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G-Shock BLACK OUT BASIC KING – GXW-56BB-1JF Multiband 6 version unboxing & review

G-Shock BLACK OUT BASIC KING – GXW-56BB-1JF Multiband 6 version unboxing & review

Alright, hello everyone this is G-Shock high fashion channel back at you with another g-shock unboxing video right away we’ve got what looks like a
because I already made an unboxing or a beautiful this guy before and there is
this is the black out basic from the DW6900 series model which let’s pull this
thing out of the way put all this out the way one thing that I realized after
if you wear this watch for a day or so I have experienced feelings a little bit
discomfort feel from this bottom part over here because this part is very they
have this textures on top of it that gives you the grip on your wrist but when you
sweat I mean when I sweat I feel a little bit of discomfort feeling around
this wrist area for some reason probably just me anyway I’m going to put this
over here so you know what inside here is also from the black out basic but
which one though, well we only have four black out basic model and one of them is this, 3220 modules so you knew whats inside the box already I don’t think I already made a video about this before although I made a video about a modded version of this piece and that is
my friend with the KING g-shock black out basic, let me put this all out of the
way first and I think I should just switch perspective because man this
thing is black colorway and it’s very hard for me to show you guys in this
angle the KING of G-Shock why they called it the king and one of the reason of that
is how big this thing is this model was released last year pretty
new model and still available on the market up until today and I hope Casio
keep producing this because this is the best out of all basic released. Lets
have a look on the design features on the side you gonna have this mudman type
of buttons and one thing that you guys should know that the mudman, the G
9300 mudman was released after this model was released, so that Mudman technically was based on this model, the engine or the model for
this piece have four alpha GEL are being placed at 12o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 and nine
o’clock position just four parts and they have a lot of if I’m not mistaken, a
polyurethane protection which is this button over here that covered the whole
piece and they cover all over again with this hard casing, like a lot of layering
that was put into the watch and that’s why.. the engine is still small but at the
same time the whole watch looks very big it’s really weird right look at that
look at how small the display is it looks similar to the 6900 series, look at
that. Let me show you guys a little bit about the testing process which is of
course from my old g-shock bible look at this, you can get this from the
description box down below by the way I added Amazon link here this committed
to excellent product testing and here it is Garwood Laboratories, they test this thing out in two separate condition for the low atmospheric pressure, low temperature, 10
meter drop, random vibration and all the amazing stuff and they use the same
testing again on the making of GD-X6900 series which is also have an alpha gel
built in there however this is the first generation of GDX by history, by
technology but not a lot of people know about this and accepting this because it
is too big and it is square a GD-X6900 series come in this profile which
everybody loves and that’s what GD-X is famous than this, the GXW I mean the W
stand for the wave-ceptor, X stands for, the X code over there stand for extra
same as GD extra this is g-shock extra gravity extra 56 series black out BB, I mean
black out basic, you know what since we are at already at the back plate, let’s have a look at that, stainless steel back made in China. Make sure the one you bought also made in China and have this beautiful
engraving very detailed and neatly done all the sizing there nothing like no
imperfections at all, G logo, shock resist, shock resist structure, and it have this code
over here, this is for the tough solar expiration date if I’m not mistaken, there it is a tough solar around there, fake watches are not going to have a tough solar in them
so it’s pretty easy to tell if it fake or legit and we have high over here for full
battery capacity and this one I’m holding is the multi band six version we
have two version as already mentioned from this magazine one being the non
multi been 6 and 1 being the multiband six and their price totally different
like I mean they are significantly different in pricing for this guy but
depending on where you live or what you need is, the best one is good enough
already, and you know what let me show you guys the structure again, this is the
alpha gel that I meant 3 6 9 and 12 o’clock and you can see that the engine
that is built in the middle there and you can see there are a lot of gap
between the module all the way to the outer case, outer case, look at that huge spacing just for this protection and it even have two layer of glass over there, mineral glass, look at that, 2 layer that is a lot of protection and this is the standard 5600
series it is only like dot dot double protection very small and this guy like
overall thing is guarded so you can rest assure this thing it’s very tough, the
engines gonna stand up to any harsh condition so rest assured, okay let’s have a look on the outer part like simple part which is the screws
over there, standard screws. one, two, three, one, two, three, both sides goes the same
the buttons have this dome structure and the screw.. I’m not sure what the name of
this but they have this texture on top of it and shape like dome the functions on
this is almost similar as this so it’s not a big different at all we have
stated and time at home time we’re gonna have a world time we have alarm if
you’re noticing a five one two three four snooze and signal and we’re going
to have a stopwatch simple start time and allergic to exercise we’re going to
