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Coronavirus Infects Baselworld 2020! The End of the Swiss Watch Show?!

Coronavirus Infects Baselworld 2020! The End of the Swiss Watch Show?!

So thank you for tuning in. My name is Eric Rivera and if you’re watching
this, it’s too late. Coronavirus is everywhere! [laughter] So thank you for tuning in. My name is Eric Rivera and if you’re watching
this, it’s already too late. Baselworld 2020 has been canceled. I mean, I was shocked myself. I should have seen it coming already, especially
when I overheard shatter that the Olympics might be canceled. I mean, if the Olympics are gonna be canceled,
why wouldn’t everything else be? Yes, it’s a shock for me too. We were really hoping to see what’s gonna
happen this year with the releases and based on the fact that the show has been getting
weaker year by year, you know there’s a lot of shatter going around that pretty much if
it wasn’t for Rolex, Patek or anybody else that’s really carrying the major weight for
the show, the show wouldn’t even be going on or wouldn’t be worth the production. Look, I don’t know. For me it’s a bit of a shock. We’re gonna have to see what’s going on with
this whole Coronavirus thing. In a way I guess it’s not to be played with,
but it’s a little bit of a disappointment, you know? I don’t know what they’re gonna do with this
now. They’re talking about that they’re gonna delay
the show. I mean, look, I’m not the smartest person
in the world, but if you’re gonna delay the show to January 2021, just cancel the whole
damn show. We’ll just do a new one next year. That’s what I’m thinking at least. If this goes through, which obviously it is,
we’re gonna have to wait till next year to finally see what’s gonna happen with the watches
that these brands come out. My guess is obviously they’re just gonna leak
them on Instagram, which is what they’ve been doing already. You’re gonna see the watch all of the sudden
on Instagram. “Oh my God!” Heads exploding! You go on to their website…Bamm! Introducing the new models! So pretty much the differences here is that
the instead of a hundred and one vloggers showing all the watches up close and molesting
them in person, we’re gonna have to pretty much see the new releases through Instagram. So I guess the title for the video that I
did for next week, which was supposed to be my Patek predictions for Baselworld, should
just be then, “Predictions for Patek 2020,” because clearly there’s no longer gonna be
a Baselworld in 2020. So what does this Coronavirus thing mean for
the watch market. I mean, it pretty much it’s bad for everything. Stocks are as low as they’ve been since the
2008 recession. You know, I had a couple people call me and
say, “Hey bro, what do you think this is gonna do to the whole watch market?” I’m like, “Dude, I’m not worried about the
watch market. I’m worried about everything!” You know, we don’t know how serious or not
serious it is. The media nowadays, you know how they get. They inflate everything and just cause more
ratings for more advertisement, blah, blah, blah. We’ll have to wait and see. Luckily the watches don’t come from China
or do they? I don’t know! But luckily the watches do not come from China,
so I don’t think that that would be a problem. I would be a bit more concerned for us watch
enthusiasts if our products solely came from China. So, hopefully obviously for the sake of everybody
out there, this will blow over and everything will return back to normal and we can enjoy
buying, collecting and trading watches like we all like to do and reading up on all the
drama about the new releases this year and what they did that was great and what was
not so great. So the question is, I guess is Corona virus
what finally shut down Baselworld or perhaps maybe social media is, you know? I just feel that the last two or three years,
every time the Baselworld show goes around, it spreads faster than the Coronavirus, the
images of whatever just came out in two minutes. It’s almost like, why would we need to go
to Baselworld when I could just log on to Instagram that same week and see everything
from the comfort of my own home? You know, I don’t know. It’s tough to see, not because anything, but
I was really looking forward to see what would happen this year with Baselworld as an event,
as a whole, not so much of each individual watch that’s being released, but as an event,
it has a lot of history, things have been slowing down with that show and in a way I
do think that it’s kind of important. I just thing that the organizers of that show
kind of need to change it up a little bit and figure out how they can adapt to the new
times and just make it that much better. Well, so now that it’s officially canceled,
I’m gonna go ahead and have to change my view for my predictions on the last video from
a couple of weeks ago for Rolex, and it’s pretty much gonna be what I hope and dream
and wish that Rolex will come out with, because clearly it’s not gonna be no show and life
will go on and they will release interesting stuff. Maybe what they should do this time is release
them throughout the year, not have all this pressure to come up with a bunch of junk all
mashed up in a hurry all for one week of show. Maybe they can go and release it little by
little and it might be better. I mean, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens, but anyways, I will
be dropping a video because I already recorded it on what I think we should get from Patek
Baselworld or not. So leave me a comment below how you feel about
Baselworld 2020 being canceled and this whole Coronavirus thing. And if you liked this video, please like and
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Reader Comments

  1. The released of the new Rolex will be held in Rolex New York by the same date of Baseworld. However, the admission to the store will be limited by Invitation.

  2. A Rolex AD told me that there will be an event in NYC around the same time as Baselworld…to release the new models. Not sure if this is even true…anyone hear anything similar ?

  3. Coronoa virus 2000 death , Flu in usa kills 18.000 a day … since long time ago , media sell ??? NEWSSSS… you buy them or not..

  4. If I saw an updated GMT 2 Coke on Instagram and it became a reality in May. I would be first to buy in London.

  5. A lot of famous expos are closed in past years because of new modern times (internet, youtube, e-commerce…), and a lot of companies find more popular ways of presenting products, for example, in small events streamed online (like Apple, Samsung…). Also ADs should be closed and we should order Rolex online 🙂

  6. It was always a BS show about molesting watches. I’d rather them set a date and release them all at once on their website. If they release on random dates then they’ll keep releasing junk

  7. Call me a conspiracy theorist but i think the media has been blowing up this coronavirus thing to start a recession. It stops travel, shopping, major events, gas sales ect. But as far as the watch game, i think a lot of companies were glad it was canceled so they dont have to disappoint us with a datejust on a new leather band or something

  8. Eric, I've been saying that for years. Just release the promo videos on a live YT stream and/or IG Live. Get an above average (8/10) female model to demo the watches to guarantee male viewers. Drop the press release photos on the official site for the bloggers and we're good till next year.

