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Channel Update – Clash of the Titans Contest – WWE Champions

Channel Update – Clash of the Titans Contest – WWE Champions

hello everyone and welcome to another
video so first things first I have been looking for a new job for several months
now and I am finally selected for the training grounds far far away from where
I live now almost 1800 kilometers I will have to move to a new place for a week
so no PC with me for a while I got to set everything up there before I come
back to YouTube I know it will take only 2 or 3 days to feel like I should be
making more videos but this is the situation right now alright with that
out of the way what do we have in the game for the next month I guess most of
you already know by now it’s the clash of titans contest they couldn’t call it
the clash of Champions because the word champions is used to represent us and we
are not fighting against each other so this time we got Titans and mini
Titans to face these are some superstars that will appear during the contest so
we can fetch points get milestone rewards so Titans are some superstars
that will be like bosses and we can simply beat them again and again to get
points that seems to be the theme of the contest so ok usually I make these
videos after it gets live in the game because sometimes it seems very easy
very approachable event from the wall of text until it’s live in the game but
let’s go through some points some main points that I found interesting this
time we got four new featured superstars for this month the planets Champion
Daniel Bryan trickster deputy tango Fandango who is a showboat Prince pretty
Tyler trees who is a striker and against all odds it says Kofi Kingston now we
already know we have a Acrobat Kofi the only class he can be put in I think for
him to be a technician is a far reach but then again you cannot place him in
any other class so I guess technician is fine
and out of these 4 at the time of recording we have Daniel Bryan and
Fandango and the knot alludes not in loot section and judging by the training
abilities Bryan might be useful to some of the trap some guys like Jinder or in
future where every trap gem user will have a move that destroys Rajyam there
may be someone forgetting but that is one useful training ability at least in
the future it will be I believe it would be one ability to look out for so Daniel
Bryan is a must-have I think at least for me and so for the rest of the
contest I think it is similar with short blitzes restricted tours mini contests
like coin AV ET Eve OPP we do have perks still and you got to use them to
progress in the solo contest overall solo contest is just getting coins from
mini contests and tours and spending turnbuckles for perks we will have 800
shards from the kick off event itself for Daniel Braun and the rest will be
distributed like previous contests from the not in loot section in the game Brad
requires only 20 shots to be recruited at two-star brands that is awesome
but it can be changed as I said until this is live nothing is confirmed and it
can be changed anytime so this is just the blog post that I am referring to
right now anyways personally as I said before I require zombies to help most of
my roster so I will still keep my enhances for this event if Daniel Bryan
can be recruited I might think it again think about it but for now I feel like I
need to skip this talent up and also just get the rewards from tours and
progress through milestones so I got to be ready for the next one I don’t even know
if next one is going to be a zombie event or not but I have to be prepared
for this one I will see if I can recruit some superstars I’m not sure if without
participating you can but I will have to look at it and the zombie event it
happens once a year so I have to save some for that one another contest that I
will have to stand beside a highway looking at every contest go across but
if you like the superstars and like this contest best of luck one more thing I
forgot to talk about the prize well contains super stars this time and these
super stars can be claimed with contest coins directly it says up to three star
bronze so it is likely that these superstars are required super stars for
the tour and we can recruit them from there this is the best part of the
contest I think the prize wall with the super stars and of course these fuses
will certainly help a lot and rest is all more or less similar to the previous
one we got fewer currencies to deal with this time at least alright that will be
it for this video guys thanks for watching I will return soon with more
content just need to settle down in a new place I hope you guys understand so
have a nice day good luck with the clash of titans and see you guys in the next
video soon bye bye

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