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DID THEY GO TOO FAR? | Attack on Titan Chapter 107 LEAKS | Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 107

DID THEY GO TOO FAR? | Attack on Titan Chapter 107 LEAKS | Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 107

Did Attack on Titan just go too far? So what’s up guys Foxen here! The spoiler and leaks are out for Attack on
Titan chapter 107. I thought it was pretty clear but let me actually
mention it out loud this time. The spoilers could be wrong and please don’t
be surprised that they are in potato quality Anyway as for the biggest and shocking reveal
this chapter, so turns out that Historia is pregnant. More importantly notice that she doesn’t
look at all happy. So of course people online are already freaking
out about this. Did Historia perhaps get raped? Did Paradise island force Historia into this
political pregnancy? Okay so definitely quite a few things about
this and definitely let me know your own thoughts on this. Just keep in mind that we don’t know the
full story yet. First I was going to ask did Historia want
to have a kid? Of course she could be sad for some other
reason but it’s very likely its cuz of the pregnancy. Right now now one is 100% sure that she was
forced to have this kid but keep in mind that is a very likely option. So we’re really going down the rabbit hole
with attack on Titan. First it was Potato girl getting smashed and
now it’s, well Historia. Now here’s another important question, who
is the father? Could it be Eren, Zeke, Levi, the Stallion
(Jean), does it even matter? I think a lot of people right now think that
it’s Eren. Let me know what you think down below. Does this mean we’re about to get another
little Yeager running around just to pass these multiple title powers? Just keep in mind this is just to get another
royal blood baby? Historia can go ahead and name it Ymir Yeager. Either way I don’t think someone is going
to be happy about this. I see Reiner crying and suffering more when
he finds out about this. I’m still hoping that it’s not as bad
as it seems. This is really putting Paradise Island in
a negative light. Next up we got some leaks involve Mikasa and
the Asian clan lady Kiyomi. Recall that Kiyomi was the Asian lady that
Willy met up before he made his grand appearance. The pictures here are of terrible quality. It does look like this is during the flashback
period just based on Eren and Mikasa’s hair style. Although I’m not sure whether Kiyomi came
to the island. I’m leaning more towards them visiting the
island. The important question is, why is this important
person of the Asian clan there? In the next potato quality shot of this you
got auntie or grandma Kiyoma getting more aquatinted with Mikasa. I gotta say that I’m pretty surprised to
see this panel shot with Mikasa. Looks like they’re bringing up that branding
or tattoo that Mikasa’s mother gave Mikasa’s arm. At this point I really thought it was a dropped
story line since the anime cut it out. Here do notice their clan symbol of Kiyomi’s
dress. Looks almost like jewelry or is it part of
the dress? Either way Mikasa goes on to reveal that she
has the same tattoo on her arm. To be honest I wasn’t originally too much
of a fan of this symbol. It really looks too much like an ‘A’ just
for the ‘Asian’. I’ve even seen some people thinking it meant
‘A’ for Ackerman. That I highly doubt. But who knows maybe I’m alone on this. Let me know down below if you like the room
of the asian clan symbol. As for the high quality shot of this, you
got Kiyoma getting more aquatinted with Mikasa. Here’s they’re dropping some juicy info. Supposedly 100 years ago, her nation was allied
with the Eldian Empire. Supposedly they had a really goo relationship
with the Fritz royal family. It was to the point that they were allowed
to stay on the island. So here we’re getting another version of
history just slightly different. Which is really another piece of this grand
puzzle. I’m pretty sure this contradicts quite a
few things. Like aways this jut gives us more questions
than answers. IN particular just look at how the Fritz family
is dressed. Whatever happened with that? And then the Asian clan, were they all just
wiped out? I mean the last one was MIkasa’s mother. Up until that point what happened to the rest
of them? Did the Eldians inside the island just kill
them off? Once again so many questions. I do want to look at the official version
of this before I start commenting more. But if you have theories definitely let me
know! Next up you have this scene between older
Eren and Hange. So is it back to present day with this shot? For whatever reason Eren seems to be going
berserk behind bars. So Eren why are you getting so aggressive
with Hange? Is he just super pissed that he got thrown
into jail and no one is listening to him? Zeke was also supposed to meet up with Eren
eventually. Wonder if something happened, or did Hange
try to prevent that? Then you got this panel shot that’s a little
bit higher quality. This second one shows Eren with the Titan
markings on his face. What was he trying to do? Was he trying to go Attack Titan on Hange’s
ass? Could Eren have been trying to active the
Coordinate founding Titan power? Seems like Hange is really just trying to
play it off with that comment she made there. Of course we need to see the full scene but
it’s looking more and more like Eren may go rogue. In the bottom shot it’s looking like Hange
is having some type of regrets now. Maybe they should have picked Erwin. Next up you have a scene with Gabi and Falco. So Gabi is at it again. Looks like Gabi playing dead or faking a seizure. And come on! Did Gabi just kill another Survey Corps member? Of curse the guy falls for it. Which now at this point it’s just another
day for Gabi. Plus one for her kill count. This 12 year old girl is getting so many kills. She’s like an Attack on Titan Hitgirl, or
rather she’s like full on Eren from Attack on Titan Season 1. The only question here is, is Gabi going to
escape? How many more people is she going to kill? Come on! Finally you got this shot of Reiner and what
appears to be Pieck. So Reiner is just waking up after this perhaps
incomplete armored titan transformation. Right next to him it looks like Pieck is there
or some other women or guy with semi long hair but who is this other guy next to him? Is it the doctor? It doesn’t really look like Poroc but it
is hard to tell. I bet you that Porco is going to blame Reiner
for this for not coming sooner or taking out Eren. Anyway so are leaks. Let me hear from you so Question of the day:
What do you think happened to Historia? She doesn’t look to happy so was she forced
into it? And is this Attack on titan going way to far
for you? Also what do you think is going on between
the Asian clan and Mikasa? Did Kiyomi just set up Willy to die? Anyway definitely give this a Colossal thumbs
up and subscribe! The full chapter should come up in a day or
two. Definitely subscribe so you don’t miss out
on that! By the Way attack on titan season 3 starts
in just over two weeks now. I’m going to be doing a lot of attack on
titan videos leading up to that. Make sure to setup that bell icons so you
don’t miss future videos and I’ll see you guys later.

