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Coworkers Decide Who Gets $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

Coworkers Decide Who Gets $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

– Uh, I’d have to give it to Kyle. – Wow. – Is he lying? – He’s lying. – It’s fine. It’s fine, you can say me. (uptempo haunting music) (uptempo haunting music) – [Group] Hi. – We work for a general contractor. So we’re all in construction. – Tyson. – I mean, did you see him look at me? (loud laughing) – Obviously, Yuhan. – Yeah, I’ll go with Yuhan. – Yeah.
– Fair. – What’s the question?
I forgot. (laughing) – I do. – Probably me because I’m– – Yeah, Yuhan’s the newest. – I’m new. (laughing) – This is America, right? – Yeah, we hang out outside of work. – We consider ourselves friends. – I do. (laughing) – Yes. – Is it a career eliminating move? – I think we should say,
everyone should go around, we should say what we
would use the $1,000 for. – All right, so obviously
everyone says I make the most money which is a true
statement, so you’re not lying. For everybody, because
they do work hard and I don’t ever give them the
appreciation that they want, I would take the all out
to dinner and you know spend it back on them. – Is he lying? – He’s lying. – Uh, I’d have to give it to Kyle. – Wow. – For productivity, yeah. – It’s fine, it’s fine. You can say me. (laughing) – I would use the $1000
for probably team-building or like team lunch or something of that sort and then the rest is going on to a credit card. – I’m going to use the
money to pay for a marathon and my entry into an Iron Man competition. – Uh, so I’m going to plan
for a vacation next week, so if I won a thousand dollars, I would use portion of the
money to cover the dock boarding expense and for the rest of money, buy some snacks for the team. (laughing) – (whispers) Kyle. – I would say Anthony cause
he’s no longer our team. (laughing) – You guys know I’m doing
my Master’s program online, so I would pay off some tuition. – I’m gonna say either Tyson or Kyle. – Oooooh. – You yelled at me for an hour yesterday saying saucer wasn’t ice cream. (laughing) – So I’ll just be honest. I don’t need the money, so
I would do a 100% donation to a charity that’s near
and dear to my heart for adults with autism. – All right, so you
guys know I have a kid. He’s 1 year old. It’s been, I wouldn’t say
hard on me and my wife, but we definitely haven’t
had a lot of fun lately. So, I would use that
money to go on a vacation. Take me and my wife and
we’d enjoy ourselves. – Kyle wins. – And I don’t want Tyson to win. (laughing) – Yeah, let’s go. – All right. – Let’s do it. Anthony, Anthony, Yuhan. (laughing) Ugh, so I’ve got three already? Yeah, see ya. (laughing) – Well, this actually makes it easier ’cause now you guys are
all gonna hate each other. (laughing) – Guess who voted for you? – The whole top three. – Actually, I did not. – Oh, damn. – Me either. – Jordyn! (laughing) – I feel really bad. I thought that everyone else would and I was just peer pressured. – We can make this a real quick round and just do who makes the most. (chuckling) – There’s no confirmation of it. – I would pick Tyson
because he makes the money. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, I pick Tyson. Kindra? (laughing) – That’s my argument. He makes the most. – It’s all right, Tyson really
wants to sit next to me too. – Those two can go cuddle up
over there so I’m in with Kyle. – All right, fine. Tyson, I vote Tyson. – I feel like I can’t because
he buys me a cookie every day. – Yeah, but he admittedly
buys you a cookie every day to brainwash you. – It’ working. If everyone else wants to
do that, then I’ll say yes. – So, you’re going along? (laughing) – I’m gonna vote for Tyson. – I said I would do it
if everyone says yes. Sorry, Tyson. – Cop out. – Why are you not making eye contact? (laughing) – How do you feel, Tyson? – Um, it was expected. I knew you guys were gonna turn on me, but I didn’t think it was gonna
be this early in the round. But it’s okay. We have next week with work. – The reason I voted for you is because I see you as my biggest threat. – Is that why you voted for me, too? – No, I don’t like you. (laughing) – So, I think that’s
gonna backfire on you. – Maybe. – [Tyson] Because we could’ve
been your biggest allies at the end, but I predict
you’re gonna be next. – Okay, I think we should
actually play a game this round. – Yeah, let’s do a game. Let’s do Click Master. – Because you know you’re gonna get a win. – This is a game I invented and I’m probably the worst at it. It’s literally just a
counter, it’s a clicker. Click yes as many times as you can and whoever clicks the
