’s meaning pottery contrary to popular understanding pottery is actually the collective name for clay based ceramic materials and it’s been used in this way for tens of thousands of years the earliest known example a thirty thousand year old figurine called the Venus of Dorne vest on Etsy survives today it’s tough stuff and that’s why in the 1940s scientists turned their attention to what they called technical ceramics the result was a cone iam dioxide zr o – you may know it’s cubic crystalline form as cubic zirconia the diamond simulant with heat zirconium dioxide structure becomes ordered resulting in an opaque ceramic that in the last decade has become a staple of watchmaking why hardness it’s used for bearings knife blades and even dentures it registers on a solid 8.5 on the Mohs scale double that of steel a fraction less than sapphire and diamond it’s lightweight scratch proof and fade resistant with all that in mind omega has gone several steps further than rolex with its commitment to zirconium dioxide the Dark Side of the Moon has a ceramic bezel like the Daytona and adds a ceramic case no big deal ceramic cases are no new thing rado IWC and many others have done that for ages but there’s more the pushers are ceramic the crown to even the dial sheltered under a layer of sapphire is ceramic here in all black side by side the Rolex is 904 L steel seems rather pedestrian only 500 pounds separates the two watches and on paper at least the Omega offers more for that spend add to that to the coaxial virtually frictionless escapement with free sprung anti-magnetic silicon balance in the caliber 90 300 and the speed masters spec list really seems to shine it seems like Omega has not only caught up with Rolex but actually overtaken but it’s not so cut and dry Rolex is caliber for one-30 may not sit on show behind a big shiny sapphire viewing window but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth seeing omegas 9300 boasts twin barrels for a 60 hour power reserve but the Rolex quietly ticks on for 72 hours despite nearly 5 millimeters less in overall thickness and diameter so it’s a testament to Rolexes design that the for one-30 is so compact and while Omega extends service intervals to six to eight years for coaxial watches Rolex quietly lets us know that the typical Rolex customer waits 10 years before having their watch refreshed really the caliber for one-30 deserves a viewing window of its own Omega has come a long long way in the last decade it’s a miraculous recovery from a company that came dangerously close to vanishing all together and it’s really starting to come into his stride it may not have Rolex licked yet but it’s offering some proper competition matching and even surpassing Rolex in some respects Rolex may have got the jump on everyone after the quartz crisis but that’s advantage is being eroded day by day and it can’t last forever will the next decade as Bieber enters his 30s see a change in the tide we’ll have to wait and see how about you do you think Omega has what it takes can Rolex ever be knocked off the top spot let us know in the comments below discover more exceptional watches at watch find adopt Co dot uk’ if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if there are any other watches you’d like to see reviewed please let us know in the comments below

Reader Comments

  1. If you want to see the Patek Philippe calibre compared to an Omega Speedmaster's, check out our side-by-side video here:

  2. I happily own Omegas and would never want a Rolex, but having said that the Omega Dark Side Of The Moon is a ghastly watch and nowhere as attractive as any Daytona. Maybe if Omega were to buy some cheap Testors paint in a contrasting color….
    Put another way (as he looks into a baby carriage) "Whoa, that's an UGLY baby!!!"

  3. The main difference: you can walk into most Omega boutiques and walk away with one of these watches; you’ll wait a decade for the Daytona (and maybe never get one). Or you can go buy one for $20,000. It’s nuts.

  4. Such a bless to listen to! I like all the details you always give us. And like the history lessons you are giving us!
    Love the speedmaster! It is a beautiful timepiece, but I think it is not timeless where the daytona will last forever!

  5. My god do I want this Omega. Couldn't decide between the Gray or Black Side of the Moon though. What's your take on the colours?

  6. I put my speedmaster on a rolex bracelet and made an Omega Daytona

  7. no doubt Omega movements are great … designs are great …. but unfortunately the still lack that little thing – same as Audi, an Audi great as it might be will never be a BMW or a Mercedes -sorry it just never will be it. so no matter the history that the omega was actually launched, about 5 years earlier and that rolex didn't start with an inhouse movement – the Rolex is a rolex and the omega is an omega !

  8. I don't get it. ONLY the bezel of the Daytona is ceramic? Besides looking amazing, why not the actual case? The advantages of that superior material are quite redundant when 90% of the watch is NOT ceramic, isn't it?

  9. Daytona is definitely been left behind , because you can never find one in the boutique. I was told by their salesman they have a waiting list for 5 years 😂 how can you possibly enjoy something that is practically impossible to get? I will not buy a watch is over it’s msrp, which Daytona is almost $10000 more than msrp in grey market.

