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Double Trouble – A Short Time Travel Comedy (YouTube version)

Double Trouble – A Short Time Travel Comedy (YouTube version)

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  1. STELLAR AWESOME short, Mate.! 🙂
    …do i have your permission to give you and your short a Well-Deserved shout-out and cart this short over to one Mike McCutchen (aka – MulDoon) of SaturdayShorts fame – over on AintItCoolNews…..??
    ..Imho, your short here would fit like a GLOVE.

    ……here's the sites "home" if you'd like to dig around there any…

    LOVE the short,! ..AWESOME Concept; – GREAT Execution and Acting. .!

  2. He should have helped the girl out that dropped thee dishes. She seemed like the more loving type without all the dramma. Now he's just going to go home and probably beat off to some free internet porn.

  3. Really fun to watch. I could definitely see the advantages of having so many versions of the same girlfriend. Haha. Kinda confused as to how "Hey" gets followed up with an attempted kiss. If only that happened in real life.

  4. There is so much talent on You Tube. I have started opting for these before even checking Netflix. Very impressive. Loved it.

  5. Best product placement I'v ever seen! ; )
    For one of the best books I'v read, so far….
    Thumbs up for all of them, and this film to : D

  6. Stort grattis till denna mästerverk Andreas 👏🏻👏🏻 Jonny och Emelia lika duktiga 🌹🌹👏🏻 .
    Mvh/ Kurdi Kara

  7. That was one of the best "shorts" I have seen so far. Well done. Great plot. Great videography. Wonderful music. Well composed.

  8. I don’t understand why he didn’t just get up and look for her in the beginning, she couldn’t have gone that far😂 I guess it would have made the film pretty boring though.

  9. The red headed guy is a total geek. Too fucking skinny. We will never see a genuine time travel video because time travel does not exist. True prophets of the Creator God see the future, but they do not actually travel to the future.

  10. Absolutely delightful! Thank you for such a charming video. Hope you made many similar or not, with your gift they should all be worthwhile.

  11. wow that is BRILLIANT! I love the way they don't talk until right at the end, love the framing, the pace. All of it.

  12. So this is how you solve a time loop. Destroy the time travel device. The most greatest mystery of paradox solve. By one kid 🙂

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