least would then be out. – Yes. – I’m already stressed out. I bet my heart rate’s at, like, 150. – This way, right? (giggling) – However you wanna do it. – Three, two, one. (clicking sound) – I’m shaking. – Can I use both hands? – No. – You already made the
rookie mistake, Jordyn. – What, put my finger in the hole, I know! – You’ve gotta turn it
in your hand a little bit so you can like straight on. – Four, three, two, one, zero. Ooh, 169. – 157. – 146. – 141. – 66, I like this number. (laughing) – I’m joining the couch team. – Yeah, that’s fair. – Yes, I did play. I think it’s perfect now as a team. (laughing) – Not being like project-specific, but the construction industry in general, I’d like to see more kick ass
women working construction. – Absolutely. – We have to work harder
to convince people that we know how to do our jobs. You have to be so good at your job that they can’t question you. That’s the best thing you can do. – Confidence. – Yeah. – [Kindra] But too much
confidence and then– – You’re an angry person. – If you show emotions,
then that as a woman right off the bat marks
you as the emotional one. And then you’ll get comments
like, “Ooh, simmer down,” or people are just
automatically think that you’re gonna like jump down
their throat when there’s male managers and workers
that throw fits every day and nobody even questions it. – Tyson. – I don’t know that I’d put
you in that category, though, with like– – You’re very respectful of other people. – You’re not unstable. – That’s true. – Absolutely.
– No. (laughing) – As far as elimination,
I say you guys pick. – Yeah, I’m fine with that. – Dillon. (laughing) – That would make an entertaining three. – Yeah, it would. – Do you wanna play another game? – Well, they can pick. – So either you can pick a
game or you can let us decide because we already have a unanimous vote. – I’m rolling the dice. I
want you guys to decide. – Yeah that’s fine. – Wait, wait what was it? – Dillon. (laughing) – I was not expecting that. (laughing) – Why Yuhan? Wait, time out. Your review here is in two weeks. Do you know what you just did? – So, reason I vote for you
because it would be more fun to watch them for the $1000. That’s my reason. – Okay. – If you’re not gonna pick yourself, who would you pick out of the group? – I think Kindra and I have good reasons, but I think Kyle had the best. Like, I would love for Kyle
to get to take his wife out. – Thank you. – Mm-hmm. – Um, I was gonna pick Jordyn because not only does
she work on our project, she works on another
project and I know that is probably difficult and
she brings a lot of light to the office, so she makes things fun. – Ooh and getting a
Master’s at the same time. – And getting a Master’s,
yeah, while she’s working. – So, can we not forget
that Kindra was just gonna take everybody out. – That’s true and I’m gonna
spend the money on everyone. – So, I think you guys are
like losing sight of the fact that while we’ll have a fun time. – Our company lets us go out
and have a fun time anyways. We already get to go
out and do cool things. – Yeah but Dillon, when’s
really the next team outing? – You need to finish this
project before we go out again. – Right. – Um, I’m not gonna
defend myself, but I do– – Typical. The nicest one out of all of us. – No, no, no. Tell us why does your
wife deserve the date? – Yeah, that’s a great one. – Yeah because it’s important
for your wife, not you. – Yeah, my wife is an absolute rock star. She’s a stay-at-home mom and we have a kid that is a hellion. – How long until you’ve had sex. How long has it been before? – How long has it been? It’s been long enough that
I don’t remember. (laughing) – Is your wife gonna
murder you for saying that? – Maybe. (laughing) – We’ve been married, we
haven’t been traveling much. She loves New York, I’ve never been. She wants to take me and show me around, so that would be– – Leave the kid at home? – Leave the kid at home with grandma. – So, I would say if he’s gonna do that, it has to happen between
like in the three months or six months window. – Would you guys care if I went on a trip in April for a week? – I would approve that. – Well, I vote Kyle. – I vote Kyle. – Oh wow. – Kyle. (laughing) – Vote for your wife. You’re voting for your wife. – I vote for myself. (cheers) – I definitely thought
were gonna play more games because we play at least
a game daily at work. – Yeah, you do waste
a lot of time at work. (laughing) – I mean, I was. I came out first. – Anthony pranks everyone. I think that’s why
everyone was after Anthony. – The fart spray was the best. (laughing) – Can you feel the sweat? (uptempo symphony music)