  10. I like the new ceramic daytona, like it a lot better than the steel bezel version (save for the Zenith Daytona), but I'm not in love with it to the point where I'd pay over retail for it. I will say though, Omega, while I adore the brand, I personally would never touch anything in a ceramic case. These things are built to last a lifetime, so putting it in a ceramic case with ceramic pushers etc etc just seems stupid. Not a fan of the aesthetics either! Daytona the clear winner here!

  11. Daytona is still more desirable. Rolex is a master of generating staying true to its roots; and if that means slow progress, so be it. Omega on the other hand is very much the opposite.

  12. Unless you are a James Bond fan or you are into watches the Omega is like any other watch but anyone will recognize a Rolex…Brand recognition is so high with Rolex than any other watch on the planet….With that said I love my two Omegas and wear them more than either my Tudor Prince (A Daytona lesser) and my Submariner… No one except watch people say "Nice watch" when I wear the Omegas but I get compliments all the time on my Rolex's…

  13. Irrelevant. Why? The steel Daytona is made of unobtanium. You’ll never find this at an authorised dealer and will have to pay double on the grey market to get it. I’ve seen one. Apart from the pose kudos with the chosen few 0.0000001% of the general public who know their watches this watch is really poor despite the hype. A very busy illegible dial and a totally antiquated useless bezel tachometer. Even the clockwork game of the chronograph (stop watch) is of no use other than making the watch do something other than show the time. Want to really pose to your pals? Then buy the celebrities favourite the platinum model. But unless you’re a fabulously wealthy celeb forget it. North of 50K. This watch is purely for those who wish to flaunt their wealth. The technicalities of what’s under the bonnet are totally irrelevant.

  14. The Daytona is sexy as hell, especially in ice blue, but alas, it's way beyond my reach. My Parnis "Daytona" will have to do!

  15. Made out of ceramic, co-axial movement that is anti-magnetic. Case finishing freaking amazing. But can't read the damn time or appreciate its design because it is all black-on-black like a cheap MVMT watch. Good one Omega.

  16. Two years ago I knew nothing about watches,I still don't really!
    I'm still learning.Never buy a watch to make money,buy a watch because you like it, and enjoy wearing it.
    I've noticed huge price variations with Omega new and "limlited" editions, e.g Blue side of the moon new for £9,750 and exactly the same watch new for £7,500!
    I've just bought an Apollo 11 40th Anniversary,an eight year old watch, and I saw the same watch unworn for £9,700 a crazy price!My watch is in immaculate condition and cost half that price!
    I have come to the conclusion that if you want to start a serious collection and break even or make profit the best way is probably Rolex or Patek Philippe, although there are many other other fine watch companies.Just a thought,in my limited experience!

  17. The steel Speedmaster looks much more substantial.

    Never cared much for ceramic cases, makes the watch look cheap and the brittle lugs are vulnerable to catastrophic failure if dropped.

  18. One of the function of a watch (regardless his price or heritage) is to tell time. That Omega makes reading the time barely impossible… That's not the one to chose to confront with a solid watch like a Daytona. I think that watch is like those expensive useless "designer" things with no real purposes except their image, and I'm a more substantial kind of person. If they had chosen the 311. ( it would have been a whole other story.

  19. I’m going for my first luxury watch and set my sights on a new Rolex Daytona as I’ve always liked chrono’s. I saw one today for my first time and was left feeling somewhat surprised/disappointed. I think the size is too small at 40mm. To me, it looks somewhat feminine. My wrist isn’t overly huge (18cm) but that watch is probably the smallest chrono style watch I have ever tried on. I actually left the store today with a new Sea Dweller instead…. which I think is perfect for size!

  20. Omega has managed to leapfrog Rolex by investing heavily into their future with advanced materials and superior movements. Yes the Daytona has cache on it's side; but that is a complacent place to be. The black black speedmaster is so stealth, like a Stealth fighter jet, most people won't know what hit them coming and going. That is the next code for Omega to crack: to shine a light on just how stealth they really are.

  21. A new Rolex Daytona or an Omega Dark Side of the Moon? The Omega wins just on looks alone – never mind its technical superiority.

  22. Omega was prominently few notches above rolex back then in 20 century.
    I still see no defeating point Rolex can claim over Omega other than bumped prices by people.

  23. What I don’t like about Rolex now is that is just a piece of luxury and status. You wear one you are rich.
    What I liked about Rolex is that back then, it was a tool for time keeping, and followed many explorers achievers the military and it was the BEST of the best.
    Now what you get is just a watch you will wear for a bit and sell it for a higher price somehow. You go to a rolex store to buy a daytone they laugh at your face because they never have one although they should

  24. Does any person of sense buy a mech chrono for serious timing? If so, they have a screw loose. And that poor Omega violates one of the primary premises of mechanical watchmaking–legibility. Dark Side of the Moon? More like some silly teenager in his parents' basement!

