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Ford ‘unboxes’ KA+ with Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy

Ford ‘unboxes’ KA+ with Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy

So! As you guys know,
I often get packages delivered … here to the Unbox Therapy headquarters. Sometimes the package itself
is a little bit mysterious … and this one here is no exception. [ Unwrapping Noise ] Oooo … O .. kay … Hmm … Hi Lewis,
I’ve got this box I need a hand with … and I’ve heard you’re the man for the job. [ Agrees ] Only problem is I think it might
be a bit big for your table … …. Joanna. Looks like I’m going to London! Hi Jo’ … I’m so glad you’re here! So ….. ? Well … I don’t know much about
this whole “unboxing” thing … Mm mm. So I knew that I needed to have an expert, to help me open the biggest box that I’ve seen. This is … quite the box. I’ve unboxed a few things … but this is the biggest. You can have the honours. Here we go … [ Cutting sounds ] Where to next? Shall we go either end? And see if we can pull it … Are you pulling? Wait one second … [ Laughter ] Ohhh …. Oh my goodness I’m pulling! We have action. Oh my gosh! It’s like a castle! This has got to be the
biggest chunk of foam … [ Unwrapping Noise ] A car! [ Laughter ] [ Unwrapping Noise ] Look at the wheels! It’s almost like I’m on top of my desk here. I’m inside the package! [ Unwrapping Noises ] Oooh! …. Yes, there you go. For some reason this feels so good … and then I sort of just
want to carry on going … and wrap myself like this. [ Laughter ] [ Unwrapping Noises ] It’s like a fresh new gadget. Perfect. Oh …. [ Laughter ] [ Unwrapping Noises ] [ Laughter ] [ Hilarity ] What’s this? A really small price tag. [ Beep! ] Uh! Oh! It’s amazing! Have you ever had so much packing … No! … on something before? [ Unwrapping Noises ] Looks like … [ Unwrapping Noises ] … what we have here … is the new … Ford KA+ What do you think? I like it, I think it’s cute! I think it’s good. [ Doors Close ] This feels nice doesn’t it. Yeah! Look how much room you’ve got above your head. And I’m six feet tall, that’s impressive. It’s got 21 stowage locations throughout the cabin. Safety: six airbags. Here’s a cool part. It’s got the Ford SYNC® system. You can use your smartphone,
mp3 player and so on … Mmm. As well as navigation from your device. Oh I like that, so you can
just have everything on Bluetooth. Sound proofing as well. So is it very quiet in here …? We let’s try it. [ Silence ] Mmm. [ Nods ] Relaxing. [ Laughter ] So tell me how did you start Unboxing? I think it’s like .. my channel is like five years old now. How does this rate?
Has this been a good one? This is next-level. Definitely. Look at where unboxing … has taken us! Look at us. Oh! [ Radio Noise ] I feel like I need to do this first. [ Unwrapping Noises ] Very odd temptation. [ Laughter ] Shall we take a look under the hood? 1.2 litre petrol engine It’s really cool how … a lot of the features that used to
be considered luxury features … are bubbling down into … entry level vehicles. Yes. I think this is going to make a lot of people happy. No doubt. Well for me, just my first unboxing experience has been amazing. I feel like I’ve gone through therapy … I’ve really enjoyed just bursting stuff … ripping it … throwing it everywhere … it’s so satisfying. This will not be your last unboxing. Oh no it won’t! I didn’t know what unboxing was before, but I know what it is and I’m in it now. Well, what’s the next thing I’m going to unbox now? I don’t know let’s go let’s go chat about it … maybe we’ll get some lunch. OK, I’ll introduce you to some fish and chips. Perfect! And you can do some more unboxing with me. Do those come in a box? Well paper, but we can sort of unwrap that. An unwrapping! Yes!

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  1. 1:17
    Joana: It's like a caaa….
    Everyone: there you go….you got it girl….nice work….
    Joana: caaa…stle….
    Everyone: Ouchhhhh…….dayum……

  2. I am a big fan of Lew and unbox therapy but this was just a Ford commercial. The lady didn't even know what unbox therapy was. Ford just wanted to use Lew's popularity on YouTube to advertise their car. Thumbs down!

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