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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Official Reveal Trailer

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Official Reveal Trailer

Your efforts have landed us here,
my faithful friend. The temple is complete. And we are about to embark
upon our greatest exploit. You’re in for one hell of a ride. Hey everyone,
it’s Jim Vessella aka ‘Jimtern’ and I am pleased to take you through
this official look at the Command & Conquer™:
Remastered Collection featuring the complete games
of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert,
along with their three expansion packs. Released in 1995, Command & Conquer™ defined the RTS genre. Well, we need your help now. Today, I’m gonna take you through the complete package
that players will experience. From the gameplay, to cinematics, music collaborations, and bonus features. But let’s start
with the community’s incredible support. Nice job. In addition to the amazing teams at Petroglyph Games and
Lemon Sky Studios, including some of the key members
of the original Westwood team. We knew we couldn’t remaster
these iconic games without you, the community. On Day 1 of the project, we publicly reached out
to the community for your feedback. We formed a Community Council, who has had 24-hour
direct access to the development team throughout the entire project. And some community members
have even created some of the key content
that will be in the final game. I hope I can trust you with this. C&C and Red Alert
have been fully remastered to run at a beautiful, 4K resolution. Every unit and structure has been rebuilt. We’ve even created
a feature in solo-mode, allowing you
to toggle between the legacy and remastered graphics in real-time. In addition to the over 100 original
campaign missions, we’ve also included
the Spec Ops missions from the console versions
and other secret treats. Based on community feedback, we’ve completely overhauled
the sidebar UI and created new flows
for Mission Selection, Controls, Hotkeys, and much more. C&C’s signature
Full Motion Video Cinematics have all been upscaled in resolution, and feature newly remastered sound
for the optimal experience. You’re the new addition
to the brotherhood. In addition to the campaigns, the Multiplayer has been entirely rebuilt
for a modern experience. Choose from Custom Games
or 1v1 Quickmatch, all with an Elo-based matchmaking system
and in-game leaderboard. The C&C and Red Alert soundtracks
are legendary, and there was only one person
who could remaster them with justice. The original composer,
Frank Klepacki. Frank has remastered
over 7 hours of music, including hidden and unreleased tracks
from the original games. As a special highlight, the collection also includes over
20 face-melting tracks, newly recorded
by Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons. Tiberian Son has risen. Your entire soundtrack
can then be customized via the enhanced in-game Jukebox. We’ve also jam-packed
the Remastered Collection with a ton
of bonus features and content. For the complete list of features, be sure to check out our website at We can’t wait to see you
on the battlefield, but for now,
I’ll simply leave you with this. That camera still running?

Reader Comments

  1. They should make a new command and conquer but make it as realistic as possible(with mining the tiberium still instead of money just because that's a staple for the franchise)… That would be so fucking sick though.. have buildings that can be completely destroyed in a million different ways as well as destructible terrain just like in the battlefield franchise.. still have it be that top down isometric style but everything will be the most beautiful updated 3D.. make it absolutely photorealistic with next generation graphics and all the new tech used to make games nowadays… I'd play that game forever..

    I always wished C&C would collab with the Battlefield franchise and while there were commanders playing it from the top down angle.. there were real players playing those units(or actual A.I. not just programmed units).. maybe even letting the commander be able to jump into those units and play in 3rd or first person as well.. battlefield kind of already has this but not the way I'm picturing it.. I'm sure other people have thought about this or wanted this at some point.

  2. Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. Ugh I so wish it were Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. Hopefully those will follow soon!

  3. Please make a remake.. all those simple graphic works in lower resolution, but felt rather flat in high resolution.

  4. This is all truly amazing but I thought they were (also) going to recreate the First Decade games with modern 3d graphics.

  5. I don't buy Origin, Steam, or [insert dozens of other DRM launchers]. I don't like the idea of a killswitch that can disable all my games at any moment I hurt the feelings of megacorporations. Make it DRM free and $14.99 and that'll be more like it.

  6. You know when I played Command and Conquer for the first time on my Sega Saturn I fell in love with it. I don't remember the reason why I never followed the x-packs and new games but when I found the collection on disk for PC I bought it immediately and was utterly disappointed when I tried 10 times with 2 different sets of disks to load it and play it only to fail. Never found out why it wouldn't play it was compatible with my PC at the time. Hopefully this one works.

  7. I don't think they'll ever remaster generals. That's not so bad, at least generals 2 didn't come out and ruin its image. Let's just be happy generals happened. 🙂

  8. So for those Who dosent know this C&C and RA1 and Even tiberium sun are free downloads atm. From what i understand so if you just wanna play the originals without allways online and a 60$ pricetag now is the time to get them

  9. WTF is this EA? remastered? with community support? on steam? its actually looking good with at least some degree of thought and effort put into it?

    i wont be preordering this as i've been burned too many times… but if it turns out to be good, i'll support this with my wallet.

  10. Command & Conquer: Generals needs to be next. Was probably my most played C&C game for me but the originals were awesome too.

  11. Please revive C&C! It's about time we get a brand new game! C&C 4 does not exist in my book. I know you can do better!
    That said, I'm definitely buying this! 😀

  12. This looks very cool don't get me wrong, but to get my hypetrain going I would need a RA2-Remaster. 😀

  13. OMG! Is it true? Maybe I will see Tiberian Sun Remastered? Also I like one game: NOX (2000) from Westwood Studio. I hope somebody remaster it too.

  14. People…
    Do remember: that this is still EA. Wait til after the surprise mechanics and loot boxes been dropped. Don’t trust EA.

  15. Generarls Zero hour remaster please. Honestly who cares for RA1 and TS1. I love C&C but couldn't care less for this remaster . I'm still playing Yuri's revenge almost daily.

  16. I still play this game on my playstation 1, yes its still working and I use it careful thats why it lasted 25 years, its older than me and it was given me from 2 generations 🙂
    Please tell me I can play this on PC with a Controller cuz Im not used to keyboard + mouse

  17. Yea if the new release sucked let's just remake something that people liked…

    I rather have you putting the time and money in a new and good command and conquer game.

  18. Please just remaster/remake the Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, especially the co-op. This game was by far the best game (no offense, just my opinion).

  19. Warcraft 3: I am the best RTS of all time!
    Age of Empires: Hold my beer!
    Command & Conquer: Hold my beer too!

    Blizzard ur time has gone — AOE and C&C will rise again <3

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