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  1. “No witnesses necessary to show there is no case.” – No witnesses necessary to show there is no legal basis to proceed.

    ‘Let them get back to making something else up.’ – If they took a break from making things up I must have sneezed and missed it.

    As long as they hold the majority in the house they will continue to act in a politically biased and criminal manner. They will continue to attempt to dismantle the legal foundation of this nation through another go at impeachment, attacking the electoral college, etc. We will not continue to entertain them by engaging them in round after round of political and verbal tug-of-war. We will lay down, honor, and follow the law. We will stand our ground.

    Thank you Chairmen.

  2. Trump has been money laundering for the Kremlin and harboring the head of KGB covert US operations since the 70s. And then began money laundering for North Korea, later one. Ignorance of which is no excuse.

  3. Why witnesses? What is the charge that a witness or witnesses may testify to prove or not?
    Bogus impeachment deserves immediate termination of process and dismissal.


  5. Here are the facts. Obama’s personal attorney is in prison. Obama’s campaign manager is in prison. Obama’s best friend of 30 years and crooked General he put in charge of America’s safety are going to prison. Have you libotards and Dems heard enough??

  6. FOX NEWS,
    Not once has FOX NEWS messed up ANDREW YANGS demographics of ratings, not once has FOX NEWS messed up ANDREW YANGS name, overall FOX NEws has been most autonomous and independent.
    FOX NEWS has shown excellence in journalism.
    You just watch , your viewership will increase.

  7. Maybe the term liberals should be called by what these democrats are: Socialists/Communists. Not only are they anti-Semitic, they hate anyone who doesn’t think the way they do. They hate Christians, they call up, down, and in, out. They call evil good, and good, evil! They have completely abandoned any kind of moral compass. They think it’s perfectly acceptable to allow a baby to die after birth! They are despots! They hate our President because he’s humiliating all of them. I have wondered for years, why nothing of substance ever was accomplished in Washington. Now we know. It took an outsider to expose the tyrannical aspirations. Wow! Can you imagine a world in which Hillary was President? Perish the thought! Look at how Schiff handled the impeachment inquiry. It was all one sided. No justice. Complete tyranny. Can you imagine what would happen if he or Pelosi were to become President? OMG! I shudder at the thought. No, the term “liberals” is really a misnomer. These democrats are leftists communists. And they truly want to bring this country down and us to our knees. Trump 2020!

  8. In this titanic struggle, the Trump supporters and Senators will acquit Trump.🦨🦨🦨
    Then the American people will remove Trump from office in November.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Trump supporters will Lose.🦨
    America will win.🇺🇸

  9. We aren't all stupid just because we watch Fox ! Of course we know Trump is guilty and hiding evidence , we're not naive. However we still just want a partisan trial that exonerates Trump . One day , let's change that silly constitution so Trump can become king and control everything !

  10. I hope that Mr Issa is aware that because of the presidents behaviour in not offering witnesses or documents in his defence he has no defence. What's more important for America is that the world is watching the Republican senators individual behaviour in colluding with Trump.
    The Senate is on trial in front of the whole world as much as Trump.
    America's allies worldwide will be watching and making assessments of the credibility and honesty of senators.
    It's make or break time for America, not just Trump who at some stage will be gone. America may have to continue with a stain on its democracy because of weak and frightened GOP senators who love Trump and their jobs more than their country.

  11. Here we have two men who quit being representatives. Both are has been's who helped open the doors for the Democratic party. Neither man is worth listening to. NO ONE CARES WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY.

  12. Dimiss the articles they have no constitutional standing. Then at the state of the union address I would like to see President Trump shove one his own gold pens up Pelosis hind end and sign his name Donald J Trump President "FOREVER"

  13. Nancy Pelosi delayed the impeachment because HER PENS (with her name on them) WERE'NT READY.
    This woman is sooo up herself.

  14. Why is no one asking our lawmakers to adjust the cost of ignorance to those who are providing the ignorance!!!

  15. I’m so tired of impeachment news. I hope this is over soon and the DemonRats will finally end their sickening soap opera. They should be happy now – they got their souvenir pens.

  16. You are guys are too funny! Our great country has and is still being embarrassed by this 4th grade administration!!! This Republican party thing is a hide away for the corrupted, dishonest, dishonorable men in our country history. You wear the american flag pin on your suits but yet it's being dishonored. It's about $$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$ nothing else matters. President Obama when in office battled numerous rejection of his great policies. Graham, McConnell and the rest of the establishment tried everything possible to slow him down, but he excel and made history in our great county. Now we have a first class circus with clowns and acts. Some media network always report the opposite of what's truly going on. This is the USA greatest and powerful country on earth except for these GREEDY, WICKED, DISHONEST, UNTRUTHFUL Republicans who are allowing this to exist.

