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February jobs report: US employment growth soars

February jobs report: US employment growth soars

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  1. Those mining jobs,??? Where are they as the companies are ALL filing bankruptcy then opening back up NON-UNION

  2. WOW ! Yuuuge Jobs report and lower unemployment! Thank you Donald J. Trump !
    MSM: "Unexpectedly, jobs grew again under Trump's great economic policies".
    Joe: "If you don't like me, then vote for the other guy [Trump]."

  3. Yep, it is pretty easy to find a job. Now, finding one that pays a liveable wage,…that's the impossible dream 🙁

    I don't know who makes $28 bucks an hour, but even at that I'd still be struggling! I just got hired to drive a semi for a whopping $24 bucks an hour,…should have stayed in college 🙁

  4. Right now is the time to buy stocks…my wife and I started buying and were seeing our investment working….

  5. Truth America" Most Americans Are To Busy Raising A Family And Working To Keep Up With The Trump Policies, Betsy Devos, Mick Mulvaney Gutting The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" Hurting You, More Than 30% Of The State Department Positions Not filled And Applications down 50% For State Department Positions, Why Would Anyone Who Is qualified Want To End Up like The Others, Please Read Below And Share, Farmers read The Words OF ADM And POET. Read Bio Fuels Digest Aug 29, 2019' "35 Ethanol Plants Could Close By Year's End" Watch And listen to President Of the Farmers Union Roger Johnson" "Watch MSNBC Aug 28, 2019" "Farmers:Trump Trade War Leaves Industry Worse, Not Better" Farmers These Are Not Good Prices For tour Crops Because These World Leaders Know Trump Must Make Any Deal Of Volume To Try To Get Reelected. ""'UAW Workers Japanese Made Passenger Cars Have a 2.5% Tariff And Japanese trucks Have A 25% Tariff, Japan Knew Trump Needed An Agriculture Deal So No More tariffs Put On Japanese Cars. American Trucks Outsell Japanese Trucks 10 To 1" Japanese Passenger Vehicles Outsell American Made Passenger Vehicles By 500, 000 Vehicles Every Year. Honda, Toyota and Nissan Have Been Selling In The United States For Forty Years The reason They Are Not 100% Made Here is Because There is only a 2.5% Tariff On Anything That Is Not On A Truck Frame. Self, Not You Is What Is Important To Trump By His Actions, """"Why Are Your Sons and Daughters Husbands And Wives In The Middle East Stealing Syrian Oil While The Russians and Turkey Are Having Ground And Air Strikes For What American Oligarch, Where Is The Money Gloing, Because Millions was Taken Away From Military housing and School Construction To Pay For A Wall That blows Down in Strong Winds Or Is Cut Through With A Home Depot Saw. The Only Wall To Build If You Must is The Fisher Sand And Gravel Concrete wall With Road With Run Offs For Turning Around 35Ft Concrete, A Wall That Can Be :Patrolled And Built Once. Until We Have A President That Cares About You, Not Himself Your Life Won't Get Better And The Country Will Be Divided Because It Has To Be, When You Are Really Giving Nothing To The Average American To Keep Loyalty You Must Divide, Someone Has To Be The Boogeyman. Keep Being Angry At Them, Then When I Take Away Your Preexisting Condition Protections And Insurance Can Once Again Deny Coversage, Charge $10, 000, $15, 000 Or $25, 000.00 Dollars For 1 Year Of Needed Healthcare Insurance, Right Now No American Can Be Charged Than Any Other American For The Same Plan No Matter Your Sickness, We Help Each other From Being Bankrupted And Denied Coverage, Your Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, You and Your Children. To Get The ACA Took A Government Shutdown And An Executive Order Years Of Hard Fought Battles In Congress And Senate. Since 2010 The Republicans And The Insurance Company Lobbyists Have Been Trying To Take This Protection Away, Believe If Trump Succeeds In Abolishing The ACA The Only People Who Will Be Happy Is Trump And A Handful Of politicians And The Insurance Companies, Medical Bankruptcies Will Once Again Rise By 50% as It Was Before The ACA Of 2010" Read Money May 4, 2017" "50 Issues That Count as A Preexisting Condition" By Alicia Adamcyzk'' """""Now I Want You To Ask Yourself Why 2 Truth Tellers That Was At Fox Since The Beginning 1996 Shep Smith And Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge Both Left Fox After 23 Years During The Time Of Trump, Shep Smith Left On October 19, 2019" Catherine Herridge Left On October 31, 2019 and Went To CBS NEWS And Says Facts Matter" Shep Smith Then Donated $500, 000.00 Of His Own Money To The Organization For The Protection Of Journalist. See Truth Trump Has told More Than 16, 000 Untruths And Falsehoods Since Taking Office Documented By The Washington Post" Truth Can Always Be Verified By Multiple Reputable Sources, Lies Can Not God Bless All Americans Matthew 16:21-26 Evangelicals God Is Not Happy

