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Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison, Addresses Court | NBC News

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison, Addresses Court | NBC News

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  1. Trump's day of reckoning is inevitable. Like Harvey, Trump will eventually have to answer for his many crimes against women.

  2. Still not enough! If it was any person of color they would have got three times the time! Needs more years placed on him in prison!

  3. Funny how these kinds of people suddenly become disabled. All hunkered over looking so feeble. But it didn't work for him. Let's see how many of his celebrity supporters visit him in the next 23 years.

  4. When Trump's day of reckoning comes, his walker will be gold plated.😄 It will be the most beautiful walker you've ever seen.😂

  5. People worship the 1%…
    And the 1% protect each other..

    That's how he got so far, for so long.. the top 1% just turned a blind eye… even though they knew he was a predator..

  6. Folks, if you think this is harsh, go and check other sentences with lesser gravity than this. He got it easy because of his money.

  7. Just to be clear the only evidence is women's testimony, no physical evidence…! So you are now guilty in America if people just say you are.!

  8. Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel: Coronavirus Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Trump Reelection Bid. McCarthy Slams Dems for Delaying Coronavirus Bill to Run Ads Against Republicans and point the finger at President Trump — ‘We Should Have Had the Bill a Week Earlier’ and If you’ve ever had a question whether the socialist mainstream media distorts, whips up, throws things out of focus or has an agenda, especially when it comes to the Trump administration, look no further than coronavirus.

  9. “Trump Racism” The No Ban Act was introduced to the House on March 3.   Nancy Pelosi this week will effectively open the door for every coronavirus infected person to enter the United States with The bill, sponsored by California Democrats representative Judy Chu, has been endorsed by the American Civil Liberties Union, who characterized it as a response to Trump’s racism. Louisiana Republican Scalise called the No Ban Act “bad policy” that would not only make it more difficult to vet potentially dangerous entries but harm efforts to contain the global coronavirus pandemic.

  10. Thank you Jesus do you see our prayers are working keep praying against these monsters. In Jesus Christs name.


  12. innocent people get the death penalty and rapists get a second chance at life. He will die there anyway. Make an example of him and give him 700 years.

  13. He's the fall guy for Hollywood. They're throwing him under the bus and rebranding as if they aren't destroying children in the entertainment industry daily.

  14. . . . and again this weekend there will be no cold open on SNL about Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing – complete with wheelchair – because it hits too close to home for so many SNL alumni. SNL will go on like nothing happened because the show’s producers are no less narcissistic than Weinstein. Instead SNL will do its usual predictable, boring cold open of stupid political jokes about Trump, Pence, Ted Cruz and the Coronavirus. It’s a Hollywood thing.

  15. So when yall going to go after his confederates? Epstein (who didn't die), gizlaine, and all the other human traffickers? And what about oprah? She was helping him. What about others in hollywood? They all seem to be the same ethnicity. Weird.

  16. Someone is going to have a lovely vacation in jail…. hope he bring some condoms in there, because he’s sure gonna need it for what’s about to happen to him lol 😂

  17. Yup, that’s about the same prison term for the Impeached for life Donald J. Trump.
    Please Register and Vote to make Trump’s second term A PRISON TERM.

  18. After all the misery the copy writers get the reporters to say "stiff and hard" sentancing. Such clever wordplay makes them giggle all the way to the next whiskey bar.

  19. Wow that's a tough sentence for a "First Time Offender" that offended over and over again throughout his lifetime lol.

  20. Harvey is to appeal to those looked at evidence in Bill Cosby case were information to protect the accusers crediblity

  21. There is so much sexual crimes happening all the time, many victims have faced it more than once in their lives. So much judgement on the victims makes it rare it is even reported. It is about time courts who are there to help protect the public make a sentence appropriate to a crime and recognize the lifetime victims have to suffer the results of the crime whether it was as a child or as an adult and whether the victim is male or female. There just might be hope.

  22. I betcha his good friends Okra and Gargayle are having a hissy fit.
    One of their own going down and its not their enemy this time———-Men who look like them.

  23. Ji^^^^y $aViL€ v v
    (all victims weaR gröwn ups knew police # hal had even internetz D
    course he didnt get belöw ´zeRö ^ ^

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