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Digital Marketing News Today | Build Your Brand’s Reputation With Google Guarantee

Digital Marketing News Today | Build Your Brand’s Reputation With Google Guarantee

You’ve heard about Instagram
verification in check-marked you know about Facebook verification and check
marks but did you know that Google has now added their verification option for
businesses called Google guaranteed we’re gonna cover how to go over that
and what it’s all about in today’s digital marketing news today welcome back everybody and thank you for
joining me my name is Jordan Steen I am your host here at digital marketing news
today but really quick before we get started in today’s news segment make
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every single week at Cereal Entrepreneur as I said in the beginning
we are going to talk about Google guarantee today and Google guarantee is
a great great tool and resource for business owners so you’re gonna want to
make sure that you stay tuned to the whole video so that what you find out
how businesses are gonna be able to use this and all of the benefits that
businesses your clients will be able to use and take advantage of with regards
to Google guarantee and PS make sure to stay tuned to the end of the video where
I’ll give you five easy steps to build your brand or business now as I
mentioned in the beginning you get a green checkmark next to your business
listing on Google search when you get verified by Google business and so the
cool thing is about Google verification and Google guaranteed is that it tells
your audience and potential customers that you are a legitimate business why
because you have to go through a bunch of different screening processes from
Google to make sure that you’re a legitimate business and that they can
recommend you to their searchers and provide the best information possible to
their audiences so really quickly let’s go through some of the most important
parts that you need to know about setting up your Google verification and
how it’s going to benefit your business so there are six main parts to getting
Google verified or the our Google guaranteed service setup let’s go
through those really quickly the first thing is your business profile on Google
you actually need to go in and set that up
also known as Google business manager and set that up for your business
because it allows you to put all of your information about your business like
hours, location, what your business does, your website, information, phone numbers,
all the things that a potential customer might want to see about your business
number two is make sure that you start acquiring Google reviews and the reason
why is because Google wants to see customers engaging with your business
profile letting other people know and potential other customers know what it’s
like to work with your business number three is to set up a Google Ads account
and that’s so you can start running ads on Google’s platform this again
shows Google that you are a legitimate business trying to actually get new
customers by spending money on ads on their platform the fourth part starts
with Google and this is where they actually will go in and do more of a
verification of your business manually and so they do things like
background checks which is really number four the thing that you want to know
first they’re going to do background checks on each of your employees
unfortunately Google doesn’t like to work with criminals and so if you have
somebody who might not pass a background check at your location it might be
difficult for you to get your verification to pass number five and the
second part to Google’s process is they actually do a company verification so
you need to send in your business license letting them know that obviously
you are a real business and finally number six part three of Google’s
process is to do an insurance check to make sure that your business is covered
as far as insurance is concerned now I should have probably said this in the
beginning but a lot of this is for local businesses so if you’re running a
national campaign without local brick-and-mortar locations this might be
hard for you to acquire at the very least I would suggest getting a PO box
so that way you can have some sort of address to tie to your business so
question have you guys ever seen the green verification show up next to a
business just right “Yes I’ve seen it before”
or “No I have not seen it before” in the comments below this video
all right guys I’m gonna cut out the newscaster voice just because I don’t
want to piss too many of y’all off if you don’t like it so y’all let me know
if you like the newscaster voice in the comments below if so I’ll keep doing it
in future videos if it’s annoying I will stop I definitely don’t want to annoy
you guys so that way it keeps you from learning that wouldn’t be smart or makes
sense so let me know in the comments below but back to the content you guys
want to learn a lot about Google why because this whole verification process
and ranking on Google that’s whole that’s all part of it right that’s
actually adding to your SEO value so I want you guys to get that you know
through your head very very quickly for a local business having that
verification if you’re trying to get you know a local business client to show up
more in search engine results having that set up for them is going to
do wonders as far as them ranking higher than other businesses why because they
went through the process and the headache really of getting verified with
Google so that way they prove to Google we want to rank we are a legitimate
business show other people that so it’s going to
bring in more clients for them to do that oh and PS if you’re looking for
more information on how to rank number one on Google how to actually get your
content to show up when people search for it or your business to show up when
people search for it check out this video on the top right hand corner but
the last thing I want to talk to you about is what Google does actually on
there and what kind of makes Google guarantee really cool is the fact that
they will actually refund up to two thousand dollars worth of a purchase to
a customer who comes in to Google and says yo this is a Google guaranteed you
know type of business you guys said that they were guaranteed to be good that is
what the guarantee does it says if you don’t have a good experience we’ll do up
to two thousand dollars of a refund so for customers this is super super
appealing because it makes them want to trust the business more which is
something you can leverage to those clients that you have or to your own
business if you want to see more about how Google does the refund process and
how that kind of works where the money comes from make sure to check out our
blog article it is in the description below this video we included that
information over there you’re gonna want to know that oh and as I said we are
going to leave you guys off here who stayed to the end of the video with the
five steps or five key parts to building any brand or business online all you
need to do is click that button in the top right hand corner of this video and
it’ll take you right there thanks again guys for joining me as always if you’re
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everybody I hope you had a great one and I hope you enjoyed the study I will see
you on the next one until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys I can’t
remember if that’s the top right bottom left yeah I did it good ready to start
living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle will at Cereal
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course, Cereal Entrepreneur out!

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  1. I seriously like the reporter's voice.. It makes time flies fast yet understanding of what you were saying is still there.. 🙂

  2. Keep the newscaster voice for these news focused videos. Go all out and wear a Ron Burgundy style suit at a desk with a CEN (Cereal Entrepreneur News} coffee cup. I would much rather watch your take on these topics than searching for the important bits in bloated news feeds.

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