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  2. What a horrible tragedy. I do not believe "justice" does a thing to relieve the pain… but then I've never lost a child.

  3. Maybe if his birth mom would have chosen to be an actual mother and not a tweaker this wouldn’t have happened. Can’t expect to have another woman raise YOUR kid while you go get high off meth smh

  4. She spoke of gannon in the past tense in her interview he was good,he was kind,not he is!also who talks with back to camera when discussing a child missing who you cared for?with your sunglasses on to hide your evil eyes and lack of tears!it was obvious then she has killed the boy she is subhuman and evil to the core!

  5. How can she be tried by jury now
    Public opinion is running so high
    This case is international and not to know something about it and already formed some kind of an option already- well really you'd just have to be living in a bubble wouldn't tou

  6. I hope that Gannon's parents (bio) find their way back to each other. What a love story that would be. And would be a beautiful thing to come out of a tragedy.

  7. Our government should go straight from a guilty verdict to hanging or stoning to death. Prison is waaaay to good for these monsters. They do not deserve 3 meals a day, a place to rest their head, chances to further their education, watch TV, exercise, visit with family and friends. The monsters that hurt children or the helpless took the life of their victims leaving no chance for the victim to have all of these things. Tax payers shouldn't have to pay to for these animals to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. And, they shouldn't be given the chance to get out and reoffend. Just sayin'

  8. My heart breaks for this family. Gannon has become a part of all of us. And, as sad as this situation is, know that one day we will be with this joyous little man who is waiting in heaven with love for everyone.

  9. Wondering if they can find enough jurors who can be unbiased. I know I could not, for sure. They will need to somehow come up with 12 + 4 persons who have never heard of this sad, sad case. Let’s pray for those who will have such a daunting task. And let us begin praying for wisdom for whatever jurors are chosen.

  10. Only reason she backed up into the driveway was because the child was injured after suffering a vicious beating !! They could've just walked to the truck. This bitch will be a target in prison!!

  11. He is believed to be dead, it not confirmed that he is actually dead. They need to keep looking instead of making assumptions.

  12. Jesus loves all the little boys and girls of the world. That's why he wants sex with them and wants to mutilate there genitilia and wants to kill them. I hope this kids parents pay for abandoning their child and left them in jesus hands to fend for himself. Charge them with abandonment and neglect.

  13. Charge the parents with neglect and child abandonment. They left there kid in the hands of a monster.

  14. I don’t feel bad for the mom. She should’ve put down the pipe instead of expecting another woman to just take on HER child and HER responsibilities

  15. Its seems like cases of missing children who end up being murdered by a parent/guardian are becoming more frequent. The evilness in this world is beyond words.

  16. It's Colorado who could not convict the Ramseys for their daughter's death. Hope they do better this time.

  17. Gannon did not die in vein. He is now an angel protecting and keeping other abused kids. Him and Gabriel are soldiers and I hope they feel all of our love in heaven.

  18. I heard the dad is taking shit too…..they interviewed old friends of of the step mom and they all said she is and was stuck on herself constantly…even when that reporter interviewed her she was all stuck on herself and barely talked about gannon…plus she talked about Gannon in the past tense like he was already dead

  19. Why did he live with the stepmother and not his mother? Just wondering….. I would never let anyone else mother my child. This is just another Casey Anthony bitch!

  20. may the Most High wrap His arms around this family, I cannot even imagine this is horrendous 💔

  21. Don’t put stepmom in jail! Let the child’s mama and family have her. They will take care of the problem.

  22. As a mom of a 10 year old I can’t even Imagine what this parents are going thru! I’m soo sorry for your lose and if he is gone may he be in the hands of god playing in heaven! And may the WORST OF HELL MAY COME UP AND HUNT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THIS DEMON LADY!!!!!

  23. Why was he with his step mom? You was on drugs and lost your child! Drugs ment more to you than the child

  24. This reminds me of that evil stepmonster of Kyron Horman! Everybody thinks he's dead and everybody thinks Terri killed him! When will Kyron finally get justice???

  25. I can not stand evil sad dumb ass people like her i wish i could get my hands on them and choke them out

  26. How can they charge the step mom with tampering with or abuse of corpse if they don't have the body? Has Gannon been found? I do not believe everything is being told.

  27. When a male lion takes over a pride, he kills all the cubs that he didn't father. Step parents and new partners have the same tendencies.

  28. My hart gose the parents there's nothing to take the paine i know this it never gose away but keep his memory and him alive hun I'm sorry for your lost ❤️ he watching over his supper heroe mom and family

  29. Every case with minor's just makes me sad and at the same time sick for those Adults that abuse and takes advantage of them. I'm so devastated with all of these cases that have been going on with kids and woman abduction also😭

  30. About time she is arrested! I believe investigators have known from the beginning that bitch killed Gannon. So, so sad.

  31. Sincere condolences for that poor family.
    And may the thing that took that little soul's life burn in hell's fire for eternity.

  32. U can't trust anyone this is why I'm careful with who I date I'm a single mother never let the person I was with while living with me alone with my son. I know it sounds crazy I just think this way u just never know it scares me my son I did everything for him my boyfriend was around us at all times. I just want to give them a big hug and take their pain away. The world is full of evil. Prayers to all of u. I'm so sorry I'm so heartbroken 💔 I have one child my son who's 15 I just couldn't imagine.

  33. Both parents failed, the bio mother prefer the stupid drugs instead of be an adult and be a responsible mother, the father give the responsibility of his child, to the stepmother, why the crying now, crocodile tears, smh

  34. This is so dumb Lori vallow is practically free from murder charge how is this possible …ohwait this is American justice system nevermind

  35. My private investigator is there keeping low g is alive and the cops are not bringing in the FBI its right under their noses g is still around she will not touch him and i know for a fact that the parents knows where he is and i bet my millions on it they need to stay out of the media cause their acting like kate mccann and Gerry Mccann and i one of those parents knows told the other parent. She may have tried to escape but tee has nothing to do with it and these cops wants to make a show for everyone and tee would never hurt that boy its nice mommy that g is dead no mother in the right mind will tell the world he gone no mother would doesn't that im a mother i will not go on national tv delcaring him dead mommy and daughter was posing for pictures all smiles i dont care who wants to believe it they know where the boy is there is no body or anything im a mother i will not delcare my son is dead no mom wants to that they will want t to see the body and what happened to that child they. Know where g is at the mother and dad. Tee will never hurt those kids she loved them as her own now when we find g the truth will cone out sooner or later this is not another chris watts tee loves her freedom and these police officers are lazy to find this kid

  36. I think she sold him to the sex trade through one of her family members and split the cash to get rid of him.

  37. It breaks my heart so much poor poor GMAN love him so much 💙💙
    I wish this never happened to this poor kid your my Hero Gannon thank you for making me a more loving father to my son love you Buddy

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