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FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing – Part 1

FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing – Part 1

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  1. This video has been following me around for 1 and a half years now

    Just there in my recommended

    Guess I'll finally see what YouTube desperately wants me to watch

  2. This video came out on my birthday and I’m so upset that I didn’t start watching Mark sooner to see it. Mark’s the best!

  3. im a nerd so i know that bree-yark is goblin for i surrender, or so they say, in dungeons and dragons! i read the text snippets in the monster manuel

  4. I'm so amused by his confusion over Crimbo.

    Even though I have never met another living British soul who actually calls it that besides my grandad πŸ˜‚

  5. Beware of the feud between the Fumperdinks and the Feichermeichers

    Btw, watching this series for the first time

  6. gluddy halfway through the video: X'D HELP IM DYING
    gluddy realizes the subtitles arent turned on: frick

    yes i will rewind the whole video just for the subtitles

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