  9. Was supposed to be my first year going! And stocks are surly not as low as 2008 lmao, you need to correct that

  10. Something is happening with the whole corona situation, I got my rootbeer less than 3 months after the order with no buying history from that particular dealer. Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve heard of other people starting to get watches, except of course Daytonas and pepsis

  11. Hi Eric,
    you need to repost again. It can't be all those phones having issues. Every video i open on YouTube works. I am using the latest S20 Samsung. Maybe it's time to hire new staff ?.

  12. I think it was more of an excuse to change the dynamics/timing of the show. The Swiss government just made it easy. Moving BW to early January makes much more sense in general as it allows product to get the market earlier in the calendar year and hopefully capture that Spring time buying market instead of all the "new" stuff finally landing around the holidays. With so many brands questioning the viability of BW and pulling out/doing their own thing? They have to change up the value message. It's not just BW, brands of all kinds are rethinking the ROI related to large conferences in general as the participation costs have become ridiculous.


  14. The brands will realize that Basel is no longer needed, and will rejoice at the money they just saved from not having to attend it. Its not like the public could attend Basel, so all the big reviewers will likely just get invites to the factory to do their reviews, and probably have to sign a contract that they can't release those videos and reviews until a certain date so everyone gets the same oppoutunity

  15. It has only been 2 months of the virus and it is getting this bad, wait until 6 months and the buildings behind you may well be on lockdown. Thanks for the video all the same.

  16. With the cancellation of the Basel World Trade Show due to Corona Virus fears this is the perfect opportunity for Rolex or any other watch brand that had exhibition space at the show to just do a Live video event from their own head offices, having a representative of the company introduce the new watch models for all to see. Something similar to how Apple would launch their new products to the Press but using live streaming. And afterwards, there can be a Q & A session.

  17. Yep you paid $23,000 for a stainless steel watch, you’re right you aren’t the smartest guy in the world. Haha just messin Eric. Keep blowing you’re stack bro.

  18. LOL if you watching this it is to late, Corona virus is everywhere. with the couronne virus I hope there is more scare then bad. They had to cancel the Baselworld 2020 because of the large numbers of visitor from China and Hong Kong were the corona virus originated. The Swiss watch industry watch sell in China and Hong Kong will go down. The Olympic game maybe reschedule to late summer.

  19. Can't hear you Eric. Ok second phone works. Bad audio but works. Why attend Baselworld. Cause you touch the watches you try them on your wrist and feel them. Bla bla bla and you meet people..and you might make some business as well. This is not Instagram this is life

  20. Good vid, as always Eric. Btw stocks are only 5% off their all time highs. Not too bad and not anywhere near 2008 levels.

  21. The media is working its charm to destroy the economy. There is allot of $$$ to be made on the dip in the markets.

  22. It’s terrible news. What’s going to happen now? Is Rolex still going to release their shit in March or are they really going to wait until January 2021?

    I want to buy something new badly but I would be stupid to do it before seeing the new stuff. I’ve been considering a gold Sub but I would really regret not having the 3235.

  23. Corona virus is one problem. Rolex can always do a video conference on Utube. The second problem is actually obtaining any new novelty. It would be nice if they addressed a better distribution model where real enthusiasts could obtain a product as opposed to gray market dealers hoarding watches for marked up prices.

  24. Got flight from Miami to New York today, nothing happened about coronavirus, nobody got mask , only online.Monday was in Eric office, also no mask 🙂

  25. Rolex is going to release the new models by doing its own show in New York at Rolex boutique which is the largest in North America. They will do it at the end of April 2020 at the beginning of May.

  26. What’s wrong with the audio ? We cant hear a single word you’re saying. This is not a joke, please re upload your video.

  27. Don't get emotional about the death of baselworld, they have been crushing the manufacturers with ever increasing pricing for years, they had it coming, they forgot who made who, the honeypot is over and I bet that the manufacturers are dancing and singing with joy.
    I don't like that social media will pick up the slack, I hope a new event emerges in the next few years.

  28. Trade shows, in general, may have had their day; Baselworld is no exception. I think Rolex et al will release their new models via Digital channels regardless and, as you say everyone will "lose their minds'! One little known fact is that noble metals are less communicative of viruses so when outside always make sure you a wearing a full-gold timepiece – I think you are ok on that front Eric.

  29. I work in the showbusiness…. lost 5k in 10 days… is ok… health is more important, but iam in Italy, here is a mess, and i really wanted to go to Basel this year 🙁

  30. "stocks are as low as they were during the 2008 recession" lol, wow. i guess he isn't much of a public markets guy

  31. Eric stay alive and safe out there. Drink water and do whatever you can, and when this virus goes away, do a review from on the tallest building in Miami, curious about the views from a far of the city.

    2. Point out from the tallest building if possible if you can see CRM Jewelers from that spot. Thank you!

  32. Shame about the sound as actually what you said was really nice not only in talking about the effect of the virus but also how it effects everything. A very human perspective, well done!

  33. They gonna do a showpiece show for the new pieces around the time Baselworld was gonna take place. Most likely in their NY boutique

  34. The stock market is not as low as it was in 2008…The s&p500 hit its low at 676 in March 2009, it’s still at +- 3000

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