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Happiness (1935) movie

Happiness (1935) movie

HAPPINESS Or the story
of unlucky Khmyr, his horse-wife Anna, his wealthy neighbour Foka and also about the priest, cloistress and other effigies To the last collective-farm idler Directed by Aleksandr Medvedkin Writing Credits: Aleksandr Medvedkin Cinematography by Gleb Troyanski Pyotr Zinovyev as Khmyr – an ill-fated mujik Yelena Yegorova as Anna Khmyrova – the mujik’s wife What is happiness? That’s what I call
living like a tsar! Sixty years I’ve slaved
and I’ve never tasted vareniki. And the old man swore
he would not die until he had tasted
some of those cakes. One broken padlock, 1 rouble 50. Planks for coffin, 2 roubles 15. And for the nails, 65 kopeks. The money!
Quick, the money! Go and find happiness and don’t come back empty-handed. At the same time, in Tyr,
lived Saint Epiphany. Take those 5 kopeks, father! Buy something nice for your wife! We’ll light a candle
to Saint Epiphany. To the left,
of death thou shalt die. Straight on,
of death thou shalt expire. Right,
thou shalt neither die nor live. A merchant was returning
from the market… Swimming or diving,
I shall have that money! Why did you die, grandfather? Here is happiness! But the horse
had a voracious appetite and Khmyr had no more hay
to give it. Sweet Jesus!
You who gave me this horse… Lord, give me a life
of ease and plenty. My master! “If I were tsar, “I’d eat but the fat of the bacon… ” Bloodsucker! Atheist! Split the harvest 50/50. And Khmyr had a bumper harvest. One in the field,
seven at the feast! For this, for that,
for the tax, for the arrears… For the hay, labour, seed, harrow, wheat, potatoes and the coffin. Help! Stop, thief! For ten years
I’ve been a thief in Voroneje. For three years
I stripped Tsarevo-Kokchaisk bare. And never has anyone
cheated me like this. Locks, padlocks and dogs,
all to guard nothing! Respected guests, is it my fault? Fortune simply refuses my company. You vulture! Here’s one rouble twenty,
go to bed! I’m going to die! If the moujik dies, you’ll have to explain it
to the tsar and to God! Sacrilege! Do you think
you can die without permission? If the moujik dies,
who will feed Russia? Who gave you permission
to die all alone? So you rebel, you dog! Who gave you the right
to an improvised death? Whip him till he bleeds
but keep him alive! So they whipped Khmyr
for thirty years and three. And they shot him on 12 fronts. And 7 times they killed him
in the Carpathians. All of which made him lose
all faith in happiness. And even when he found
himself in a kolkhoz, he was the worst
of water-bearers. Anna was happy and she bloomed. Find Khmyr, comrades! The engine needs water. Foka, the enemy who was spared,
was still around. He’ll not turn his nose up
at what’s offered on a plateau. I’ll report you, you lazybones! And I’ll put you on a charge,
you alcoholic! Let me go, Annushka, leave the kolkhoz and be free! Outside, I’m my own boss,
my own master… Are you afraid
of being without bread all winter? Stay here
and guard your kolkhoz’s harvest. Guard it
like the apple of your eyes! But on this land
there were still rogues. Anna Khmyrova, 283 units of work. A priest can die, then! Go, Khmyr!
We’ll never make a man of you! Why are you crying, Khmyr? How could I not cry? I cannot live like before. I don’t know how to live like now. Come, my dear Khmyr. I shall teach you
how we can live… THE END

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