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Gregory Porter – Revival (Official Music Video)

Gregory Porter – Revival (Official Music Video)

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  1. no one does what he does .even sting cannot believe what Gregory did to his hit song(PROBABLY ME).this guy is on fire.2020

  2. Gregory! … This is brilliant! I love your work and I am moved by this work of yours. I feel like I should already know the dancer's name, but I am excited to be acquainted. really powerful … very potent. An extremely effective work overall.

  3. I love the vibration and the warm colour of his voice filled with personality and life experience, the maturity and wisdom carried by this voice is inspiring and calming, too. Love this authentic man.
    Gregory is blessing us with his fire, he is not just blessed with his singing, he is a blessing to us.

  4. Thank you guys for all the love for this song and video 🙏🏿 Your support means the world. My new album "All Rise" is out on 4/17… make sure you pre-order it:

  5. Song is awesome, the video is bullshit. Nothing grinds my gears more than some spasmatic random corpus movements and people calling IT a dance. This is epilepsy not dancing, people! And don't even dare calling it art.

  6. 2,3 mil views in 3 weeks, witness that some 4 trillion YouTube watchers have no taste.

    (Uhh, OK, they still haven't found out about Greg !)

  7. Great song! Thanks for share it!
    📅 El 17 de abril sale a la venta "All Rise", el nuevo álbum de Gregory Porter, un trabajo editado por Blue Note Records que Porter ya ha presentado con este estupendo sencillo, "Revival".

    🎼 Trece nuevas canciones de este brillante cantante, compositor y actor que siempre aparece en sus presentaciones con un sombrero 'Kangol Summer Spitfire' que incorpora una tela que cubre sus orejas y mentón que, según dijo en una entrevista para, usa para ocultar unas cicatrices de joven y que ya se ha convertido en su seña de identidad.

    #NOWandthen #jazzvocals

  8. Saw him on the Sting thing with "Probably Me" and was just floored at how talented Gregory Porter really is!!! Yes, he's the total bomb!!! Wow!!!

  9. I'm liking this, not just because Gregory is the coolest cat, but because it's a brilliant and uplifting song. Revival!

  10. show some love sympathy and support to a small indian dj plz only a view matters a lot for me plz

  11. first seen Gregory on jools Holland went out and bought take me to the alley the album ever since then been following him through his journey and his amazing voice

  12. 그 언젠가 시간이 지난뒤에 그레고리 포터가 귀와 목을 싼 타이즈를 벗어던지면 무대에 쿵하는 소리가 나고,지금보다 더 개쩌는 라이브를 할까 두려울 뿐이다.

  13. heard it on FM radio for the first time last month..had to check out the singer.Gregory Porter is so effortlessly classy ! bring back the glory days of the Soul Train !!

    we are blessed to hear such divinely inspired music

  14. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Is this listentnig in 2020
    This performance is Wonderful
    1:04 ❤🔥💃

  15. Grégory Porter est un géant. Le clip est sublime et le danseur hallucinant. Une pure merveille !!!

  16. I have grown so addicted to this song in the past couple months. I'm actually a little sad I did not find him sooner to add to my playlist.

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