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DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING – Products that Will LOSE You Money)

DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING – Products that Will LOSE You Money)

Hey guys. Today I’m going to be warning you about five
different items that you should avoid and not dropship on AliExpress, especially if
you are a newbie. Now some of these items will lose you money
because they convert horribly, so if you try and sell them, you’ll lose money running Facebook
ads because they’re basically doomed to fail from the start. And the other items will potentially lose
you money because of the fact that they have risky items that are basically begging to
get your PayPal and Stripe accounts shut down, due to disputes, refunds and chargebacks. To find out what these five items are, keep
watching this video. Alright, let’s start out by talking about
the first item. But before I do that, I want to make this
video a little bit more interesting. Now I’m going to show you this item, and I’m
going to give you five seconds to think about why you should not dropship this item and
you should avoid it. And if you get the answer right, you get 10
points. Yay. Alright, so here is the first product, this
little pink dog paw necklace. Can you figure out what is wrong with this
product? Five seconds, go. Time is up. Alright, so what’s wrong with this product
is that it is extremely risky and could potentially be a massive trap. Why? Well because take a look at it. While there are lots of orders showing that
this product has plenty of sales potential, there are very few reviews for this product. I remember once being told a story about a
new dropshipper that got burned, because they took a risk on an unproven product that had
very few reviews. There was a super hot cultural trend happening
at the time, but there were very few products on AliExpress for it. One of the products on there was a T-shirt,
and again, it had very few reviews. Well, this guy decided to take a chance, so
he advertised it on Facebook and boom. It started selling like crazy. It was his very first winning product, and
within weeks he was making hundreds of dollars a day. Pretty awesome, right? Well it was for the first two to three weeks
while the items were in transit. And then four weeks went by, and five weeks
went by, and six weeks went by, and each subsequent week he was getting more and more emails from
customers saying that they did not get their T-shirts. Now admittedly, this was partially his fault,
because he had advertised his product as having worldwide shipping. And as I said in my video last week, “10 Things
to Do Before You Start Dropshipping”, that is a very bad idea. Shipping to all countries is not equal, and
guess what? As a newbie, he hadn’t gone through the hundreds
of countries that AliExpress suppliers ship to and checked to see if their shipping options
were fast and efficient. But it was also the supplier’s fault, because
of the fact that they weren’t experienced at manufacturing and shipping out this level
of volume for this product. He took a risk on an unproven product, and
he ended up paying a hefty price. For months and months afterwards, he was giving
out refunds. Now luckily, this story does have a happy
ending. Today he is a successful six-figure dropshipper. He has learned from his mistakes, and hopefully
you will learn from them as well. Alright, let’s move on to the second product
that you shouldn’t dropship. Remember, if you got this product correctly,
you have 10 points. To be honest, figuring out why the next product
is a no-no should be pretty easy, so if you get that one right, you only get five points. Okay, so here is the second product, this
coffee mug. You’ve got five seconds to figure out why
this product should be avoided. Go. Time is up. Alright, so the reason why you should not
dropship this product is because of the fact that it contains a trademark from Star Wars. As I’ve discussed before on this channel,
and surprisingly one of my more popular videos, “How to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping”, selling
products that contain trademarks is a really bad idea. Why? Well because it is highly illegal. These products sell like crazy, which is what
makes them so tempting. Products that contain trademarks from popular
franchises and brands will always sell really well. But selling them is a really bad idea. For one thing, these products get taken off
of AliExpress really quickly because of the fact that they’re illegal, and so it is only
short-term money. And secondly, as I described in my video “How
to Not Get Sued” — and I do think that everyone should watch it so I will include a link to
it in the description below — if you try and dropship these items, you really risk
the police coming and knocking at your door. So even though it requires more testing and
work, stick to selling items that don’t infringe upon copyrights and trademarks. Okay, did you get it right? If so, add five points to your total. If you have no points, that’s okay, because
you can catch up. The next product is worth 15 points. Alright, so here is the third product. You’ve got five seconds to figure out why
you should not dropship this. Go. Time is up. Alright, let’s see if you got it right. The reason why you should avoid dropshipping
this item is it is really really boring. It’s just a white beanie. I mean, it’s a nice white beanie, but it’s
still just a white beanie that you can buy basically anywhere. Look, something I get asked a ton is “Why
would people buy AliExpress products from you for a mark-up when they can go direct
to AliExpress or even Amazon and buy them for cheaper?”. And that’s a great question, and let me tell
you why. It’s because good dropshippers know how to
get their customers to impulse buy. Impulse buying is extremely powerful. There is a reason why supermarkets put chocolate
bars at the checkouts. It’s so that when you see it, you think “Why
not?”, and you just throw it in with the rest of your groceries. You don’t need that chocolate bar, and you
probably shouldn’t buy that chocolate bar, but it’s right there in your face, and so
