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  1. A sua música vai muito além de algo pra agradar os ouvidos ou menos pra dançar em um momento descontraído.
    A sua música agrada a alma, vc inspira Demi.
    Obrigado por ter lutado e não desistido de viver…
    E mais ainda obrigado por compartilhar conosco todo esse momento vivido.

  2. this song came in the right time, I just had a breakdown, a collapse of self-esteem and this got me really up. It's okay to be like you are❤️ (im sorry for the english im italian)

  3. I love how there are captions in so many languages. Everyone should understand the meaning of this amazing song. Congrats Demi! Love this song ❤️

  4. Essa mulher simplesmente merece o mundo. Pena que eu não posso dar, pq ela merece e já é a 10a vez que eu escuto essa musica hj

  5. Muito linda <3 , Musica perfeita e fala a verdade , nós deveriamos amar a nós mesmos a acada dia mais e nunca nos deixar abalar pela opinião de outras pessoas ,pois no final o que importa é o AMOR.

  6. Besides the hidden messages she put, who else thinks this song issa bop and gives them happy demi lovato is getting better vibes?

  7. At first I was like lmao why’s she walking past a person being rushed into an ambulance during a such a happy moment then I was like oH

  8. não parem de assistir, não parem de fazer stream, vamos juntos mostrar a força dos Lovatics! 🤯💗

    don't stop watching, don't stop streaming, let's show the strength of Lovatics together! 🤯💗

  9. I love you babe 😭😍😍She is a warrior. She is my sauver🤤❤️❤️My queen is the best! I love you since my 8 years old (I am 20 years old)

  10. I think the boys kissing is from “Sorry not sorry” and the bride and groom could be from “Tell me you love me” also the bike is from “Nightingale” I’m adding things on and I’m going through all her office music videos looking for other references besides the most obvious ones

  11. Why does those three man with gold suit looks like the Jonas brother from behind. …..……But I’m soo happy for her!!

  12. Hermosa canción, nos recuerda que somos poderosas y sólo nosotras mismas nos ponemos límites. Somos mujeres, somos virtuosas!⚘⚘⚘🌹🥀

  13. Eu sempre choro com os lançamentos,sempre me emociono! 12 anos amando essa mulher que cresceu cmg e que é a minha primeira ídola de ter poster, saber todas as musicas (até as vazadas),acompanhar de perto etc. Tenho orgulho dela

  14. 919k likes huh and 10m views don’t make since….I think someone is fucking with her video

    for those confused since she’s very popular it should have more honestly I think it’s been tampered with by her old team I could be wrong….

  15. Without the past she wouldn't even be here and she reflected all of the things that's been happening to her now that's what made her DEMI

  16. I'm so annoyed with ppl on Twitter shading this video. They're saying that the reference @ 2:22 is a bad thing. They take offense to it & actually UNstan her bc of it! They see it as a reference to Israel and her being there. I was like, where she was BAPTIZED? Her soul was cleansed and it means a NEW beginning! UUUUGH I'm so angry.
    They even referenced how she had reference to previous team surrounding her in the video. So I was like yeah bc they guarded her too much!

  17. Assisti o clipe aos prantos. Eu espero de todo coração q ela se encontre, se ame e viva a sua melhor versão ♥

  18. I love how she always goes with the popular style but remains meaningful and authentic with her lyrics. She's not selling it all.

  19. Okay, she never had to have someone in the back being rushed to the hospital 😂😂😂 and then walk pass them while touching the cart like she cared. But I downloaded this song anyways⁉️

  20. Do you guys see how demi is getting herself together? I am proud of you. This song is base on self love and mental health. I love you demi💕💕💕

  21. This is me Ive been out dwn wen I'm dwn and STILL strong enough to pick myself up. Why I'm saying this…..
    Husband cheating on me with other women when I'm dwn with Breast Cancer. As I pick myself up dust myself off and walk around with a SMILE ON MY FACE. LOVE HURTS AS HELL. ONE DAY HELL HURT LIKE ME ONE-DAY.😬💋❤️ONE DAY THE FAVOR WILL BE PAYBACK.🎗🎗🎗🎫

  22. If there is a reference to As the Bell Rings in this music video that I may have missed, please let me know!

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