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Fidget Spinner Unboxing – X Nihilo Spinner by Pocket Fidget – Aluminum Metal Hand Spinner Toy EDC

Fidget Spinner Unboxing – X Nihilo Spinner by Pocket Fidget – Aluminum Metal Hand Spinner Toy EDC

Hey guys this is Keegan from Pocket
Fidget and today we’re going to do an unboxing of the X Nihilo Spinner by
Pocket Fidget. We’re super excited to introduce this new fidget spinner by
pocket fidget and so if you want to go check it out on our website go to pocket and you could purchase one today but here it is the X Nihilo
Spinner by Pocket Fidget it’s an aluminum spinner with a nice logo here
from our Pocket Fidget logo our pocket badge that we have on the top and bottom
center caps that’s laser engraved onto the fidget spinner you can see that the
design of the X Nihilo Spinner actually is derived from the Pocket Fidget logo
putting these two together and that’s where we got our inspiration and so it’s
a very nice spin fits nicely in your hand it’s nicely weighted even being
that lightweight aluminum it still has a great weight to it and has a nice even
spin as you can see it’s very discreet there’s a minimal amount of noise that
comes from it and it’s great for fidgety so you can check it out there it also
has a nice balance to it and you can balance it on your finger there’s no
wobble each and every one is exactly the same so you’re going to get the great
balance that you should from this Pocket Fidget X Nihilo Spinner so these center
caps are removable and it has an r188 stainless steel bearing in the middle
and you can take that out and check it out so I’ll take these off and show you
what that looks like on the inside here we have a retainer that holds the
bearing on the inside of the X Nihilo Spinner and there is the r188
stainless steel bearing that goes in the middle and creates a great nice smooth
spin and this is all one piece made out of aluminum and it is coated in a great
black that is not painted but is a nice material that is not going to come off
it’s a great durable material that’s going to last you a long time so we’ll
put the bearing back on the inside make sure you go to to get
one of these today for yourself for $34.95 our
launch price you can get this fidget spinner in your hands very soon so make
sure you head over to click on the X Nihilo button so that you
can check out more pictures of this fidget spinner and select Add to Cart
to buy one today so go to and do that now but thanks
for watching this video we hope to see you guys in the next one we’re super
excited about the brand new X Nihilo Spinner by Pocket Fidget thanks for
watching this unboxing of the X Nihilo Spinner

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