Reader Comments

  1. Spoiler

    Looked at the description to see the publish date, first thing I see is "Historias pregnant" so nobody look in the description of future videos, because spoilers.

  2. If eren is the father ( I hope NOT ) why would he still be in jail, and I am pretty sure Levi is not the father ( I hope )

  3. I prefer eren than zeke to have sex with historia…zeke to old to fuck historia…fucking old man…maybe angry because he want to take care his baby and that's why historia look so sad

  4. Rapeee!!!!!! Faq youuuuuu we gotta get an abortion (probably not) saveeeeee heeerrrr ( i think)

  5. Why would it be eren that makes zero sence even though eren took a darker attitude i doubt hed smash someone who doesnt wanna fuck (lmao)

  6. Reiner did a bit of forced smash with historia and knew it was enough jizz for children fell into a comma from how hard it went woke up sweating like pig and had a doctor at his side and goes outsude to check on his force fuck buddy……………(ok ill stop)

  7. Why isn't Zeke going to start reproducing and multiplying royal genes? It would be much more efficient and less creepy.

  8. I've already read it and I'm sure It's not Eren bec. Eren has black hair!! Maybe it's Armin or Jean or even Connie

  9. Since Ereri is dead, i'd rather ask anyone not TO FUCKING SHIP EREN with that bitch instead of still going Ereri.
    Ereri fans, are you with me?

  10. 1st they kill of Sasha, Then Historia is pregnant, Then Eren will die soon so ALL THAT Is BULL SHIT

  11. if it's eren it's not a problem but clearly it's zeke or someone else. and since she's the best girl in that opinion they've really gone too far

  12. I think it might be eren its possible but it hit riener hard you said so it could maybe be bertholdt but I am not going to jump to conclusions because its probably not XD

  13. Reading the Chapter made me so sad so seeing this Scene and looking at her it's just sad and kinda sucks

  14. I was thinking of the rape theory but I don't think that's the case.
    Edit: on second thought I think that might me the case.

