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Ford Emoji Jacket helps people to ‘Share The Road’

Ford Emoji Jacket helps people to ‘Share The Road’

Every year more than 2000 cyclists
are killed on our roads in Europe But better communication between cyclists
and drivers could help reduce accidents Ford teamed up with language experts to understand how to improve communications
between cyclists and drivers The result is this … The Ford emoji jacket It can convey expressions with a simple symbol All sorts of problems on the road can stem from
people not knowing what each other are doing The speed of processing words
and pictures is incredibly fast You can understand words and
pictures in under half a second And if street signs and effective single
images are good enough to tell a driver to slow down to stop They should certainly also be good enough to allow a driver to understand the desires and needs of cyclists who are very
vulnerable on the road Emoji could certainly revolutionise the way that road users communicate. Ford worked with both cyclists and designers to help create the prototype jacket as part of the Share The Road campaign. The one-of-a-kind jacket shows
how human centred design could help ease tensions
between drivers and cyclists

Reader Comments

  1. Just make a separate tail light as in summer you will not have a jacket… Also could be mount on any bicycle and escooter, etc.

  2. Can I display "Ban all cars on urban roads" with the number of pixels on the jacket? Because that's the intention I wish to signal.

  3. If ya cant comply with driving laws(run stops,slide between cars/curbs,too slow,etc…),then stay off the dern road,idiot!🤬

  4. Is this for drivers who don't understand hand signals? What's the emoji for "Please don't kill me"? If I'm wearing the jacket and signalling appropriately, and a driver kills me anyway, who's fault is it?

  5. This is a bad joke. We don't need gimmicks just people in cars to be careful and consierate around people on bikes (and on foot etc). Share the road = (cyclist) Please don't kill me.(driver) MOVE OUT OF MY WAY SO I CAN GET TO THE QUEUE AT THENEXT SET OF RED LIGHTS FASTER

  6. Drunk, drugged, speeding or distracted Ford drivers are killing innocent people. Ford insists these collisions are "accidents". because the company that aggressively markets cars that do 150mph are passionate, PASSIONATE about road safety.

  7. lmao why don't you stop promoting huge death machines with 1000hp you goons. you encourage drivers to be aggressive in their gigantic land yachts as you show them drifting through city streets. holy crap ford is a bad company and cyclists are 100% going to mock your crappy idea.

  8. Этой курткой вы наоборот будете отвлекать водителей от дорожной обстановки.

  9. It's a joke or it's real? Are you joking @ford? This is green washing. With my hand and arm I can already do the same of your stupid jacket

  10. Not saying that car drivers are any better but if there were more laws for cyclist instead of them peddling like they're alone on the streets maybe there wouldnt be much accidents

  11. Video :"Ford teamed up with language experts to understand how to improve communication between cyclists and drivers. The result is this: the Ford Emoji Jacket."
    Reality: "We've seen a few Kickstarter projects and Chinese websites selling this and decided to make our own version, sold 5x more because it's branded Ford"

  12. Such a jacket will get you shot, in America.
    I both ride and drive.
    When I ride, I assume when I have to be on the road that
    -drivers don't see me
    -40-percent of those who do see me would like to run me over.

  13. It is humorous, in a black-humor way: whoever is operating the largest vehicle on the road assumes they are "the God" and anyone else operating something smaller is a non-human. It's a pecking order, large trucks, smaller trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicyclers , pedestrians, roughly in that order.

    sort of cracks me up when some 360-pound lard-butt is screaming at me from his/her giant suv that they can barely crawl into and out of.

  14. The idea is simply terrible.
    1. How many cyclist do you see without bagpack?
    2. For a fraction of the cost you can install additional light on your bike if you wish to signal the turn or brake…

  15. Eso no sirve de nada cuando los ciclistas no respetan:

    – Van por las aceras.
    – Se saltan los semáforos en rojo.
    – Cruzan los pasos de peatones montados en la bicicleta.
    – Ciclistas de carrera van a más de 30 km/h por el carril-bici como si fuera un velódromo.

    Y no nos olvidemos de los patinetes eléctricos, igual de imprudentes.

    Un ciclista de montaña que respeta.

    Nota: en el vídeo salen dos ciclistas imprudentes (el que adelanta al vehículo por su derecha, y el que se incorpora delante del motorista).

  16. Thank you Ford. I have problems, thinking that I'm a complete retard and incapable of absolutely anything, but when big companies reveal products like this, I feel like I still have a chance. A led panel on the back of an ugly jacket which leaves you no option of having a backpack which most of the city cyclists take with them. Not even mentioning people who ride road bikes or any other bike with drop bars, so their seating won't allow them to display the emoji message. And to make it work you need to attach an enormous control panel to your bar.

    Literally in this video you target the product for the city cyclists who struggle with traffic, but all of the guys in the beginning of the video have backpacks on, which would prevent displaying the message. Jesus, I have absolutely nothing against Ford, but this is a good example how company throws money at a bunch of hipsters and they come up with a trendy product and say that they "revolutionize" something in the video with a product which is worse than any existing analogue, which exist for years.

  17. Really? This was your best idea? From the first 3 situations that you showed us, this jacket solves none. Indicating led stripes in the jacket is not an approved signing method, so you can not legally use it without hand signal, just besides it. It is a big lighting thing, what is catching the eye, and that one is good, but people wear backpacks, so I rather buy a good rear light.

  18. This is a little odd coming from a company that builds cars. This jacket is cool though. You need to include a flipping the bird emoji too for when cyclists get cut off or nearly run over by drivers who think they own the damn road.

  19. Yeah. remember Lumos Helmets with flashy indicator LEDS???? Ive commuted across london by bicycle to work for 6 years – Ive only ever come across two or three people that had one on and even then they were too used to sticking their hand out to indicate….

    I expect they'll eventually have to sell off all their stock to Cyberdog in Camden town or any other clothing store that sells apparel geared towards alternative lifestyles and people who want to look fancy when going to a rave.

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