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De la passion à la folie | Rolex GMT Master II Batman

De la passion à la folie | Rolex GMT Master II Batman

Hello everyone I hope it plays, we find ourselves today for a new video. Today we will talk about a watch that is enormously requested everywhere, we talk about it everywhere including on social networks, it is the Rolex GMT master 2 better known as, blue and black bezel, the Batman, we’ll talk about it today and tell you what we think. This watch is enormously known because already on the one hand it has this beautiful blue and black ceramic bezel, all that to tell you that it is mythical models at Rolex, this one has a huge wave on social networks, the Daytona etc … You know all the steel sports models. This watch has a huge visibility, I know it a little less than you because I do not have it but you yes and I have been able to take it a little bit hand. Me what touches me more for a watch this is not so much its history but more the design, the movement at a pinch. The overused rating that Rolex personally it has more tendency to cool me than to excite me. Here and I think that you touch a sensitive point is that Rolex has their collector and I’m afraid that because of its waiting lists and difficulties that creates the brand to obtain steel models, we come into shop anywhere in the world, and I’m not even talking about this Batman but we want to see a steel model is impossible. According to the excesses we had, is it simply their production that can not follow, after I’ll let you get your opinion in the comments, we are the sound of the bell we had. Now we will not go back to the Batman watch, the GMT Master 2, this model is the specific model with the jubilee bracelet that was released this year at BaselWorld 2019, it now also incorporates the new movement with 70 hours of power reserve, and I honestly think that for me it is the most interesting advance on this Batman. Rolex equipped this jubilee bracelet on his Datejust, since 2019 a little bit before also with the Pepsi, Rolex has decided to equip their professional models with jubilees. I think it’s a surprising choice, ok it adds elegance to a watch that is basic rather sporty and professional but there are several things that for me are a little rated tinkering. The 1st is the clasp, they wanted to equip this jubilee bracelet and keep this clasp which for me absolutely not in agreement, we arrive on a clasp which is very large, which is much more imposing and which for me breaks all the harmony of the bracelet. I think I will take it instead Oyster bracelet, because for me it really takes his professional side, tell us in the comments if you have preferred rather jubilé or Oyster. At the time we do not necessarily agree on everything about taste ect, but this is something that we can easily join and unfortunately it suffers enormously this watch resale, it is a model currently that we found in the gray market between 17’000 and 18’000 CHF, it’s more than double the price, I take you do not buy his watches at double the price. You really need quotation marks, you really have to want it. And I think that when you think about it is a logical continuation, Rolex really wants to make their watch sacred through the difficulty of simply getting a professional watch. We rejoice this watch is to see a little old. This is a watch that is so new that is so much in recent quotes, it is not so much that but to my head it is so recent and even visually she has a side actually very bling-bling, it can -being also the fact that we stop talking about it a little on social networks that it calms down a little bit that we do not see less that will also do good perhaps, we spend a little something else and worse to see her grow old to talk about it in 10 years or even in 15 or 20 years this watch, and she will have taken those who will have it and who will have kept it and here it is, yen will not have much well it will have aged this watch, it will have taken the cachet. Do not forget that what also makes the charm of its old and its vintage GMT master 1 and 2 is that their bazel is not in ceramic but in aluminum, yes that’s right, do not forget that the ceramic side will make it less aging and anyway and here you touch a pretty important point, Rolex and now all the brands are led to make watches that are much less evolve over time, it’s true that there is a paradoxical side because in fact it’s watches that technically will age better; yes because here is no more tritium so the indexes will keep their luminescence, that’s exactly. Bezell is more aluminum but now ceramic, finally it’s watches that technically and technically material will age better but I’m a little pity. We also have with the progression of the materials, the techniques and the desire also to bring a watch which as you say will remain in the time, because there is also this new wave of vintage eh which is not so old that it. In particular we have a new video on the Rolex I wear, we will not say too much but it’s really a vintage model, rewind in the video to watch only my brother’s watch and maybe you will come to guess. We’re talking about all that, we’re talking about speculation, we’re talking about social networks, a little bit of hype about this watch, and a little bit about how they call it a little must-wanted Watch, wanted watch, it’s a model that I I really like this blue and black two-tone bezel, it speaks to me I really like its two colors. When I got the chance to see a watch like that in hand, but there’s still something pretty strong going on and here we have to give Cesar what belongs to Cesar is pretty crazy what Rolex has managed to build. As usualdo not forget to like, share, comment, say what you think and see you for a next video and do not forget, be on time.

Reader Comments

  1. Salam shalom salut

    Bravo ! Félicitation ! Tu as réussi à l’avoir, ça fait plaisir de voir que tu arrives à atteindre tes objectifs.
    Moi aussi je suis en mode fourmis pour quelques mois encore pour ma speedmaster moonwatch !
    Mais j’avoue que le fermoir bof bof j’aurais préféré la continuité du bracelet jubilé seul défaut que je trouve.
    Prend en soin !


  2. "Il faut la vouloir", totalement
    Ajouter à cela que vous habitez en Suisse, pour le reste de l'Europe, même acheter une Airking il faut la vouloir

  3. L'excellence à l'état pur, et je ne parle pas que de la montre que vous avez présenté… Perso, je ne suis pas très Rolex, mais vous avez réussi à me faire envie … Toutefois à ~ CHF 10'000 je vais attendre un peu 😉 Encore bravo pour votre duo, que du plaisir 👍😎

  4. Salut les frangins. Merci pour ce nouvel épisode mais il me reste une question : pour quelle raison est elle surnommé "Batman"? Merci d'avance et bonne continuation

  5. Perso, pour moi il n'y a pas de problème de production, Rolex créé artificiellement le buzz, la rareté , en sous-produisant leur modèle afin de proposer et justifier un prix élevé, sans apporter d'innovation fondamentale ni a leur modèle, ni dans leur méthode de fabrication… A part le colorie de la lunette en bleu et noire , what else ?!

  6. Superbe montre c’est sûre. Mais la stratégie de Rolex j’en peux plus. Perso je ne porte presque plus mes montres automatiques depuis que j’ai mon Apple Watch

  7. Merci pour cette vidéo.

    Personnellement je lui préfère presque le Jubilé simplement parce que je n'aime pas du tout le maillon central poli sur l'Oyster. Je trouve ce maillon poli, certes bien en accord avec le flan des cornes également polies mais pas du tout cohérent avec l'histoire des modèles pro. On est passé de la montre "aventurier" ou "bonne à tout faire" à la montre bijoux. Et je trouve cela tellement dommage sur les 6 chiffres. Heureusement il reste encore les sub et sub date sans cela.
    Sinon concernant le fermoir à la dimension importante, je suis un peu d'accord avec vous. Il n'est pas dans le style plus classe du jubilé. Par contre quel plaisir d'avoir ce système Easylink qui certes prend de la place, mais qui permet l'été de très facilement ajuster son bracelet lorsque son poignet gonfle.

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