  15. The theme seems to be history repeating itself.. they are having to make the same decisions and compromises as their ancestors so my theory is a 100 years ago they had similar options of "Earth Flattening", trade with the Asian klan and/or make the royal family a baby factor. They pretty much went w/ the bluff of the Earth flattening.. keeping the founding titan in the royal family and under pacifism. We may see why the Asians and Eldians had a falling out as it will probably be the same reason this time. Eren may of been talking to his future inheretor… probably a son.. with MIKISA

  16. WHAAAAAAAT ?!?

    Historia is pregnant ??
    B-But what is with YMIR ?!?!
    Where is Ymir ????
    Ymir x Christa was my favourite pairing
    Aaahh .Why is she pregnant by a man ?!
    My ship is dead….😭😭😭
    My favourite pairing is so dead. 😢

  17. I hope Levi didn’t force her 😬. And I don’t think it’s Eren cause I think she won’t make that face if it was him.

  18. I just realized that the Asian symbol looks like the App Store logo. Am I the only one who notices this?

    I am laughing so hard rn xD

  19. Reminds me somewhat of Operation: Enduring Victory from Horizon Zero Dawn, which was basically a delaying tactic to buy time for the terraforming system, while here we have a similar case, but with a more concentrated and mindfucked effect, all to buy time for Paradis to get with the times.


  21. When I saw Historia pregnant my reaction was pure disappointment and rage. Because I always seen her as a lesbian, and yes, lesbians can get pregnant, but this panel just traumatized me.

  22. Oh no Reiner would probably try to kill the guy who fucked historia lol I guess Reiner will go ultra instinct in his titan mode to kill the guy 😂

  23. omg is allready know who is the father of the child WTF this girl is like 18 oO whats wrong in this fucking show right now ?

  24. I think Eren is mad of Hanji and everyone since they planned to make historia a baby maker for them to retain the founding titan. What Eren wants is to finish all of the Marleyans as soon as possible that's why he makes his own decision on infiltrating the Marleyans and Historia will no longer have to suffer.

  25. Does Historia have to make babies with the same person over and over until her time alive is over? Or can she have sex with other people?

  26. Didn't they say she was going to inherit the 'beast titan'? Wasn't Zeke the beast titan??? Why is everyone so confused about this.

  27. Yes they went too far. Historia reverted back to Krista within a matter of seconds before our very eyes. And everyone who had a part in her character development, who played a hand in 'pushing' her out of Krista, idly sat by and allowed it to happen.

    I know this isn't right, but I blame Levi among the others for this. He really was the one that forced her into a corner that lead her into taking the role as queen. And when she threw her life away for them, no one had anything to say, no one even cared but Eren. Really not happy about this at all.
    EDIT: within

  28. This has gone too far, its going to be in a moder age now 😠 its supousted to be about titans right?

  29. I prefer NOT to read the Manga, Spoilers… I've had toooo many :/
    Aot hasn't gone too far in the anime for me, only time will tell ~.~

  30. Take Eren Historia and Reiner on that TV show “you are not the father” or whatever the name is and take a DNA test 😂

  31. Remember, as Eren Krüger said, the mission keeps ending the same story. I believe Founding Titan has brought the information back to the past and selected Eren as the bearer to break the curse of Ymir tu for whatever we do not know and Eren manages to bring peace when he fights to collect all Titanic forces except Armin who volunteers anyway. And then, of course, let eat of Historia or her child if it will be his child we do not know but I think I'm on the right track if his plan works only knows Isayama

  32. How i see historia being pregnant: if ymir was alive

    Ymir: cracks kuckles and is ready to kick some ass

    Reinor: screams and cries

  33. Can someone explain something to me….
    Why does eren have a bandage around his fice? Hes a titan he can regenerate right?

  34. I don’t think Mikasa would allow another Woman with Eren. She’ll go all Savage mode with them like she did with Annie.

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