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Giant Rainbow Pocket Watch Cake | Food Network

Giant Rainbow Pocket Watch Cake | Food Network

The giant pocket
watch cake with five gallons of Italian
buttercream in rainbow colors. While hanging on
the wall, the cake itself could sag
from its own weight. Bronwyn has another
trick of her sleeve. Modeling chocolate always
stay soft enough to cut through. I knew it would just
help it not sag. Assistant Sarah moves on
to the pocket watch lid which is wood covered in fondant. It’s time to work on a serial
treat exterior of the cake. Bronwyn uses edible
paint to carefully draw the different colors on the
face of the pocket watch cake. Bronwyn made edible
cactus spikes made of wafer paper, glued
with piping gel for stability. CROWD: Ah! Oh my goodness. You can eat that. [typewriter clicking] [ding]

Reader Comments

  1. UGLY…I thought when they first said it would be a pocket watch cake …i thought it would be this BEAUTIFUL GOLD TONE ELEGANT POCKET WATCH
    Instead… they make this ugly looking cake and gay to boot….YUK…👎👎👎

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