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Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama (narrated video)

Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama (narrated video)

[Ashwin Vasavada] This is the
largest and highest-resolution panorama the Curiosity
rover has ever taken. It’s made up of almost
1,200 individual images taken over four days. The rover’s body is too close for the Mastcam’s
telephoto lens. But we were able to
capture the rover using the other Mastcam lens. The higher resolution version is
nearly 1.8 billion pixels. What I love about this panorama
is that we can zoom way in and see details far
in the distance. When you start to do that, you can see the rim of the
crater we’re inside of, all the way to
the north. Here’s an impressive sight: 20 miles away is
Slangpos crater, just inside Gale crater’s rim. End to end, Slangpos
is three miles wide! Something huge must
have struck here. Whenever I start to think that
Mars looks familiar, sights like this
dramatic impact crater remind me that we’re looking
at a different planet. Curiosity is exploring
a clay-bearing region on the side of a mountain. This ancient landscape was the
site of lakes and streams billions of years ago. They left their clues in the
finely-layered, clay-rich rock. This crumbling cliff is the edge
of the Greenheugh Pediment. It’s a vast sheet of rock draped
over the side of the mountain. It must have formed after
the lakes disappeared and the mountain took
its present shape. Did it once extend
even farther out? Curiosity looks a bit like an
abstract painting here. That’s because this is a
360-degree perspective. The image is warped, like
looking through a fisheye lens. You can make out some amazing
details on the rover itself. This is the shadow of
Curiosity’s mast. Here’s RAD, an instrument
that detects radiation from the sun and space. Thanks to RAD, we
have a better idea of how to protect future
astronauts on Mars. Why are there severed tubes
and wires on the rover? These tubes were part of the
fluid cooling system that circulated
throughout the spacecraft that flew the rover to Mars. These wires were like an
umbilical cord for data. They were cut during landing. In spite of the all the dust, our sundial still
tells us “to explore.” Trailing behind the rover,
you can see our tracks — including where we
climbed up a hill. Even after seven years on Mars, Curiosity is not done
making tracks yet. Panoramas like this are like a
window to another world. Explore it yourself
in a 360 video. Look for the link
in the description.

Reader Comments

  1. I remember racing home in 1976 when the first pictures from Viking I were going to be broadcast in 1976. We were SO D*MN EXCITED to see those grainy pics on the little B&W tv we had then!!!! Pictures from MARS, ffs. And look what we're doing now. I'm really happy I lived to see this.

  2. If I can manipulate the color of any photos with my personal computer, Then so can NASA. With a atmosphere of 1% of ours and made up of clear dry ice gasses and some rouge talcum powder like dust , the sky would be nearly black.

  3. Actually a very beautiful landscape if I’ve to see more photos of some of the more striking locations on mars hopefully some day I want to see a in depth photo or even video of the massive trenches and volcanos of the mars planet

  4. Great NASA this Mart image is beautiful landscape. Congrats for ALL team. Brazil is looking to the sky and space.

  5. There is no way to attach some type of device that has a live stream while the rover travels through the planet for others to see?

  6. At 1:25: I worked with Geologists my entire career. If you were to express doubt about water on Mars, they would laugh at you and show you this video frame.

  7. For several months I tried to forward a message NASA to provide some information. Unfortunately unsuccessfully, the subject of my message probably was taken as a joke. Therefore, please include in the NASA budget about $ 14 to buy an e-book Obcy w epoce kamienia (Aliens in the Stone Age). In this book there are photographs of an artifact containing information about Mars. Just someone from Mars could do such an artifact over – 30,000 years . The information contained in the book Obcy w epoce kamienia (Aliens in the Stone Age) can be helpful in colonizing Mars.

  8. Could you please repost this in 4k or 8k resolution please? I know that even while 8k is limited to 33.177 Million pixels, still that's nearly 10x more pixels than 1440p.

  9. Why don't you send that Rover over to the polar cap where the ice is, so you can and where the water is … ???

  10. I was like "yeah yeah there's dust all over and everything's beige, but what are those??" looking at those wires and tubes at 2:14 – appreciate you sorting that out for me

  11. its weird to me how similar it does look to many places on earth. Like maybe our planet isnt as unique as we imagine it is. Also its pretty obviously the way that the geological features are eroded that there was lots of water here for long periods of time.

  12. Let's be honest with ourselves. This planet has breathable air! It looks like we could land and start setting up shop for growth and longevity!

  13. I can see what looks like a puddle of liquid on the actual NASA image, on the far left above where it says "curiosity", there's appears to be a reflection and shadow consistent with a puddle of fluid!!!! Very cool!

  14. This is really an amazing rover and even more amazing how they were able to land it. As a nuclear-powered rover, it should be cruising around for many more years. Thanks for sharing JPL — keep up the great work for America and the world.

  15. I keep having to tell myself that this is literally a different planet. Almost can’t wrap my head around the concept

  16. Make a flying suv tall shocks mountain tires metal with supersonic power with oxygen and fly it to Mars and send a human

  17. Incredible resolution!

    Wonder what are the group of light coloured "parallel lines" virtually in frame center at bottom screen between 34 to 36 seconds?

  18. Space is truly the final frontier. Unfathomable, infinite mysteries awaiting to be discovered. Science is the only thing that elevates us to godlike beings, because at the end we are just apes, intelligent ones, but apes, animals, not much different from the other bunch. But science allows us to transcend beyond our biological limitations. There's no way I would ever be able to witness another planet, but thanks to science, and the brilliant people that study it, I can be sitting in my tiny room and see other worlds, something that no other generation was able to do before. It is truly a good time to be alive, don;t be sad because you will never walk another world, be happy because you were born in the dawn of the digital era, where even the farthest, most faint galaxy imaginable can be appreciated by you by doing nothing more than turning your computer. Thank you Nasa!

  19. Unbelievable that basement dwellers posting comments this is fake and made by Hollywood. How hard is it to believe we put a rocket on the moon 🚀 🌙 👨‍🚀 and a rover on Mars to take pictures? Now if I saw Thanos on Mars sitting in a lawn chair eating a hamburger 🍔 and Gordon Ramsay screaming profanities at Thanos that Martian hamburgers are bloody dog food in this video well then…..well that could actually happen so maybe that’s a bad example.

  20. Instead of focusing on colonizing other planets, we should be focusing on controlling the population here on Earth…

  21. Oh my god!! Its truth that we r not alone… There is something outhere!!! Amazing how far scientific goes!!! Great window…

  22. Just a Question – not looking for unpleasantness….

    Does anyone seriously believe that there will ever be mass migration from Earth to another planet?

    Mars isn’t the answer. It’s not that much further from the sun in cosmic terms. Anything that affects Earth would affect Mars shortly after.

    And who selects who goes and who stays? Will money, as usual, talk? What about the billions of people who didn’t get a golden ticket?

    My opinion is that like every other species, we will have our time, then fade.

  23. Yo, that RAD thing is really rad, man. Where them green men at, though? They is hid'n in dat crater over yonder?

  24. Tasco Utah….Great family vacation. If u look very closely. Tommy's lost leather first base Mitt blends in well with the terrain. Hot. Very hot.

  25. Image the curiosity craft driving around alonng vast deserted land on other planet exploring for humanity. It's awesome, to think about how humanity will be able to do in year 4000 or beyond

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