  17. If he wants to get re-elected for 2020, he HAD BEST expose, prosecute, imprison, the traitor Bidens and other dems who are stealing our money, and destroying our country.

  18. You cant impeach a president for a quid pro quo when you have a democratic candidate hopeful possibly comming into presidency who admitted to one on live TV.

  19. "win-win for the American people"……. ahhhhhhhhhh…. there IS a double standard of justice and this country has NO rule of Law. A country without law does NOT DESERVE to be called a "country" and is a mob rule rabble. THIS GUY IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  20. Chaffetz interviewing Darrell Issa? I can’t think of two more irrelevant people. Who the fukc cares what they say?

  21. If you are a conservative whether Republican or Independent or otherwise; and if your comments are filled with insults, foul language, and ignorant remarks about our nation's corrupt, criminal government ; how exactly are you different than the goons they hire to provide distraction?

    What are you bringing to the table that benefits us or President Trump?

    Your making us all look immoral and uneducated.
    This is not a game!
    We have serious threats to our liberty and freedom and the only contribution you can add is childish immature insults or ridiculous statements that may be true but so evident a toddler is aware. That helps no one. We need thinkers.

    We have no need for idiots that open their mouth and act like fools.

    Other nation's in turmoil around the globe don't have loud mouths running their jaws; pretending to be authorities or experts in how to handle the biggest threat to civilization since we were created.

    And please quit insulting other states, citizens, for having Democrat lawmakers as if they voted them in and wanted corrupt legislators.
    That's just stupidity! Corruption is rampant in every state!
    It's more logical to presume a Democrat controlled state is so; because of Election Fraud rather than dumb Voters!

  22. pigfloocies;; illegal biased partisan !!no crime !unconstitutional articles will be dismissed !!!!! president trump will be acquitted !! exonerated !!vindicated !! 100 mill++ trumplicans will be reelected 2020 magakag !! ~!!!

  23. Why no charges for extortion on Pelosi for holding back those impeachment papers for a month unless the Senate met Pelosi's demands, she is not running the Senate , so how or why was she allowed to get away with this!

  24. What happened to make these guys leave??? Threats or blackmail or leave purposely to allow Democrat take over, just kind of odd at this many leaving their post suddenly when America needed them most Gowdy too, strange. we wish you would have stayed, why did you leave , really? America needed and still needs you to stand and fight for the Constitution and an innocent President!

  25. The voice of the people is the voice of god, the framers create the voting system, majority win, also create the bill of rights, now where is that? Why they can remove the president just like that framed the articles with a very very bad motives? Where is the justice for 60+ mil who vote for trump? OMG america

  26. = parasites that waste a good working President's precious time – trying to distract public from real and serious issues !! What a shame to deceive and manipulate citizens that way ~

  27. Mr Issa, please run to take back your own district, we need republicans to run in the district they live in to take back the house from the democrats. Sincerely, the republicans of the 50th district.

  28. Trump knows all about Political hit jobs i.e Marie Yavonovich. Sounds like him and his cohorts we're about to take it from figuratively to literally!!!

  29. Exactly! You can’t impeach on “ hypothetical thoughts”….Adam S. Pencil neck, is an Idiot & thinks we are all stupid Americans who would believe that! I am insulted!

  30. Good point ,dems are in a kind of perpetual retart mode thinking its just peachy how they are using the offices they've been entrusted with. Best to get through the trial quickly acquit the president and let them dum dems go back to the drawing board which they surely will .

  31. If the Senate doesn't see it through , the House will keep playing their games. They need to be stopped, yes, but there also needs to be natural consequences (they are children afterall) and a clear message sent that this BS (accusing any POTUS of wrong doing in office, not permitting defense and above all, providing zero proof) will NOT be excused or ever tolerated! I want to see them charged for their crimes, impeached and prosecuted.

  32. If the Democrats had evidence of a crime then they would have charged the president with a crime. If they chose not to, then it is not the Senate's job to initiate another investigation for the purpose of FINDING a crime to charge the president with and/or for the purpose of rationalizing the House's actions. Period.

    Trials are reserved for people who are accused of breaking the law.

  33. I disagree, I want to hear about the Bidens corruption!!! Joe belongs in jail not running for POTUS! And what about the other prominent politicians that have family members milking all they can out of the Ukraine ??? Romney,Pelosi and Kerry are just as corrupt as the Bidens. The Democrats decided to go down this road to protect their party leaders and themselves. I want to see true justice now!

  34. Fox 🦊 goes to every country to reveal there bad dictators taxpayers bring out u.s network dictator oprah who murderered her own influx check local jails and prisons

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