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Giuliani: I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

Giuliani: I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

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  1. Psalm 57:6 Enemies set traps for my feet and struck me down. They dug a pit for my path and fell in it themselves.

    Just one of the promises of God we are about to see come to flesh. Don't touch God's annointed!

  2. How are you trump minions feeling about those tapes and recordings of Lev Parnas at a dinner talking to Trump? You all know, the guy that trump claims to not know…Mr Parnas. Trump is lying so he can distance himself from the ones who are getting caught in trumps bs

  3. Exactly!! dt had mortgage on properties that Were worthless but Now that 6b is now worth at least 10b simply because those properties are now owned by A US president!

  4. Rudy fell for one of Trumps oldest tricks, say anything as long as he gets his way. Rudy is yesterday's cheeseburger, enjoy your retirement in prison.

  5. You must stand and applaud. He went through all the trouble.              I thought this was the real world too.

  6. Wake up people! The trial is about Trump’s wrong doing, not Biden’s!

    Rudy is so bad he couldn’t even get hired as a White House lawyer and there are dozens of them.

  7. Fox & Friends is a disgraceful mockery of a news program! Constantly interrupting Guiliani, and then trying to prevent Americans from hearing the WHOLE truth! An American newsite would have delayed the precious commercial and LET HIM SPEAK!

  8. So "I was investigating biden" then says "I wasn't investigating biden"

    And so he admitted it. Then tried to deflect to biden.

    Which btw, get Biden/s under the trial.

    Also Rudy, dude stop yelling over them and answer them

  9. If I've said it once I have said it a 100 times. If a Democrat accuses you of something then they themselves are guilty of it. 100% of the time. Hegelian dialectic.

  10. Giuliani is a traitor, period. He still professes that Russia had no involvement in the last election when the US intelligence has already stated it was Russia. Giuliani show be disbarred and prevented from practicing law for his lies and criminal acts. Giuliani should be tried for treasonous acts.

  11. Ukraine was allocated so much money, and there is absolutely nothing has changed. Could this be evidence of money theft?

  12. Bravo thank Mr Giuliani for his service to all American tax payers who are helpless to stop the corruption taking place by our politicians within our government -Please flush 🚽🚽 the swamp out of our government

  13. This just in: Former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, has just kicked Rudy Giuliani in the testicles.

    The former Trump adviser has also taken an enormous dump on the Ukraine conspiracy theory being foistered (Yes, that is a real word – President Stable Genius said so.) on the American people by the president.

  14. I know of a certain sea snake that has an unusual method of attracting its prey, i will lye at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded, and then its enemy's will approach and yet, it, will still remain still.

  15. Rudy has gone from America’s mayor to Americas biggest fool time for Rudy to put the white pants and shoes and move to Miami Beach and should go to jail for living about the air quality at ground zero anyone with a half of brain new the building had asbestos’s fire retardant on the steel

  16. If you have evidence, turn it over to the DOJ… You're pretty much claiming Pompeo and Barr are both in on it… This isn't the Obama administration you are accusing, you are accusing the Trump administration. And while lower level mooks may indeed be conspiring against Trump. The heads of those groups are not. And Rudy has the ear of both if he really wanted it.

    You're going to release sensitive information via a pod cast? The only reason you would be doing this is to maybe cash in on your work and/or you only ever had circumstantial information. You would need more than Shokin to testify as Biden and his cronies have already character assassinated him as "corrupt". If you could get some members of the previous Ukrainian government to testify that would go a long way.

    Rudy is a shitty guest as well. Every interview I watch he talked over the interviewers so he can filibuster them. I agree with his narrative, the Democrats are up to their necks in circular money. Ukraine is one of hundreds of operations they run across the United States. Democratic machine politician families and strategists get enriched all the time. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was a perfect example of this. Or Diane Feinstein, came into office with not even a million dollars to her name. She is now worth over a hundred million dollars due to lucrative contracts her husband "started to receive" in California.

  17. You're a lawyer your job would have been to turn over the evidence you say was given to you to the U.S. DOJ and/or the FBI.
    You went to create a hit job on a political rival of the president and in the process you have show yourself and the president to be criminally corrupt.
    America's Mayor is going to end up in American Prison.

  18. “Sold Out”? He is saying that Biden committed treason. What the heck is he talking about? He needs to explain what he meant and show proof.

  19. who is this Kobie Briant guy so many people are freekin out about anyway? I think I heard about him years ago, for raping a girl in Colorado.

  20. LMFAO! Rudy, what happened to you! You went from a NYC hero, cleaning up Times Square, to a wretched bag of political vomit. Christ, please stop your lisping babble.

  21. I have a question for the senate and WH lawyers. If TB's(aka: telly tubby, trumpy bear),etc, call was PERFECT x100, tweek it to meet ,dialogue, deal, pressure that would rise to an impeachable offense.
    What would dialogue sound like?

  22. “Shift underscore should be in jail! NO!!!!! Shift underscore ALT should be in jail! He said… she said… Is †reason… is NOT †reason…”

    GAH! SHU† UP!!

  23. U ALL S.T.F.U.Rudy u r a loooooooooony tune. You resemble the mummy, when he turns to sand and opens
    his big ugly mouth,and flies come out.Were you the model?

  24. OK. I can't be sure, I wish Rudy would let us know how he really feels… but I think he may be slightly perturbed?

  25. A pinky ring ! Is he really wearing a ring on his pinky? Sounds like new york! Lol sorry but true the city sorry not the great cold state

  26. America is no longer a world leader. Laughed at by the world . Russia has used rasicism to divide us . Why would Russia want Trump elected it's pretty obvious. Sad thing is there is no Democrat running that could restore the damages already done.

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