have a countdown timer up to 24 hours and reset and we’ll go go
like doing them very much simple and of course one more thing final second does
not have an auto light as well there is auto al great there it is it’s not that
bright just electron emitting similar to this guy over here look at that blue
green and this one as well blue an electrolysis where this guy has
been on the light and this guy didn’t so yeah I wouldn’t want to get most docile
will have Auto light features in them so very check yours let’s have a look on
the features on top here you have to park probably to lock the structure
inside there because a lot of layering this where there is buttons or the guard
structure the lock itself keeps the bezel so it won’t move around here is
what the purpose of that and we spotted again and down here to match with the
bezel it’s also at this silver bar over here for you know just some aesthetics
for toughness looking watch and going down we can see a lot more of this hole
over there all this gonna make the watch looks a lot tougher than it already is
actually and the watch band is pretty thick as well and even though the watch
band is predicted you can still feel the softness of it’s not that hard
not that stiff almost feel at the same part of this it was it’s more like a
matte dial this is the fully metal that considered different in color way of the
black on this pace surprising this bar sets off and moving on top here we have
more resistance of their battle it is a shock resist which is indeed very very
sharp resistance we got to shave that look at the buzzing scar is big and this
watch has full protection even all the way to the bottom so if you are sweating
a lot you can rest assure that this is not going to get in there get quick
comparing when you wearing this look at that again similar type of design and
texture on top of the watch band although the band keeper for this case
feels different I have a lot of G shop that have this polyurethane material
band keeper but the one on this King G shock wash
you just need to feel by yourself to know the difference a little bit more
tougher to fit me for all designer and we have this look at the buckle for this
page also been screwed down like that so it’s not gonna come off anytime soon
very thick which makes it easy to remove a spot so good point that we have G
sharp on top there on this one was taken a brush finish or IP process to black
still with double lock buckle very thick let’s check out the thickness comparison
through that almost similar type of thickness even though I think this one
is a little bit more thicker due to this dual part here there’s a little more
padded down there and for the size you need to view it from this side look at
that the golf master is slightly bigger we put it there the golf master is
slightly bigger than the King G Shock model although it’s not noticeable
because the big part is only like this extended for the crown there so
comparing this from front you’re gonna think this was just bigger but the fact
is this watch is bigger in width for the length almost similar thickness
just watch the sticker it looks thicker though and this is the band tag if you
were wondering GX sinners multi band six top solar model world time and full auto
backlighting GX double 5600 block of estimates Monday GF I mean one jf and
this is the pricing 28000 M plus eight percent tax in Japan which is very
pricey just because of that multi basis if you’ve got the non multi been six
versions going to be like one hundred dollars cheaper
I will add an Amazon link in this in the description box down below for each of
this model if you are interested spred1 go ahead and you know what let’s get
with the respect ankles Buddhist video let’s see how this thing going to look
on my skinny reserved a 15 centimeters to come from wrists and let’s see I’m
wearing it at host number two from the top it’s pretty soft watch band is
pretty comfortable and look that from a distance does it look odd I
can’t tell I can’t tell solely can’t tell look at it from a distance like
that compare this with the golf master I’m wearing now the government is a
little more glossy because it’s a fire glass this is just mineral glass on him
second so look at it up close up close gonna have the get over there of course
in between these two part but overall still looking fine if especially if you
are wearing a long sleeve let me show you guys how it’s going to look like
over there so it’s pretty easy to cover up that extra size of this g-shock like
that and it is also matte black color it’s not going to stand out much on your
whistle so everybody definitely going to see this at this on your wrist but not
that probable whelming comparing this look at that both of these are black our
basic services this is a nylon pretty much simple functions are just similar
it’s just based on your life routine if you’re into harsh environment all the
time this will be the watch for you and for regular wear of course you would
this will be the blush for you as well and if for a collector this is also
definitely what you’re going to get because looking back in history there
are not a lot of King G Shock model days out there and somehow this model turns
out to be very comfortable and even though you already worn this beat the
hell out of it like a lot of scratches in there you can rest assured that they
asked to sell the resale value for this will remains the same especially if you
got this look at this Japan model version because the original prosperous
is very expensive well of course this point is debatable
but based on my experience a king G shop has a lot of fancy visible is very big I
don’t know why and of course make sure you get all the packaging the warranty
the manual evolves especially this kind of box and I guess that is all it got
for this King G shock video I hope you guys found this video useful information
and entertaining as well for future reference or just for fun
leave a like and also subscribe for more g-shock related content
all this amazing stuff in the future thank you very very much for watching
this is D shock high-fashion Channel and

