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Every Rolex tells A Story — Rod Laver

Now I think I just purely
love the game of tennis. My parents played, I had two elder brothers
that played good tennis. And so the opportunity always came up
playing junior tournaments. I saw those openings and I thought
“I want to be a tennis player.” And then, when I got a little better and the chance to travel
over to Europe to play on the clay courts
in France then over to the US Open,
go to Wimbledon. And that is how I started off, and fortunately for me,
everything came along well. And then there was Open tennis! I think that was the best thing
that ever happened to the game. I was able to get
all that experience behind me. Good things happen if you’re
prepared to put the effort in. I think I have probably
led a charmed life. I had a good career,
I won a bunch of tournaments. I reached the pinnacle in tennis. And getting a Rolex was a
crowning moment of my career. It’s probably my best purchase ever! It’s the reputation,
it’s the quality, it’s the number 1 watch in the world. And one that
you could have all your life. The Rolex that I have on my wrist today
is so embedded in my whole career. This is what I wanted
and this is what I’ve got. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

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