  25. Not a chance Rolex comes 2nd to Omega. Regardless of any technological advancements in Omega’s design, the psychology of Rolex, in terms of design, quality, and value preservation, is enshrined in the human psyche, and isn’t going anywhere.

  26. Until people care more about brand inspite of the tech, rolex can charge more than others even if it is worse.

  27. I'm more of an Omega fan, it delivers more technology and style not to mention better value for money… But I have to say a white dial Daytona is maybe the only Rolex that I would really like to have in my collection.

  28. Your British liberal fucking ass mixed watch with name of this traitor and disgrace idiot ?? You gotta be fucked up in your boiled brains idiot!! Just cause if your fucking start I can’t even watch your videos anymore you fuckface!!!

  29. I still don't get why Rolex is so popular they have boring watches and companies like Omega Patek and so many others make nicer watches

  30. They aren't on the top spot to begin with, not being a dick just saying, you can do better for less or better for more

  31. Rolex is a great "conservative" company but far from advanced engineering in the automatic field. The new vapid affluent millennials have discovered Rolex for their selfie needs and has driven the market price of the average Rolex well beyond its horological worth. Who is buying them at these inflated prices speaks volumes to who they are and their knowledge of watches. Perhaps a $65K VW New Beetle may tickle their fancy as well.

  32. I usually prefer Omega as a brand to Rolex, but that Omega is too large and unimpressive to my eyes. I'd take the Daytona over it.

  33. The only reason people want the Daytona so bad is because Rolex participates in predatory marketing and artificially limits supply, while Omega lets you buy anything they make with MINIMAL wait. OMEGA > rolex.

  34. I LOVE OMEGA. They design such beautiful, amazing and esthetic watches ever made. The dark side of the moon is very intriguing and have that macho effects to it, it made me want to own one immediately.

    Excellent reviews. No offence to Rolex. Their designs are clean and stand the test of time but I love Omega due to their artistic approach to watches. Excellent reviews. 👍😁

  35. 500 pounds difference on paper. Rolex AD's make sure that 90% of potential buyers never experience buying the Daytona at retail price, with their supposedly excellent customer service.

  36. I feel these discussions would be more complete with the addition of resale values.
    If that sounds like the comment of a Rolex snob I can assure you it is not. Rather, I would like to know the real cost of ownership for every watch.
    Great video as always Watchfinder!

  37. Ceramics are tough. In five thousand years when aliens search through the remains of our civilisation all they will find is our toilets.

  38. Rolex has a cool/recognition factor that Omega lacks even though Omega watches are nice watches. Also, Omega depreciates considerably more than Rolex. Right there the game is over.

  39. I think newer generations are far less forgiving towards underhanded tactics. A middle aged/old, rich man that is considering buying a Rolex, when surprised by the realization that he will have to be on a waiting list for two years, he will accept and wait, maybe even buy something to improve his spot. A young, rich guy who is considering to buy a Rolex when faced with this dilemma will politely refuse, go down the street, and buy an Omega.
    If Rolex continues with its dubious methods the will face unmeasurable repercussions.

  40. Great video as usual. I love Omega and own 3 of their watches. And while I can appreciate Rolex and am in love with GMT Master II Batman, I could never see myself wear it. To me it’s ostentatious. I do like some Tudors, some handsome and affordable watches.

  41. What i like the most about the black black Moonwatch is that it's meant for a proper gentleman with a hooligan attitude. It looks great either when you're dressed up or even dressed down.

  42. I’ve watched a number of these videos now. It seems to me that the luxury watch market is becoming a two horse race between Omega and Rolex. Rolex are still some way ahead, but Omega are catching up fast. Is this true?

  43. Funny how Watchfinder, which is owned by RICHEMONT Group which owns Omega, is constantly throwing shade at Rolex. Sorry that tacky triple black DSOM can’t compete with the Daytona. Give me a break.

  44. Watches are always a matter of personal taste and these two are both great watches. For me the Daytona has only one thing still going strong for it, the value stability. Personally I like the Omega Grey Side of the Moon better and I also consider it to be the better watch.

  45. Love your channel, at the point in my life where one of these watches are on my soon to purchase list. Thanks for your in depth reviews. Cheers!

  46. This channel is incredibly anti Rolex and pro Omega.

    But whatever it says, the Rolex will attract the premium and will be around in ten years time.

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