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G-Shock G-315RL-2JF Blue Wheel G-Spike | Casio 4368 Module

G-Shock G-315RL-2JF Blue Wheel G-Spike | Casio 4368 Module

hello everyone GHF here and today I’m
wearing the classic DW-9600 a screw down cased back G Shock watch
really, great built and at affordable price. Go have a look at the review video for full look. Today I’m going to show you
guys another g-shock watch that is great in terms of price
not so much in term of material and construction but it is also great in
term of size because of how small it is and how it will give you guys a really
great fit, so this is called the G spike series. This is not the first time I
review this kind of watch on the channel but this will be the first time I
reviewed a G spike that came of this type of watch face. Every G spike series
will feature a motorcycle theme or Motorsports theme in the design of the
watch, so there you have it. You can see all the rugged appearance and all this
round shape to represent wheels, in this case, it came in black and blue so to be
specific let’s have a look on the back plate. This is the G-315RL, stainless
steel back Japan movements, so you could expect a Japan engine built in there,
cased in Thailand, and water resist to 20 bar, so that’s great and it’ll operates on CASIO
4368, you’ll see Casio, G, Shock resist, and shock absorbing structure,
overall in the construction of this watch alright. So, so far it’s already
pretty simple right it came in this round shape, it is black a blue, and the strap
looked like that to match with the.. I believe to be the uhm.. jump suit of the motorcycle racer, that they wear, which have this texture on it. Casio said this is made out of calf leather and a synthetic mixture, and they actually glued this a leather to the resin part and they also stitch it on here. All the
way to the back, but since this is synthetic and yeah it tend to crack
over time, as you guys could see over there, and I’m not sure what this thing is,
but if you actually hold it on hand you can actually feels this a little bit
sticky feels on it because the glue somehow just penetrate through out of this leather. I really like having a look at all the texture on this watch strap, it makes the watch looks much more premium to
consider..considering the price for this starts at 13,000 Japanese yen only. That
is insanely cheap and you could get this today at half the price of this. So this is
really a really bargain type of watch if you are into this design, or if you not
then this video not gonna be interesting to you at all really. So it came this
deep blue, the strap has the teal?..not teal, I’m not sure what it call this; navy
blue probably, there are only three variations, that will be this one, black and
blue, and there’e is another one in black and green. That one looks much better in my opinion,
a lot more rare, harder to get because it came this camouflage strap, so cool and
there’s another one in full white so not as popular but it’s not a one in black
and orange which I already reviewed on the channel somewhere last year. That is
also rare and…but still quite easy to get, similar like this guy actually. So
you could see the watch band and bezel is just resin right, the buckle came
with Casio China signed at the bottom of it, so glossy finished buckle, solid build
actually, and you can see this band keeper with G stamped over there so this is a keeper, a trademark for this model only, you’re not gonna find similar watch band
keeper on other g-shock watch, so that’s unique, and the button came in
square shape both sides goes the same it is indeed symmetrical design and the
button is so easy to press just very very nice, and the watch bezel actually
being supported even move this aluminum metal around here, and it is seems to be
ion-plated to deep blue colorway, it looks very very beautiful man. I’m sure all of you guys already knew by
now that this watch is great but what else that you could get out of this G
Shock watch first of all really beautiful sunburst effect watch face
plate, and a lot of digital display and obviously hour and minute hand which could glows in the dark and if you want to see the time at
nighttime you’ll only have an EL backlighting, which will glows the digital
display part only but since the hand goes all the way over
the digital display panel you could see the silhouettes of the hour and the
minute hands, so that will helps as well to tell the time at night time but it
does have to the digital display to do all that for you, so you’re good to go.
Right now, it is displaying time in digital, you can swap the digital display
to display the day or the date the one in this ring at the six o’clock position
will shows a seconds counter which will synchronize with all of these square
part or square graphics at the edge of the digital display panel, so you’ll have 30
seconds on the left sides and 30 seconds on the right side. The graphics will
light on and light off, and in this case it’s already goes to here 50 seconnd marks and when it goes to 60 it will continue back on this right side of the watch.. like so.
There is so tiny, so hard for me to show you guys how I look like, but that’s how
it is and the one in the middle over here, just next to it is for the minutes
counter so you can see 01, 03, 04, 05, all the way around so you’ll end up with 10 graphics over here so which will equals to 10 minutes and since right now we are
looking at up 11:54, so thats why all 4 of this graphics on the right side, is
already lighting off, we’re are looking at these graphics over here all of them will
light on, so they will keep repeating; light on and lights off over and over again.
Also from the watch face you can see, you’ll have your daylight saving, signal, alarm,
a snooze function already, those are the placement for the indicator, by pressing
the mode button once the watch will brings you into the world time mode,
there it is, so basically you could have a look at your local time from the
analog hands and the digital time will shows you the world time part, and since the watch face is buried all the way down in there it kind of hard to
see at certain angle and also since it came in negative display, it is really
really hard to see what digital display is telling you so that is also the
downside of this G Shock watch but what else you could do to make a watch small?? and I want to add a lot of function you gotta have to cram everything in the
tight space in there so this is how you end up with. Next function will bring you
into the countdown timer mode which has a range to 60 minutes only and when you
turn on the countdown timer the graphics will move backwards now so instead of
going every minute this graphics will go every 10 seconds. That’s it, press the
mode button again which will brings you to the stopwatch, and there you go, the
graphic will move faster now, one over a hundred seconds precision like so. It will
keep rotating over around it around like that just for animations, just pretty
fun to play around with actually so I like this. It has split time and the
countdown timer and stopwatch has a range to only 60 minutes but that’s
okay, motorsports didn’t last hours anyway right, so 60 minutes is just enough or matched very well with the motor sports theme. that this watch is featuring, next you’ll
have alarm, 5 alarm including snooze and signal, and all of the indicator will
be pointed down there without any date setting and next, the last one will be
the H.SET; where you could set the hour and the minute hand to match with the
digital display, this part is called the H.set or hand setting and that’s pretty
much it that you have in the watch in term of functions. So it is indeed
really really simple, really basic function, you could get other watches
out there that offer similar functions but again what makes this one special is
the appearance. that is how you look like, pretty cool
right fit very well for my 15 centimeters circumference wrist. The watch is small size as you guys could see; barely.. I mean uhm move all the way over the edge of my wrist like so, and it fits very well, very snug, no space at all in between the
watching my wrist and the strap is quite long and I wear it at the hole number three from the top guys, I could wear it all the way up and it will fit very very snug. So
if you have a skinnier wrist, you could pull this down off, but keep in mind this
part will extend out, so do keep that in mind. But, I think Casio made this to be worn over your motorcycle gloves, That why they made it long, so you could wear it over it, pretty nice right? Depending on how
you use it, this is how it will look like on a regular wrist wear. So that’s it,
alright, I hope you guys found this video there be useful, informative, and
entertaining as well just in case you just want to have a closer look at a
watch if you found this out there I hope this video will come in handy for you to
decide whether you should grab this watch or not at least so if it’s got
your interest then this is it, if this video turns out making you didn’t like
the watch then I appreciate that. I’m glad I was able to help anyway so
thats some sum it all. Thank you very much for watching this is GHF and I’m… out

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