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Hannity: Joe Biden’s struggles are hard to watch

Hannity: Joe Biden’s struggles are hard to watch

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  1. Biden, 2020 President of the new U.S. mental asylums that will be built to house all of these assclowns and the folks with TDS!!! He will reside there until he passes away.

  2. If that's true, then when Bidden says like most politicians, l don't remember saying or promising that, it'll sound more legit.

  3. We the People don't want Sanders socialism, Biden is gonna wander off into the woods one day, probably with someone's child. It's gonna be Tulsi vs Trump

  4. Biden is being restricted in the afternoon because he suffers from "Sundowning". Sundowning is the phenomenon that patients with dementia/Alzheimers experience. As the day progresses to the later hours of the day, the memory and emotional frustration intensifies.

  5. JOE BIDEN !!! Totally incoherent, sniffing (cocaine and aderall use ?) and making statements that are provably false.
    He claimed that the continental army took over the British airports, that Colorado borders Mexico and that the Kurds
    did NOT help with Normandy. How can we take this man seriously ?

  6. Biden. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. JOKE

  7. Bernie was there 40 years ago spreading the climate change idea the world would end in 15 years. 40 years ago. N AOC pushes same garbage.

  8. Guess what, liberal media news outlets will never show this unlike Fox News. But oh boy, if Trump said that, CNN and other fake news would be all over him.

  9. In 2016 Hillary Clinton was stumbling and malfunctioning, now dementia Joe. What’s with these nominees ? Pile of garbage.

  10. If by some miracle Biden becomes President, it's possible things will get very bad in America. The left is pushing for a civil war!

  11. have any of you "trump's clowns" listened to a trump speech ? slurring speech —– defending airports during the civil war ! what's that called ! fox and fiends deaf dumb and blind !

  12. The real story is he threatened to hit a worker over a question about the Bill of Rights. I want to see him get laid the f out. Someone should kick him square in the perverted nuggets.

  13. It doesn't matter if joe has Dementia… All the Democrats want is a puppet who will follow them as they roll over and tap dance on the ceiling while the rest of the world screws them…

  14. Heard you bad mouth Biden about getting words mixed up. BUT THAT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO TRUMP WHEN HE'S ON STAGE ALL CRANKED UP ON ONE OF HIS FAVORITE DRUGS. ADDERALL, COCAINE, MYDAYIS. Daily show about trumps own words is HYSTERICAL. By far, the worst speaker the world has ever seen. Now, if he stays off his drugs and is able TO READ the teleprompters, he barely survives. It's OBVIOUS when he's all jacked up. WHERE'S THE HOAX NOW —DUMBASS

  15. the point is the Democratic voters don't care…Joe won't be there long. the plan is to have Hillary as his running mate. Then when he has to step down due to dementia…then Hillary will then be President. There is more than one way to skin a cat…as the saying goes!

  16. Sean watch a video called
    OBAMA Ordered Us To Spy On Trump Camp Under Guise Of RUSSIAN Interference-James Clapper.
    Channel name Top Stories Today

    Obama admits Russian cant interfere with our elections

  17. I don't understand how dementia, little girl sniffing, leg hair stroking, cursing joe can even be considered…unless he's being pushed in by the DNC behind the scenes because they don't want a commie and they want to talk about Ukraine for 4 years.

  18. Of course he, 'contradicts, ' naturally being he learned from the best, 'Obama.' Who became a pro doing that and never got held responsible for it! Biden can't help himself!

  19. This is a other apocalypse.
    "Biden" with him it other liar.
    Doesn't change anything from Biden, for the people.
    We go be sorry, will be very sad.
    Another bad example for Humanity liar.
    Very sad what people are doing, wake up my people now out of the Biden and Trump.
    How can the journalist people those who lie , about helping to do good for all can sleep liar.
    The people are human it will not happen, another disaster, we have to embrace the nation for everyone already.
    We are tired suffering with so many lies
    So many diseases, and the government they are for trillionaires, and dirty companies are killing the world.
    Look what is passing and our planet, around us all
    does not invest in the health of the people….
    Predict a future, but provide health for all life, together we can help everyone etc now…!!!
    Wake up my people look at this opportunity for everyone, God is showing our opportunities now.
    Bernie Sanders for President already now, please this is our opportunity for everyone..!!!!!
    Wake up Before it is too late for everyone in the future our sisters and brothers are our children and general..!!

  20. Poor, poor Dems. How can you expect a man to learn the U.S. policy, when he doesn't know the day of the week, what state he's in, or what the second amendment is.

  21. Hahahahahajahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! I know it's not really funny going after someone with a mental issue, but we're talking about the most important position in the land…No way, no how, no chance-NO JOE!!!…I'm just a realist, not a dementist!!!!..I swear come November the poor boy'll be drooling all over the podium….And how the hell is he gonna defend his record when DT lays into him-"Uh, uh….don't blame me, I've got dementia, it ain't my fault!!!…and you're a horse-faced dog…lying down…or..oh, hell-you know the thing,…."

  22. so the american people are voting for a mentally impaired person to lead them ? doesn't say much for the american people!

  23. I'm no prude, but I don't like to see Sean use language like the Dems are doing. It's beneath him. Don't go there just because THEY did!

