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Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka joins Nissan as brand ambassador

Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka joins Nissan as brand ambassador

I’m Naomi Osaka, and I’m a brand ambassador for Nissan When I was little my dad had the Nissan Quest and that was like, literally my first memories of a car We had a lot space and I remember we had this big crate of balls that he would put in there It was sort of like this weird, Scooby-Doo van sort of thing I like driving the fast cars Just from a visual aspect, I really like the GT-R I’m also quite interested in the LEAF now People have been like showing me the stuff around it and I think it’s also very cool Coming to Japan, it’s been really fun Just seeing how, proud and happy everyone is about how I did in the Grand Slam It makes me want to do a lot better during my matches I’m still learning and I think that life is a process I’m going to try to be an inspiration to others like I’m inspired by others

Reader Comments

  1. It should be fun to watch Naomi develop and grow. People will enjoy seeing her become more and more beautiful each day. Much blessing to this young lady.💚💐🌿🍃

  2. she is so natural, and lots of charisma, .. she will sell her sponsored deals well for sure. , ..she have a good aura presence in front of camera, photogenic girl.

  3. I consider the 1972 Datsun 510 the BEST car Nissan ever made.
    Affordable, quality suspension for it's time, quality drivetrain, racing history, simple body and interior design.

  4. she is a great ambassador for any brands. if i was the ceo of a big company, she is the kind of person i would like as an ambassador for my brand. even though she has won the us open, she has not changed a bit. still the nicest person ever.

  5. What…A – Poise..?

    🌹💚🌹❤ 🌹

    Doesn’t speak much

    Possesses that rare

    Combination of looks

    Elegant, with a radiant smile

    Very observant, smart

    The way she handles herself

    Nothing fazes her

    Are you still under her spell…?



    "Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ"
    💕 🌹💜

    "Nissan 🔑 GT-R Nismo"

    "Naomi Osaka with her 2018 Nissan GT-R Nismo"


  6. Congratulations from Naomi Osaka from Nissan champion tennis tournament, and you wish you luck. Nissan innovation that excites, only exclusively from courtesy garage.

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