Reader Comments

  1. I kind of wish they had actually debated in each round, rather than just played games and basically left it a little to chance. I feel like it would have been fairer if they had actually discussed it

  2. what people need to understand about job positions and wages:
    This is how life works. You work your ass off to get to the top, and once your there you get the payoff. Like i'm sure Tyson (the boss) was once a minimum wage worker and had to climb the ladder in order to work less and make more. You know?
    I myself make 9.50 an hour and my boyfriend makes 25.00 an hour while doing less work than I do; which SUCKS, but he didn't get that job handed to him like I got mine handed to me. So, I understand completely. Life is what you make it, and we will all get there someday if we work for it.

  3. i think this is alot better than the other ones where you gather strangers because since theyre all close friends it makes it WAY lighter on eachother and its not dramatic and rude theres no negative energy its just fun

  4. This was a nice episode but I can't lie. For me, the ones where people show their worst side are more entertaining. It just shocks me how far people will good. Sad and funny…That's my Hot Take🙃

  5. You should do different people from different charities.

    Different activists (one feminist, one black lives matter and one LGBTQ)

  6. I’ve honestly avoided watching the other episodes of this series because 2 minutes into the first one made me so anxious and uncomfortable that I chose not to watch the following ones. This episode piqued my interest because I know how I love my work family and that we would move mountains for each other and after watching I know it’s the same for these folks! Thanks for another sweet and fantastic vid @cut !!

  7. I hope all of them, especially Jordan, gets constant love and blessings their way! They are all so good to each other it seems and they deserve nothing but good

  8. -So you work the hardest and you're paid the least.
    -This is America, right?

    …that's literally capitalism, the economic system that America imposed all over the world through economic colonization and actual military invasion, and I honestly don't know how is it possible to find that funny or "just the way it is", it's hurting y'all too.

    Edit: uh ok unexpected working class union at round two! lol

  9. Before they stated their reasons I thought Kyle would go off first but honestly this was very sweet and surprisingly. They seem like a nice group of people. Bring them back :3

  10. This series has truly revealed how willing people are to be horrible to strangers. The roommates and coworkers don't want to piss each other off too much because the relationships are ongoing, but if it's a stranger they're not likely to see again then they have no issues degrading and demeaning them.

  11. Anthony for me is attractive and the fact that he is a construction worker heightens that attraction :< This is America?!?!??!

    Them as a team is also sweet and it's really fun to watch them! This is also a realization that $1000 is nothing compared to how rich people earn or have but this amount of money brings the greatest joy for one who has none! What??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  12. This one is great! And honestly, looking at the men, my Dad looked exactly like them, lol. If you want to be strong when your 65, I mean this is the job for you… Someone, being a superintendent in construction did my Dad a lot 😂

  13. Ok. I love that Kyle won for his wife. BUT Tuition is expensive af, and what’s-her-face would’ve put the money towards a practical use lowering the student debt crisis. But whatever. 🙄

  14. I think this series is better when they know each other. In the other episodes it’s like whoever is most determined to win will will if you know what I mean lol

  15. Such crap I would have done the guy for the charity cause the guy wanted the thousand because you haven’t gotten a break from the 1 kid you decided to have gtfoh there are single mothers raising multiple kids that could use that instead

  16. kyle and tyson are gross people and i can see right through their bullshit. this poor girl is going to school and this asshole can only think of his wife who isnt even fucking there. fuck those assholes.

  17. Best episode by far! In my opinion it goes so much better when there's no race conflict involved. Every episode with white against blacks it almost always end up with the white's being voted out right off. I'm not racist at all, but it shouldn't be a battle between 4 blacks and 2 whites type of deal because it'll rarely be played fairly. Just my opinion.

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