  24. Just heard you say on radio, that it's the same people hating on trump like Pelosi, Schiff etc. I believe you've miscalculated the haters. I'm pretty sure that there's TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT HATE TRUMP. FAKE NUMBERS DUMBASS!

  25. It's not hard to watch at all , the bastard has been a traitor and a criminal all his life . It's actually very entertaining , but could this just be a workup to an insanity plea when he's arrested?

  26. So by hyping Biden over Bernie the dems clearly chose to loose the presidency and keep the party instead of maybe the other way around.

  27. I'm watching Joe through a gap between the fingers that cover my eyes.

    I am laughing through my tightened pursed lips.

  28. Politics worldwide are controlled by the "hidden hand". His truth drop says it all.–Biden works for the one-world government–not you! (see UN Agenda 21 and 30 for New World Order). Dah! If the USA wants a senile presidential candidate then they deserve everything that comes. Trumpster will trump him, but GOOD! Perhaps Biden's memory will improve. Who knows? How much does a brain transplant cost these days??? Do you want capitalism or socialism???

  29. What is happening with Joe Biden? It is ELDER ABUSE by his dem handlers, the entire Biden family, and whoever is Joe's VP!!!!!

  30. Joe Biden said he was a professional boxer, best known for defeating Fred Rogers, Captain Kangeroo, and Mr. Green Jeans. He is also known as a Ladies Man because his Nickname: "The Scranton Salami" says it all. Joe Biden not only knew George Washington personally, but was there when George cut down the Cherry Tree and told Joe: "I cannot tell a lie, Trump did it!" Joe also allowed Martha to touch his leg hair. Finally, Joe tried to warn Abraham Lincoln about John Wilkes Booth and has evidence to present to Nancy Pelosi that Booth stayed at a Trump Hotel!

  31. I love watching Trump talk about George Washington's army taking over all the airports. LMAO Sadly, like Trump, most of his supporters probably don't realize how insane that is, or not really insane, just totally ignorant. 🙁

  32. Yea, winning is such a terrible tragedy 😢 poor Biden, it must be so hard for him to sweep Sanders in the primaries …oh the horror of it all.

  33. Joe Biden will not be able to defeat PeeWee Herman in the delegate count in South Bend Indiana, despite Mayor Pete's Endorsement.

  34. Joe is unstable and a disgrace to this country! 77yrs old ??? President??? hes gonna croke out with that dangerous anger problem, lol fuk outta here sleepy joe u dirty dog 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Biden is his own worst enemy his momentum will evaporate just like his memory. Biden knows the deep state doesn't care and will cover his gaffes. In fact they prefer a dummy All they want is a warm corpse to follow directions like Obummer and Shillary Shift and Pelosi he is doomed to self destruct and has no business in politics anymore.

  36. The people close to Biden should all be arrested for abusing the elderly. It is so obvious this mans mental faculties are failing.

  37. I may not be biden supporter but this is genuinely upsetting to watch. It reminds me of my grandfather when his mind was declining.

  38. Shhh'ing that woman is completely sexist according to the people on the left. Where are all the leftists at to complain?

  39. Any one checked your 401k. I did , it took a dump. Lost a 💩 load of money. Thank you trump.

    Trump is running our country like he ran his businesses, to the ground. With trump track record a recession is coming soon. I’ve committed this 3 years ago.

    1991: Trump Taj Mahal. (Bankrupted)
    1992: Trump Castle Hotel & Casino. (Bankrupted)
    1992: TrumpPlaza Casino. (Bankrupted)
    1992: Trump Plaza Hotel. (Bankrupted)
    2004: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. (Bankrupted)
    2009: Trump Entertainment Resorts (Bankrupted)
    2015: Trump international golf club In Puerto Rico (bankrupted)
    2019: American farmers( bankrupted)
    2019: IMPEACHED
    2020: USA bankrupted (Recession)👈🏼👈🏼🔵

    Trump FAIL businesses:

    Trump airline
    Trump ice water
    Trump the game
    Trump casino
    Trump magazine
    Trump mortgage
    Trump steak
    Trump travel site
    Trump comms company
    Trump tower Tampa
    Trump university (scam) sued and lost
    Trump vodka
    Tour de trump
    The New Jersey generals football team
    Trump on the ocean
    Trump network
    Trump radio show
    Trump media
    Trump foundation (fraud)
    American communication network( pyramid scheme)
    Now United States of America

    WHY Do you put faith in a con-man? WHY ???

  40. Did Joe say he owns a 20-gauge shotgun? That sounds like some heavy weaponry for a guy who doesn’t want others to own guns🤷🏼‍♂️

  41. What kinda demon warpe people is voted for him.dont iny of Thea's people see what's going own.he is a dam sexists.

  42. The Democrats leftists outsmarted themselves and are now on the verge of nominating a dumbbell who has foreign corruption issues and is going senile. Putting a clever VP candidate forward is not going to fix this mess.

  43. No doubt we'll be seeing a lot of the schtick Bill Hammer just performed and lots of phony polls to make it SEEM that Hidin' Biden has any possibility of being elected, all in service to ELECTION FRAUD.

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