  6. we have an economy like this, and Commie Bernie or Sleepy Creepy Joe are gonna come in and fix it. Yeah, they'll fix it alright.

  7. This is just magnificent. Just shows what can happen with the right leadership. The President has done a phenomenal job. You can't argue with success. The Dems need to take note along with the rest of their clientele and get on board with our President and his policies. Good luck with all your Socialist ideas Dems. These numbers are the real deal and are OUTSTANDING!!! GO TRUMP GO!!!!!!!!

  8. This is how globalization will intensify bringing in AI to take your jobs because AI wont get sick ppl beware

  9. If there jobs where are they here today gone tomorrow because of African an Asian an muslims and who know where coming here in visa's to drive a truck coming in by the million with no one stopping them if you got a cdl in Africa you are get a visa to America for 6 months then marry a American have a child while in Africa last 3 months you are promised another 6 month visa with a promise to become a American if you want it! It is job stealing crazy not counting all the free health insurance and welfare you will get! Come on hurry to America while the visa gate is open. Because soon as they figure it out they will close this portal too.

  10. Guess what this is March and I know a few people that have lost their jobs already, because of the economy now. CEOs are stepping down, because they know the outcome of the economy in the long run. Not trying to sound like a party pooper, but it's the facts now. We never really recovered from 08, and guess who is not here to bail us out this time? China.

  11. Boston turned on their 5G grid, so did Windsor and Cambridge Ontario in Canada. South Korea and China first to go 5g live. Followed by Italy and Australia and almost every country I've looked at. The global roll out is 2020. FREQUENCY FLU is NOT a virus from China. It's what happens when you have a sensitivity to the frequency towers. I moved to a smart city and within one year my eyes broke, I am insanely wifi sensitive and my dog has type 3 diabetes. As a canary in the cage I'm telling you frequency flu is caused by the towers. YOUR LIPS will tell you. That's the big difference, you will feel tingling lips like you're having a reaction to something, and you are! Frequencies. So lets turn off all the machines and see if the global virus magically goes away. PS. If you smoke expect to have a cough of all coughs and if you use opioids then please take extra precaution because that group is dying around here in my frequency zone.

  12. Though This was a foretold event.. watching it unfold , it seems unbelievable… now i can see a path for it to multiply..

  13. I am concerned… according to AOC statements, with this amount of jobs created per month, some Americans are working 30 hours per day. People need to sleep and rest! 🤭

  14. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☘️👍. 🙏. 👋

  15. There’s no other explanation…it’s a magic wand…I mean, even with coronavirus (the hope of the leftist media), these jobs are still coming out…magic wand

  16. This report is no doubt grounds for impeachment of this President. He is doing too much for the country and we know that Obama the Messiah said this couldn't happen. How dare Trump make Obama look like the scoundrel that he is.
    Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032. KAG. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Jobs…Jobs…Jobs….”The Best Is Yet To Come” 🇺🇸👍…👏👏👏👏…😜🤪😆😂 Best Opportunity To BUY Good Companies 🥳 At A Discount

  18. In NY all construction jobs are taking by illigles I can't even make what I did in 1980 thanks to gov cuomo and the dam Democrats that are destroying our great state 🇺🇸and I pray satin take Chucky boy back to hell real soon
    TRUMP we love you sir 🇺🇸

  19. How sick is anyone who could give a thumbs down to adding jobs. I pray for those hate filled and lost souls.

  20. Job's reports are 100% FAKE- made up. Markets are 100% manipulated by Feds injecting up to $100 billion daily. Puhleese.