you impulse buy it. To impulse buy something, you need to have
a really strong emotional reaction to it, where you think “Wow, I really really want
to buy that”. So take this coffee mug here, a staple on
Wholesale Ted. It’s got this cute little guitar as the mug’s
handle. This mug sells like crazy on AliExpress and
it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why that is. It’s because that mug is perfect for people
that love playing guitar and also love drinking hot drinks. If you create a Facebook ad targeting those
people, showing off this mug, then they’re going to look at it and think “Wow, I really
want to buy that”. But that’s not all. Good dropshippers than combine this strong
impulsive emotion with a sense of scarcity, which is exactly what supermarkets do with
their chocolate bars. Think about it. You’re at the checkout and your groceries
are going down the conveyor belt, and so you’ve probably only got about a minute before all
of your groceries are scanned. And that means that you’ve got just one minute
to make a decision. Do you go ahead and buy that chocolate bar
that you now really want, or do you leave it behind and miss out? And that is scarcity. You have a limited amount of time to make
a decision, and so you take action and you buy that chocolate bar right now before the
opportunity disappears. And so what good dropshippers do is they run
limited time offers, and at often times they will use countdown timers to stress the point
that yes, this is a limited time offer. Not only does the customer now really want
this mug, but they believe you when you say that you’ve only got 12 in stock at 60% off,
and so they need to take action right now before they miss out. And so what do they do? They act and they buy it right now. They don’t go and price check it against AliExpress
or Amazon, because they believe that they’re getting a great deal right now. So here is the problem with boring products. They do not create strong, impulsive emotions
in the customer, and it’s very very difficult to create a sense of scarcity or urgency. It’s super easy to go to your local mall and
find a million billion white beanies. There is no urgency there. But try going to your local mall and finding
the guitar mug. You will not find one. So avoid boring generic products, and stick
to selling special, unique products instead. Okay, so let’s move on to the fourth product. I think this one will also be pretty easy
to figure out why you shouldn’t dropship it, so if you get it right, you only get five
points this time. Here it is. On the left is a product that would be good
to dropship. On the right is a product that you should
not dropship. What is wrong with the product on the right? You have five seconds. Go. And that’s that. Five seconds is up. Let’s see if you got it right. The reason why you should not dropship the
product on the right is because, unlike the product on the left, the product on the right
does not have ePacket shipping as an option. I won’t go in depth on this because I’ve talked
a lot about it on this channel, but as a newbie, you should really be sticking to shipping
options that have an estimated delivery time of between two to three weeks. By doing this you’ll have a lot less customer
support issues, and you’re going to get a lot less emails from people asking questions
like “Where is my item? It hasn’t arrived yet”. It’s going to make running your dropshipping
store simpler and smoother. I don’t care if you find an item that you
think’s going to be a high-converting product. If it doesn’t have ePacket shipping as an
option, and you’re shipping to the United States, skip it. Alright, so we’ve got one final product, and
this is a big one. If you can figure out why you should not dropship
this product, you get 15 points. Okay, so here is the fifth product that you
should not dropship. You’ve got five seconds to figure out why
that is. Go. And that’s that. Time is up. Let’s see if you won the 15 points. So the reason why you should not dropship
this item is because the photos for it are terrible. And why is that? Well it’s because of the fact that the photos
do not really showcase why this item is unique and special, and that is something to keep
in mind. For some products like this guitar mug here,
the way it looks is what makes it unique and special, and so simply taking a photo of it
is enough to showcase what makes it original. Coming back to the wine bottle opener though,
what makes it kind of cool was that, as this video shows, when you use it you can watch
the cork wind up through the see-through tube. But if you look at the photos, they don’t
really show that feature. They just show the bottle opener itself, and
the actual item itself does not look particularly exciting or interesting. And to be honest with you, I think that this
product isn’t really that exciting and I think that it would probably be quite difficult
to sell as a front-end product, but it could potentially work as an upsell. But even if you did come up with an amazing
pitch for it, or you found a great product to pair it with, the photos still suck. And photos are the most important part of
your product ad and listing. Great photos showcase what makes an item unique
and special, and amazing photos can basically sell an item by itself. Now something to keep in mind is that, over
time as you earn more money, if you find a product on AliExpress that has terrible stock
photos, then you will have the money and resources to purchase that product and then take your
own photos of it. But in the beginning, most new dropshippers
are understandably going to rely upon stock photos that the supplier provides, and a product
that has bad photos will not sell. So don’t even try. Alright, tally time. How many points did you get? Remember that product 1 was worth 10 points,
product 2 was worth 5 points, product 3 was worth 15 points, product 4 was worth 5 points
and product 5 was worth 15 points. Let me know how many points you got in the
comments section. And if you have any questions about this video,
be sure to ask them in the comments section. Here at Wholesale Ted we do get a lot of questions,
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