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Four Weddings and a Funeral: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

[MUSIC PLAYING] Please, I need my bag. I took the wrong one
off the carousel. It has some highly
classified material in it. [SNORTS]
I’m sorry. Can I help you? Didn’t realize Jack
Ryan flew commercial. Oh, great. Yeah, pithy comments,
that’s exactly what the situation needed. [MUSIC PLAYING] Were you at college
with Ainsley too? I always thought of
Ainsley, Duffy, and Craig as more of a trio. No, there were
always four of us. Oh! I’m the funny one. Everyone’s always
like, do Denzel. And I’m like– [GRUNTS] I see you. My man. Genuinely upsets me
when you do that. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do we really have
to go to this party? Your friends don’t even like me. What are you talking about? My friends love you. No, they don’t. They think I’m trashy
and that my boobs are fake, which they are, but
your friends don’t know that. [MUSIC PLAYING] Maya, this is my
boyfriend, Kash. Wait, this is Kash? His father works at the airport. Maybe he could help
you find that cute guy. She called him Ryan
Gosling dipped in caramel. I did not say that. [MUSIC PLAYING] Have you ever had the
feeling you’ve gone down the wrong path, like
somewhere along the line you’ve made a bad choice and
now it’s too late to go back? I feel like that
literally every day. I can’t believe you
dressed up for him. I didn’t. You’re wearing a padded bra. No, I’m not.
Let me honk your boob. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] Someone told me you
show up for the people who matter the most to you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Tell me you don’t
think about me too. This is why I have
friends like you. Good luck, man. Love will find a way, bro. But I’ll wait here just
in case it doesn’t. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Reader Comments

  1. I understand the frustration some people feel, because I grew up LOVING the original movie, but this looks genuinely good and funny and diverse. Plus it is done by Mindy Kailing, aka queen of comedy AND 90s rom-coms. I trust her and will definitely be watching this series.

  2. Does this even have anything to do with the Hugh Grant/Andie Macdowell film? Why not just give it its' own original title…

  3. Not gonna lie but she is soooo fracking gorgeous and beautiful (I know they’re both synonyms, but who cares) look at that glow!

  4. So bad…just so so bad🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️! Not since the Game of Thrones finale has a show been so awful it's left me speechless 😮🤐🤢🤕

  5. Watched the first episode and don't think I'll go back for more. Terrible acting and a juvenile script aimed at which age demographic, I am at a loss to decipher. Also, the main character having an affair with her married boss…seriously?!? A complete dud IMO…

  6. Is it continuation of "game of thrones"? "FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL"!? Same style! And, yet, has Missandei(ambassador of Daenerys).

  7. I watched the entire series last night. While it was enjoyable (it has its moments), the ending felt way too contrived for me (like, how did it happen? There were no signs for it!) and it took a lot away from it. Others thoughts?

  8. I loved the original, but this looks terrible. Just be your own thing. Don't try and capitalize on a classic. Boo to Hulu and Mindy.

  9. Also for those complaining about the title, it’s based off the original Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hence the cameo from the original cast member!

  10. Maya's relationship is very similar to Olivia Popes and fitz relationship in scandal. Down to him having an affair with a dog walker just like fitz did

  11. I don't think Maya and Kash are going to end up together 🙁 look at 1:29 the South Asian wedding scene. We see Maya in the crowd wearing purple and I assume Kash is the groom in the wedding!

  12. I found U by Passion Pit (ft.Galantis) is the song, and I'm stoked to see their music being used for trailers again

  13. Why do they remake these classics? The original with Hugh Grant, Charlotte Coleman, and Andie MacDowell is the best. Leave the originals alone!!

  14. Why did an American feel the need to mess with the original? Also, that girly hair girl that everyone (!???)seem to be in love with…how unrealistic? She comes across better than everyone else, obnoxious, self-centered. Her acting is shockingly poor. Also just to be politically correct and 'to appeal to wider audiences' they assembled all race, ethnicity and social class. Again unrealistic. This would never happen unless in an american girl's head that is far too old to believe in fairytales.

  15. This is not great but it's worth a watch. It is NOT a remake, just "inspired by". The main male character is not a great actor but the supportive, especially Duffy and Gemma (the actress was on Downton Abbey) are.
    And the soundtrack is awesome!

  16. I love this show…the production is awesome….just a beautiful show to watch, the writing is super funny…from the writers & producers of The Mindy Project

  17. One of the comments recommended the movie so I watched it and now here to recommend to whoever is considering watching.

  18. In a not so distant past, two white leads were a given. Then diversity brought us the multi-ethnic couple, a good one when smartly handled. Now… it's like there are too many white people on TV, let's give them supporting roles. How subtle.

  19. how could they dare make a "4 weddings and a funeral" show without Hugh Grant? Come on, they should have invited him. Or did he read the script, and said, "No, thanks".

  20. it's an absolutely sweet and cute miniseries and i suggest everyone watch it. i miss it and wish they'd do a second season :/

  21. I loved this show. Very funny, witty, a little bit cheesy, but I'm okay with that. Don't judge because of the name guys

  22. I started watching by accident and couldn't stop watching. My bf and I binged it in 1 day and he loved it even though he's not usually into romcom.

  23. ooooh a political correct remake: a black guy, an indian guy, more people "of color" and if white, then female xD

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