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Cheers to Women

Cheers to Women

So my mom is strong. She’s resilient and
she’s incredible. Dependable, honest and loving. Patient. Amazing There’s nobody who has supported me like my mom has. She’s my best friend. You can never really understand what your mother went through until you become a mother yourself. So, I came to South Africa in January 2018. I had to leave everything. Everyone, actually. I had to leave my mom. I had to leave my siblings. My mom has always been a support system my life. And she kind of motivated me to, you
know, come here and do better for myself. When Tumi was born I was so happy and I
was so excited to have a baby girl. She was so nice. She looked beautiful. I loved her. Tumi and I met just over a year ago. I got married to Tumi traditionally on
the 29th of June. We are planning our wedding but that’s after the baby’s here. I would want to go home. To go back home and, you know, raise the baby with my mom
because it’s the first child and I don’t know much about raising a baby and
everything else. Life here in Zimbabwe is very, very tough. I miss my daughter and I only wish I
can just visit her just for a day or just to see where she stays. Honestly, I am scared. But we’ve gotten a few things like diapers, a few clothes. We’re still to get the cot. So we really don’t know if we are going to leave other
things behind but with time I think we’re going to get there. She’s gonna really love this. It’s gonna be amazing. And yeah, thank you guys for this. I have never been in Johannesburg before. This is my first time so a lot of traffic. I saw a lot of nice things here. I miss her a lot. And I’m happy that I’ll see her. I think she’ll be so excited also because she thinks I’m in Harare. I’m so happy. I’m happy that my mom is here. And I’m happy that my husband managed to pull all this together. I’m so grateful and thank you. Thank you so much. Beautiful day.

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