  22. Trump: 200k jobs, not bad…

    Bernie: It's gonna cost a lot. Idk where the money will come from, but we'll do it!

  23. Vote for Republican Party 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍 President Trump 2020 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍Thank you President Donald Trump…Fights for American & you are our voice!! 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍God Bless America 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍 God Bless President Donald Trump 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍

  24. Idiots! Does the public think this is real? It's the debt! Look at the bond market! China makes everything. Fox News are snake oil hawkers.


  26. How can anyone vote against this economy? I guess some have TDS so bad they would rather the economy crash. In that respect, voting against this president is treasonous.

  27. President Trump's Economy just keeps Winning 😍Get out November Vote Trump….. The Best is yet to Come 😍

  28. I can`t but laugh when they are telling you how great the jobs and economy is doing but, they show the stock market and everything is down. Maybe they are padding numbers??

  29. We have to work in a biblical manner or else everything will fall apart……anything outside of biblical principles don’t work….. look 👀 what Obama did….: nothing good……the virus 🦠 is nothing but a mild case of the flu 😷 …. they just like talking about it all the time for rating to make money 💰…..follow the money numbers don’t lie people do…..just saying

  30. The youths are getting the idea of what we all knew in the 70's, – you grow up,
    and spend a third of your life supporting yourself. You don't screw around with your bread money
    whatever else you do… j.

  31. Your guest is insane. It's been made clear that it's just another virus.
    Reactionary ppl have their own sinister agendas. j.

  32. The factory I work in makes axles . 24 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week. Well until monday at 6 am. Came in to see 1 out of 3 plants closing by april. Alot of people lost their jobs because axles are cheaper to make in India . Including the over sea frieght. Our contract to a huge u.s axle company that provides our military, fire, semi,dump trucks. Because they are forged there, milled there, milled there. But brought back here for final heat treat. They are going to be stamped u.s made. Another one bites the dust I guess. Sad

  33. CANADA LOVES PRESIDENT TRUMP – 4 MORE YEARS – since 2015 what were other world leaders and THE 5 EYES doing behind the scenes ? I bet many were up to NO GOOD and colluded and plotted against America ?

  34. I wouldn’t doubt it if the corrupted Democrats have anything to do with the Coronavirus to distract the elections I don’t know anything is possible with the Demorats 🐀🐀🐀

  35. When you create jobs that people can raise a family with then your doing something these are low wage jobs no where jobs.

  36. Imagine this Sleepy Joe 😴 must be thinking🤔 if I get elected President 🤮 where can I buy one of those magic wands that Obama never had 😜

  37. Lol fools.
    Consumer debt: All-time high
    Automobile debt: All-time high
    Student debt: All-time high
    Mortgage debt: All-time high
    Rent: All-time high
    Millennial homeownership: lowest EVER
    ≈78% of people live paycheck to paycheck

    Unemployment rate does not mean people are being paid well.

  38. We must give credit to Obama.
    If Obama did not increase Regulations on Businesses and hamstring the Economy then Trump could not cut them and unleash it.
    So……Thanks Obama!
    I know that this is true because this is what MSNBC , CNN , ABC , CBS , NBC and PBS NewsHour have told me!

  39. I don't believe the jobs number and I wonder why the USG would put out such a huge lie. If anyone is not concerned about all of the lies, then they will be the last to prep and the first to go nuts – soon. Your unprepared neighbor is the biggest danger, when danger hits.

  40. My company is hiring any warm body they can get to answer the phones and take orders. These aren't min wage jobs, everyone is offering competitive wages to attract people. People are scarce, jobs are not. The Democrats are still lying about the job market.

  41. Well if US corporations use this opportunity to bring large scale manufacturing back to the US from China ,we actually may be able to come out of this virus even better off than we were going in . Just the job growth in all those sectors , form that undertaking alone will drive the economy for the next few years .

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