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Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son – Teaser Trailer | PS VR

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son – Teaser Trailer | PS VR

[MUSIC PLAYING] Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil?
Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil? Phil Jr? Don’t tell me you don’t
recognize ol’ Ned the Head. Come on, buddy. At least tell me you
remember this little guy. Phil? What a nightmare. I guess this town
will do this to ya’. You come from the groundhog; you stay for the
existential dread. That handsome fella
is me by the way. Phil Connors Jr. I know, junior, right. What an original name. Thanks, dad. That’s my dad for you. One of something
was never enough. He was kind of a big
deal in this town. Living in his shadow
was kind of tough. Then I found out
he had a secret. He lived the same day
over and over again… …Groundhog Day. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it’s not. See, seems like now I’m
stuck in my own loop. Get ready for the ceremony. There’s broken glass everywhere. Let’s do this again. Hopefully today’s the
day I break the cycle. But if not,
there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow is today. I don’t know, Phil.
You’re going crazy.

Reader Comments

  1. Sorgt mal dafür,dass man in fortnite auf der ps4 stretcht spielen kann,man hat nämlich eine gewaltigen nachteil gegenüber pc spielern.

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  3. Por qué no se meten el juego por la raja Ctm yo pensando que ps4 era mejor que PC pero nooo tengo que comprar Playstation plus menuda mierda mejor vuelvan a las épocas de oro de la PS3 donde el online era gratis menuda mierda

  4. This is so weird because Groundhog Day was filmed in the town right next to mine, Woodstock, so the town that I grew up by is now a videogame world.

  5. wow this game actually looks really fun and intresting, im guessing basing it off of a detective sort of way of looking at thi- whats that, no bill murray? 0/5 stars, worst game

  6. y'know. when I initially saw the name of upcoming ps4 games I was like "wow….they're never gonna sell this" but never figured it'd be a VR game. it might actually work lol

  7. Just like old times… Groundhog Day The Movie
    Stuck for 3 years in the same day
    Groundhog Day The Video Game
    It been 26 years in the same day

  8. Excelente película una de las mejores que he visto.en mi vida… Respecto a este juego… porque usa gráficos de PS2 ??? , acaso necesitamos una PS6 o PS7 para tener una VR con gráficos de PS4 ???

  9. Well, I saw a playthrough, and I gotta say, while I can't really comment on the gameplay, it definitely serves as an unexpectedly affecting sequel to the movie, incorporating surprisingly powerful emotional moments into a bittersweet commentary on life and love. It brought me to tears, and if that isn't a high recommendation, then I don't know what is.

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