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Climate Change-Denying White House Tweets About Snow When It’s 70 Degrees | All In | MSNBC

Climate Change-Denying White House Tweets About Snow When It’s 70 Degrees | All In | MSNBC

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  1. If anyone wants to know who Stephanie Grisham is, just look up her mugshots and DUI arrest records.
    She was arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and driving with an invalid license in 2013, and the charges were later reduced to reckless driving. Grisham was also arrested while working for the Trump campaign for driving under the influence in December 2015, ultimately pleading guilty.

  2. Sorry, but Trump trolling on twitter, and screaming at reporters over the sound of a helicopter (Chopper Talk) doesn't make up for routine press briefings.

  3. My entirely in jest theory is that a tear in reality has somehow happened and multiple realities/timelines are affecting each other; and its just getting worse.

  4. they just arent talking about the cold water kinda snow obviously.
    these people are nuts. think they arent having cocaine partys all the time? thats what you do when your a republican.
    while taking money from drug prevention for campaign adds, so trump can make 2020 adds standing infront a wall that just happens to be painted trump org's favorite company color black. just a coincidence of course not, like he also had a plan to spend 40 million to paint air force 1 trump org colors also.

  5. TO YOU MORONS who are so arrogant to believe you affect the climate…. the climate on earth is controlled by the sun and the earths position to it. every 100 million years or so… the ice will melt
    then come back… happened many times before "cars" and it will happen again. Your ignorance and arrogance… is astounding … do you honestly think you can prevent the earth's orbit from going far away…and turning away from the sun? >>> i'm sure a guilt tax will help. PS: " the continents move" DUMMIES

  6. Perhaps a large snowball to the head would knock some sense into Trumplethinskin. I hereby volunteer to carry out this experiment.😂

  7. 2.29M subscribers…490 views…33 Comments. What a pathetic disgrace. ADVERTISERS TAKE NOTICE… NOBODY WATCHES THIS GARBAGE. 0.00001% interaction. LMFAO

  8. So they were 5 days late posting a picture. Who cares? You try to make a big deal out of everything and its getting old for everyone with a brain.

  9. very well done, ty mr hayes. i was laughing and then realized yet again that he has control of the 'football'… he lives in an alternate reality and actively tries to make us join him there… this is what happens when you put a narcissistic sociopath with psychopathic tendencies into a position of such great power, such as the presidency.

  10. Memo from the United Nations.
    If something isn't done soon to combat climate change, we predict there will be catastrophic consequences within the next 5 to 10 years !!!
    United Nations emergency report…1989.

  11. To be fair, probably kinda hard to hold credible press briefings when trump just undercuts everything people say the minute they say it…

  12. Hah it goes too show you how stupid trump thinks the United States of America is… Thank you everyone who voted for this dum.. He should pay his own bills

  13. 🤣🤣🤣 Well, it's not snowing, so those snowflakes must be coming from inside the White House 🤣🤣🤣

  14. All you have to do is look out of the window and know they're lying. Wonder how Faux News got round this super duper lie..

  15. What is she being paid by us for? If we are paying AND have to deal with all of Trump's lies, I want to at least see someone failing miserably trying to defend the indefensible. I know we are to the point now where nobody but brainwashed Reds believe he isn't a traitor and disgrace, but no accountability whatsoever? I guess it's a smart move considering how many times he, and anyone from the administration, that speak on his actions, give conflicting reports that may disrupt the version of reality they want to present.

  16. In a sense, Grisham is right. Press briefings for the Trump administration are live footage of them painting themselves into a corner. That's "a moment" of the kind Grisham has in mind. The reason why those press briefings are desired is because we can get that kind of "moment" from them. Because every darn press briefing will contain at least one lie, which can then be repeated ad nauseam on air.
    Put differently, Grisham admits she's scared shitless because everyone involved knows that more transparency is going to lead to very very public displays of incompetence and untruth.

  17. The first words out of his mouth are foolishness, and his last words are disastrous madness. But the fool keeps on speaking. Ecclesiastes 10:13-14

  18. Awesome one, Chris.😂😂😂.
    Stephanie is hiding in the bushes, outside of the press briefing room.😂😂😂.
    Mr. Covfefe strikes again.😂😂😂.

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