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Clock Lunges Exercise

Clock Lunges Exercise

Hi, I’m Margaret at MelioGuide, and I have
my son John demonstrating clock lunges. So, clock lunges starting clockwise. 12:00, 1:30, 3:00, he’s into 4:30, he’s gonna
go back 6:00, and then switching legs to 6:00, continuing around the clock. Now, notice a pattern than happens, is the
back foot and knee points to the front foot whenever it’s behind. When doing lateral lunge, feet are parallel
to each other. Again, back foot and knee, pointing to the
front heel. Here we go. And, then taking the clock lunge around counterclockwise,
starting back, oh he forgot his 1:30. There we go. And, then back foot and knee pointing towards
the front heel, so that there’s always good alignment of the knee. There’s no twisting, no rotation around the
knee. This is a great drill to do for anybody who
plays tennis. It’s a good warm up drill once you’re familiar
with it. And, it will help keep you agile and accustomed
to doing multidirectional lunges. So, that’s it for clock lunges.

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