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Fire Alarm Installer of all types of fire alarm systems

Fire Alarm Installer of all types of fire alarm systems

Fire Systems Ltd has been installing fire
alarm systems since 1992. We have over 20 years experience in this field, and
we are now considered to be one of the leading independent supplier and installer
of all types of fire alarm systems. We can design, supply, and
install basic, cost-effective systems on small premises, to large, complex
systems with high-end specification requirements. Furthermore, we
have experience installing both wired and wireless fire alarm systems. Fire
Systems Ltd has achieved third party accreditation through BAFE to carry
out design and installation of fire alarm systems. Being an independent supplier
allows us to choose from a variety of fire alarm manufacturers. We
have no single agreement with any one supplier. Therefore, when designing a
fire alarm system for our clients, we can best pick a system that suits
their needs. There are many different types of fire alarm
systems in the market. All have advantages and disadvantages. The balance
is providing the client with a good product suitable for the required specification
for the money they have available in their budget. In today’s
economic climate, the client will usually choose the cheapest quote they
receive. However, the cheapest system is not always the most cost-effective.
Like most cheap products, the chance of them failing is higher than with
a quality product. This will lead to additional cost over the lifetime
of the system, due to parts and labor to repair. Due to the rapid progress of wireless technology
and the reduced cost of the equipment, wireless fire alarms are now
a viable option in considering what type of fire alarm to install. Wireless
fire alarms have the obvious advantage of a very quick installation and
no worry on display. Fire Systems Ltd have designed, supplied, and installed
many wireless alarms on a variety of premises over the years. When
considering a wireless fire alarm, it is advisable to choose a company
that installs wireless fire alarms on a regular basis. If in doubt, ask
to see previous installation from the company you are intending on using.
This is a good indication of a company’s confidence in installing such systems. Fire alarms are designed to save lives in
the event of fire. However, the system can only perform its task if it is
fully operational and kept in good working order. To ensure this will be
the case in the event of an emergency, a procedure of weekly testing is
required. Performing a weekly test ensures the system is operational and
assists the user in getting familiar with the operation of the fire alarm.
Furthermore, the system should be serviced and maintained in accordance
with fire code BS 5839-1. Any faults on the system should be rectified
as quickly as possible. A poorly maintained system will not only shorten
the life of the equipment but will usually start to give false alarms
due to the contamination of the smoke detectors. The frequency of the maintenance
visits is usually decided by the fire risk assessment. However, the
visits are usually between two and four visits per annum. Due to the importance
of the fire alarm, it is advisable to use a reputable fire alarm company
who are BAFE accredited. When it comes to fire alarm installations,
Fire Systems Ltd can accommodate a low-budget system with basic requirements
or, as shown in the video, install fire alarm systems to high-end specification
for companies such as London Transport, Network Rail, UK Power,
and many more. It is important that the fire alarm installer is competent
and fully versed in the requirements of the fire code BS 5839-1. In
many instances, this is not the case, and this results in a poor installation,
and in some cases causes false alarms. This video is showing the installation
we undertook at Neasden Train Depot. Fire Systems Ltd was
involved in the design, supply, and installation of the fire alarm system.
Anyone that has worked on the London Underground project would appreciate
that the quality of the installation has to be of a very high standard
to pass their fire engineers’ inspections. This particular project involved protecting
two large sheds and accommodation block of eight Stratos air sampling
systems with Hochiki protocol equipment going back to a London
Underground specified Chemtech Medtronic panel. To be able to install fire
alarm systems on projects of this size, not only do you require a good
knowledge and experience in the installation of complex systems to high specifications,
a project management in health and safety is also very
important. Fire Systems Ltd has also carried out installation works at
other stations such as St Pancras, Ebbsfleet, and Stratford International.
More more information, why not contact our office at 020 8541 5646 or
visit our website on and complete our contact

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  1. A fire alarm system is responsible for regulating an entire system of fire alarm modules within a building and can operate through mechanical or electronic activation.

  2. I have one problem. I have one FACP in the commercial building which is old (addressable type) and i am a designer of the renovation of some part of that building where we need more smoke detectors. my question is this. Can the new model of the same brand be compatible with the old in terms of looping it together. ( the brand is simplex) it will be great help. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help

  3. I'm looking into a fire alarm system that can discharge FM200 as well as turn off air conditioning, can you recommend a panel?

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