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  1. what is your opinion about gshock straps? Are they strong? (I'm talking about ga100 but tell me what you think)

  2. Another great video. Love both, see me getting one or the other for sure. You really need to keep that Gulfmaster out of the review videos because it steals the show, even in the background lol

  3. Do you find on any of the cheaper g shock ana/digi combos such as the ga100 series and the ga110 series that the minute hand does not properly align with the markers? thanks for any advice.

  4. @gshockhighfashion I used to have both the gx and gxw version of this but sold both of them, too big for my wrist…

    but no doubt it is a very beautiful looking timepiece 👍

  5. HI! Could you please write a review on the Casio G-shock mudmaster models, on both please ? The reason is that some believe that per cost and functions the madman gwg-1000 is the Rolex of the g-shock. Thank you!! Great reviews !

  6. Just ordered this online. Can't wait to get it! Accurate, durable, solar powered, lots of features, affordable. These G-Shock watches are really practical.

  7. It has the autolight function. Is it possible to switch it (the function) off? Just for using the light by pushing the button only.

  8. After wearing my 200 Frogman for a couple of weeks now, and it made me crave for this so last night I ordered the positive version.
    Can't wait to see it in person 😁

  9. Had a fogging issue with this model,had to go service centre 3 times,first change gasket,2nd time change the whole bezel n 3rd time they offer me to change to other model

    Please Subscribe, Share, comment and Like!
    Thank you for watching 🙂
    Any questions? Contact me!

  11. I love this model but I've got a triple sensor Rangeman (9400) … and man! That's awesome.

    Maybe i should consider this model to? :))

  12. haha its always funny to me how large G-shocks appear on other peoples wrists! the bezel appears to cover your entire wrist buddy! am i the only one that think the mudman buttons are ugly on the classic square G look? also i would NEVER buy a chinese G-shock there are enough fakes out there, i will only buy Philippines Thai or Japanese modules.

  13. Hi, I received the the watch today from amazon sold by alphajapan . Now my questions is I compared it to your watches and the watch looks same the difference is the box and no tags . Here’s the serial no. At the back case 304a254g. And when I adjust the city and the time through my phone doesn’t match the watch is 2 minutes late. I knew once you

  14. And I try to adjust the city country and when I check the time through the phone it’s doesn’t match the time ? Advance 2 minutes ? And the box I received is definitely different than yours. And no tags . I received the watch and black box manual from Japan but no tags and outer box case. Can you please help me if this is legitimate. From amazon sold by alpha Japan . In the description is gxw-56bb-1jf import from Japan.

  15. Do you see the "greyish" solar border lines that go all the way around the edge of the watch, which act as the border enclosing all the solar panels, these all look to be the same greyish colour all the way around.
    A friend has a new GX-BB56-1DR, except in his watch, parts of the solar border lines are greyish and parts of them are copper coloured?
    What is your opinion of that? Is this normal, it does not seem to be?

  16. I like the black out king but they should have increased the number sizes in proportion to watch size increase – Casio take note.

  17. I don't like the gap between the wrist and the strap. Watch strap should hug the wrist well. The gap looks awkward.

  18. looks good on you mate, love the colour. I have an original red and black Japanese model 10 years old still going strong. these watches are tanks. great video many thanks.

  19. All of the three in your hands and on your wrist looks like water meters. On my wrist they will look the same way but informative video anyway.

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