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G Shock 5600 ran over by an Evo 9 MR – With GIVEAWAY

G Shock 5600 ran over by an Evo 9 MR – With GIVEAWAY

Casio G Shock Casio G-Shock Model: G5600E-1DR Now for the unboxing of the G-Shock Box Human walking with a Casio G-Shock Box Placing Casio G-Shock Box on the Road Human has let go of The Casio G-Shock Box Casio G-Shock Box now on the road Make: Mitsubishi Model: Lancer Evolution IX No Rear Wing Casio G-Shock are strong Total Weight with driver wearing a Casio G-Shock: 1.54 Metric Tonnes Starting Car with Casio G-Shock on left hand These are not Casio G-Shock Subdials Casio G-shock made in same country as the vehicle shown here (Japan) Rim: Advan RS also made in Yokohoma Japan Michelin Pilot sport 4 are made in Italy Momo Steering wheel. Driver is wearing a Casio G-Shock General view of G-Shock Ralliart Gear knob and Casio G-Shock Back to view of G-Shock box on the road Can not see the G-Shock on the road yet Back to view of Human changing gears and he is wearing Gshock can see gshock on road at the end of the cut Gshock just got ran over watch seems to be intact good hit direct contact and both wheels ran over the gshock to maximize damage perfect hit of the gshock. both wheels ran over the gshock watch, what a good driver that man deserves a g-shock and a beer gshock or g-shock or g shock how do you spell it? g shock run over, please do not drink and drive random cardboard and scrap on road can see gshock in distance walking right up to the g shock watch picking up the g shock watch and flipping it over to reveal the time is 3pm what a great gshock not even a scratch on the gshock watch back inside now we can see the g-shock and it looks good not damage to see on the g-shock the resin band on the gshock watch also looks good casio gshock watches are strong completely undamaged and no signs of watch damage side view of the casio gshock looks good please subscribe so i can afford to buy the casio g-shock ga2100 and run it over using my bobcat casio gshock ga2100 is next the casio g-shock 2100 is a bit thinner and I’m not sure it will survive the bobact we will need to wait and see if the gshock ga 2100 is strong enough subscribe and hit that notification button if you want to see the ga2100 gshock destroyed

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  1. Yo, this was actually pretty good content, loved the different cuts and angles you got that sorta of dramatized it, and looks pretty good. You earned my subscription!

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