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Curious Clocks

In my collection of novelties there are quite a number of clocks and watches and I thought I would just show a few of the clocks that I have bought over the years. This extraordinary thing is supposed to be a wristwatch… enormous! It is far too big for my wrist of course. I thought just recently that I ought to wear it around my waist and call it a waist watch rather than a wrist watch. But it works perfectly well, sits on the wall of my room, and keeps me informed of the time, along with all the other ones. In the front here, we have got an extraordinary clock which a friend of mine made, starting off with a little can which had paint pouring from it. A kind of ‘frozen moment’ they call it. But on the drips at the bottom he put a little quartz clock movement, which is there on the back. Now it looks somehow as if the clock is suspended on the pouring paint. You can still put coins in there [in the can] if you want, as well. This is an extraordinary clock. Again it is battery operated, and instead of the hands moving, the whole of the dial moves, at a very gentle pace. And if you want to, just for fun, you can turn it round and have Roman numerals on the back. But it keeps very accurate time and that just sits on the little wheel and moves ever so slowly, and keeps a good record of the time as it is passing. And the most interesting clock really of these I have brought along is this one here, the Shock Clock which Lubor Fiedler designed, which is an optical illusion. Very, very fascinating, and you just cannot tell how that hand can be holding the card when there is an air gap between them. And there is a pendulum going at the back. How can that card be suspended in the middle of the air? It is not fixed to the front glass – there is a clear gap between them – and yet somehow he has managed to get the card suspended in the middle of the chamber, and the pendulum behind, showing there is no connection at the back. Extraordinary. The Shock Clock. My favourite I think.

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  1. I feel like the card must be on a separate layer of glass and the hand actually has nothing to do with the card floating there

  2. when he flipped the dripping clock it looked very strange because you can see him rotate it either clockwise or counterclockwise. its an optical illusion!

  3. 1:30
    What appears to be the torn off part of the queen is actually a black paper. The hand is holding onto the black paper.

  4. For the shock clock, here is my theory; the card is being sandwiched between two panes of glass, very thin, but still there nonetheless. It holds up the card, which is ripped in the top corner, so you can see the pendulum swinging.

  5. But pendulum can be seen passing there, my guess is that it's some sort of very thin and transparent material that makes the corner of the card.

  6. My idea is this. The card is held up by a stick from the back. One of the black lines on the pendulum (my money is on the second from the bottom) is actually a gap allowing the pendulum to pass through. The bottom of the pendulum is attached through that slot in the bottom to the actual pendulum, which swings behind the back wall, and guides both the bottom piece and the detached arm.

  7. 5 hours to go till mid-terms and I'm watching hundreds of videos of an elderly gentleman playing with thingy-majigers.

  8. It's just a shame that all these are is cheap quartz timepieces with odd cases.

    I have had the aluminium ring clock for over two decades, and it's never interested me in any way other than when I saw it in the catalogue. It's just another quartz mouvement with that hideous scritch scritch scritch noise and a very difficult to read dial. If it didn't make noise, I wouldn't even think to look at it to see the time.

  9. I have one right next to me. It has a spinning globe on top, with the continents being metal and the oceans being empty air. The numbers are on rotating wheels viewed through a window. The window has a vertical line on it to tell the time. The only problem is that the globe is going clockwise like the numbers, which means it's going backwards compared to the actual Earth.

  10. Been studying the slock clock for weeks now, I believe the card is only visible when the pendulum is swinging, somehow the timed swinging of the pendulum is creating an image of the card that is actually not there. It works not unlike closed circuit tv and the pendulum cleverly hides the cathode ray tube. You can see there is a flaw in the tube or it's out of alignment because the upper right hand of the card is missing. Very clever indeed.

  11. At 0:54 does anyone know what that clock is called? I'm interested in it but I'm having problems finding it

  12. Have you seen “ring watches”? Is a watch shaped in a form of a ring amd you actually can wear it like a real ring.

  13. Swatch usually makes LARGE watches for promotional purposes, including those seen in shopping centers like the one from Glorietta here in my home country, the Philippines.

  14. Very nice from a black man who like and want started to invent in the future.📻📺🍟🎸🍔✌

  15. What I see or guess: the pendulum swings behind hand and card. The hand is still holding the card, that angle of card might me glued (or is a sticker) to a glass or transparent plastic,with a corner ripped off where the hand holds it.

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